Christ The Sufferer – Hymn Lyric

Discover the profound teachings of "Christ The Sufferer." Embrace love

Christ The Sufferer – Hymn Lyric

In “Christ the Sufferer,” we learn of Jesus’ unwavering trust in God and his compassion for humanity, even in the face of cruelty and injustice. The hymn calls for us to follow Christ’s example, embracing love and empathy and trusting in our Father’s will. By doing so, we can spread light and hope in a world in need.


Christ The Sufferer – Hymn Lyric

Dark were the paths our Master trod,
Yet never failed his trust in God;
Cruel and fierce the wrongs he bore,
Yet he but felt for man the more.

Unto the cross in faith he went,
His Father’s willing instrument;
Upon the cross his prayer arose
In pity for his ruthless foes.

O, may we all his kindred be,
By holy love and sympathy;
Still loving man through every ill,
And trusting in our Father’s will!


Meaning of Christ The Sufferer

In times of darkness and despair, our Master, Jesus Christ, trudged along paths that seemed impossible to navigate. Despite facing cruelty and injustice, he maintained an unwavering trust in God. The wrongs he endured only deepened his compassion for humanity.

We can draw immense strength from his example. Just as our Master was willing to go to the cross, willingly surrendering himself to his Father’s plan, so too should we approach life as instruments of God’s will. Even as Jesus hung on the cross, his prayer was not one of vengeance or anger, but rather a plea for mercy and forgiveness for those who had harmed him.

What a remarkable and beautiful model for us to follow! Let us strive to be like Christ, to be his kindred, by embracing holy love and empathy. We are called to love our fellow human beings in every circumstance, even when faced with adversity and challenges. Rather than allowing resentment or bitterness to fester within us, we should seek understanding and compassion.

Imagine how transformative this world would be if we all embraced this mindset! Instead of perpetuating hatred and division, we would foster unity and harmony. By loving others through their darkest moments, we can convey the boundless love of our Father.

Trusting in our Father’s will is another crucial aspect of living as Christ’s kindred. Just as Jesus placed his faith in his Father’s plan, we too must surrender our own agendas and place our confidence in God. It may not always be easy to comprehend or accept the trials we face, but we can find solace in knowing that our Father’s intentions are rooted in love and wisdom.

By trusting in our Father’s will, we can navigate the challenges of life with grace and resilience. It is in these times of difficulty that our faith is tested, and it is then that we have the opportunity to shine as true followers of Christ. When we face adversity head-on, recognizing that our Father is with us every step of the way, we can draw strength and courage from that knowledge.

Christ the Sufferer beckons us to embrace his example, to be people who choose love and compassion in the face of adversity. In a world that often feels cold and harsh, it is our duty to offer warmth and understanding to those in need. We should view every encounter as an opportunity to extend kindness and grace, just as our Master did.

As we journey through life, let us remember the profound teachings embodied in the hymn “Christ the Sufferer.” It serves as a powerful reminder that our purpose is not solely to live for ourselves but also to love and care for others. By walking in the footsteps of Jesus, we can become beacons of light and hope in a world that is desperate for both.

May we embody Christ’s spirit of selflessness and compassion, forever trusting in our Father’s will. In doing so, we will honor the legacy of our Master and fulfill our own purpose as his kindred.


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Freely Shareable Hymn Inspired Image Discover the profound teachings of Christ The Sufferer. Embrace love, compassion, and trust in God in the face of adversity. Become beacons of light and hope in this world.


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