Cling To The Bible Though All Else Be Taken – Hymn Lyric

Cling to the Bible

Cling To The Bible Though All Else Be Taken – Hymn Lyric



Cling To The Bible Though All Else Be Taken – Hymn Lyric

Cling to the Bible, though all else be taken;
Lose not its precepts, so precious and pure;
Souls that are sleeping its tidings awaken;
Life from the dead in its promises sure.

Cling to the Bible!
Cling to the Bible!
Cling to the Bible-
Our Lamp and our Guide!

Cling to the Bible! This jewel and treasure
Brings life eternal, and saves fallen man;
Surely its value no mortal can measure:
Seek for its blessing, O soul, while you can!


Lamp for the feet that in byways have wandered,
Guide for the youth that would otherwise fall;
Hope for the sinner whose life has been squandered,
Staff for the aged, and best book of all.


Meaning of Cling To The Bible Though All Else Be Taken

Cling To The Bible Though All Else Be Taken


In a world filled with uncertainty and constant change, there is one constant that we should hold on to – the Bible. This hymn beautifully reminds us of the importance of clinging to the Bible in all circumstances. No matter what challenges we face, the Bible serves as our lamp and guide, leading us towards truth, wisdom, and salvation. Let us explore the significance of the Bible in our lives and how we can apply its teachings to find hope, guidance, and eternal life.

Why We Should Cling to the Bible:

The hymn emphasizes that the Bible’s precepts are precious and pure. In a world that often encourages us to compromise our values and follow the crowd, the Bible serves as a moral compass. It reminds us of the importance of staying true to our beliefs and principles, even when everything else may be taken away. At its core, the Bible offers timeless wisdom and truth that can awaken souls and bring life from the dead. Its promises are sure and provide a source of hope and comfort in times of darkness and despair.

Value Beyond Measure:

The hymn describes the Bible as a jewel and treasure. It is not something that can be simply quantified or measured by worldly standards. Its value extends far beyond material possessions and transcends the limits of human understanding. The Bible is a divine gift that brings life eternal and offers salvation to fallen humanity. It is through its teachings that we can discover the depth of God’s love and mercy, experiencing His saving grace and finding ultimate meaning and purpose in life.

The Bible as Our Lamp and Guide:

Just as a lamp guides our steps in the darkness, the Bible serves as our spiritual lamp, illuminating our path in life. It provides us with the wisdom and knowledge to navigate through the challenges and temptations that we encounter. For those who have strayed from the right path, the Bible offers guidance and forgiveness, giving hope to those who may have lost their way. It acts as a guide for the youth, helping them make wise choices and avoid pitfalls that could hinder their growth and potential.

A Beacon of Hope:

The hymn reminds us that the Bible is a source of hope for the sinner whose life has been squandered. It offers the possibility of redemption and transformation, no matter how far one has strayed from God’s plan. Through its teachings, we learn about God’s forgiveness and His desire to restore broken lives. The Bible tells the story of countless individuals who found hope and renewal in their darkest moments, and it continues to offer that same hope to all who seek it.

Invaluable for Every Stage of Life:

The Bible is not limited to any particular stage of life. It serves as a staff for the aged, providing comfort and guidance in the later years. Its timeless wisdom helps seniors embrace the joys and challenges that come with age, reminding them that their lives still have purpose and meaning. For the youth, the Bible acts as a guidebook, offering practical advice and moral teachings that can shape their character and future. It equips them to make wise decisions, encouraging them to seek truth and live according to godly principles.


Clinging to the Bible is not just a mere suggestion; it is a necessity for our spiritual well-being. As the world around us changes rapidly, the Bible remains a constant source of truth, comfort, and guidance. Its teachings offer us hope, illuminate our path, and bring us into a deeper relationship with God. Let us cherish this precious jewel and treasure, holding on to its promises, and sharing its message with others. May we always hold tightly to the Bible, recognizing its invaluable significance in our lives and allowing it to transform us from the inside out.


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Freely Shareable Hymn Inspired Image Cling to the Bible, our lamp and guide, for eternal life. Find hope, wisdom, and salvation in its teachings. Let it be your moral compass in a changing world.


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