Christ Thy Sacred Wounds And Passion – Hymn Lyric

Discover the profound hymn "Christ Thy Sacred Wounds And Passion

Christ Thy Sacred Wounds And Passion – Hymn Lyric



Christ Thy Sacred Wounds And Passion – Hymn Lyric

Christ, thy sacred Wounds and Passion,
Bloody Sweat, Cross, Death, and tomb,
Be my daily Meditation,
Till I to thy Presence come.

When a sinful Thought shall start,
Ready to seduce my heart;
Shew me, that my own Pollution
Caus'd thy bloody Execution.

Should my Bosom with lewd Passion
Be enflam'd, and burn to Sin,
Let the Thoughts of thine Oblation
Quench that spreading Hell within.

When the Serpent makes his Way
To my Heart, Lord grant I may
With thy Cross, and Crown of Briar,
Chace from thence that grand Destroyer.

Would the world, with gay Temptation
Draw me in its own brad Way;
Let me then think on thy Passion,
And the Load which on Thee lay.

Sure the Sweat, and precious Blood
Of my dear expiring God
Will create in me a Passion
To oppose and shun Temptation.

Lord, in ev'ry sore Oppression,
Let thy Wounds be my Relief.
When I seek thine Intercession,
And new Strength to my Belief.

In thy bloody Hands and Feet
All my greatest Comforts meet.
This imprinted Demonstration
Of thy Love, be my Salvation.

All my Hope and Consolation,
Christ, is in thy bitter Death.
In the Hour of Expiration,
Lord, receive my dying Breath.

By thine Agony and Sweat,
Grant me, Lord, a safe Retreat.
By thy glorious Resurrection,
Raise thy Servant to Perfection.

Christ, thy sacred Wounds and Passion,
Bloody Sweat, Cross, Death and Tomb,
Be my daily Meditation,
Till I to thy Presence come;

Most of all, when I go hence,
Let this be my Confidence,
That thy deep humiliation
Was to purchase my Salvation.


Meaning of Christ Thy Sacred Wounds And Passion

In exploring the wonderfully inspiring hymn, “Christ Thy Sacred Wounds And Passion,” we indulge in a soul-searching journey reflecting on the passion and sacrifice of Jesus Christ. This hymn is captivating with its deep and profound affirmation of faith, sketching a path for Christians to tread on until reaching His .

This hymn commences by mentioning a daily meditation focusing on the spiritual wounds, suffering, martyrdom, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The hymn asks us to ponder His suffering and sacrosanct passion until we dwell in His holy presence. The hymn gently reminds us of our soul's imperfections, our missteps, and our inclinations to sin, which caused Jesus to undergo such intense pain and humiliation.

The hymn transitions seamlessly from the pain to the cleansing power of Christ's suffering. If we find ourselves burning with lustful passion or sinful thoughts, it's the remembrance of His suffering and sacrifice—the vision of His anguish—that can quench those flames. Just like a cross and crown of thorns can drive out any venomous snake approaching our hearts, the imagery of Christ's passion can encourage us to expel our sins. His passion becomes our shield against sin.

Following this, Jesus' passion is presented as an antidote against temptation. When the sparkling, attractive lures of this world try to drag us astray, the hymn enjoins us to reflect on His ordeal and the enormous burden He shouldered. It's the hard-hitting reality of our beloved Christ's sweat and blood that induces a passion in us to resist, to oppose and avoid any temptation.

In times of distress, pain, or loss, the hymn refers us back to the wounds Jesus endured. His wounds become our solace. Whenever our faith or belief is undertrial, it's in His agony and his crucifixion scars where comfort and strength can be found. This humbling thought of His love is an instrument of salvation for us.

The penultimate verse is a powerful proclamation of hope and consolation found exclusively in the harsh death of Christ. The hymn asks for mercy and protection in our final hours, pleading with the Lord to accept our last breath. By referring to His torment, pain, and ultimate resurrection, it seeks assurance of a safe retreat and hopes to be raised to perfection.

Conclusively, “Christ Thy Sacred Wounds And Passion” reaffirms the importance of endorsing Christ's wounds and passion as our daily contemplation until we join Him in heavenly fellowship. The hymn ends with a strong articulation of confidence – that Christ's suffering and humiliation were for the redemption of our souls.

In essence, “Christ Thy Sacred Wounds And Passion” becomes a potent hymn of faith. This hymn reveals a deep-seated reverence for Christ's sacrifice, indicating a reliance on His love and grace to guide, protect, and perfect us. His passion becomes our source of strength, a tool against temptation, a way to nurture our spirituality, and our assurance for salvation. Through this hymn, we find an avenue to meditate daily on Christ's great love and sacrifice, understanding that His torment was not in vain but for our redemption.

So as you go about your day, let Christ's sacred wounds and passion serve as potent reminders of His unending love, guiding you from temptation and comforting you in times of hardship.


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Freely Shareable Hymn Inspired Image Discover the profound hymn Christ Thy Sacred Wounds And Passion, reflecting on the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. Meditate daily on His suffering and find strength, protection, and salvation in His wounds. Let His passion be your guide and source of comfort.


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