Come And Sit At Jesus Feet – Hymn Lyric

Come and sit at Jesus' feet and learn from him. Find comfort and peace as you lean on his love. Discover how to trust

Come And Sit At Jesus Feet – Hymn Lyric

“Come and Sit at Jesus’ Feet” invites you to find peace and guidance in the comforting presence of Jesus. By leaning on him and learning from him, you can discover perfect rest and the tools to navigate life’s challenges.


Come And Sit At Jesus Feet – Hymn Lyric

Come and sit at Jesus’ feet,
Come and learn of him;
Words of comfort, pure and sweet,
Come and learn of him.

Learn of him, O toil-oppressed;
Lean thy head upon his breast;
He will give thee perfect rest,-
Come and learn of him

Take his yoke upon thee now,
Come and learn of him;
Ask, and he will teach thee how,
Come and learn of him.


How to trust for ev’ry day,
Come and learn of him;
How to watch, as well as pray,
Come and learn of him.


For his glory wouldst thou live?
Come and learn of him;
He the grace will freely give,
Come and learn of him.


Meaning of Come And Sit At Jesus Feet

Come And Sit At Jesus’ Feet

If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed by the hustle and bustle of daily life – with homework to complete, chores to do, friends to meet, and everything in between – the idea of finding a peaceful moment can seem like finding a needle in a haystack. But there’s a special invitation, a gentle whisper that’s been around for ages, calling us to find tranquility and wisdom. It’s found in a simple but profound hymn that invites you to “Come and Sit at Jesus’ Feet.”

Imagine a place where the noise fades into the background, where your worries shrink in the presence of peace. This is the place the hymn speaks about, a place where anyone, regardless of who they are, can come and learn from Jesus. The lyrics of the hymn provide a soothing balm for weary hearts, offering words of comfort that are pure and sweet.

When life feels a bit too heavy, when there’s too much to do, and the word “rest” seems to belong in a different vocabulary, this beckoning to learn of Jesus promises perfect rest. The refrain emphasizes this, promising that by learning of Him and leaning on Him, there can be a rest so complete it’s perfect.

But what does it mean to “Take his yoke upon thee now”? In times past, a yoke was a tool that allowed two animals to share the load of work. When the hymn invites us to “take His yoke”, it’s really about sharing our burdens with Jesus. Rather than trying to carry everything on our own, we can learn from Him how to share the weight, making the load manageable with His help.

Asking for help can sometimes feel difficult. We might think we need to handle everything ourselves. But “Ask, and he will teach thee how,” reminds us that it’s okay to reach out and ask for guidance. From figuring out a math problem to mending a friendship, Jesus’ teachings and examples provide guidance for all aspects of life. He encourages us not to be afraid to seek help, showing us the importance of both asking and learning.

Daily trust is another theme in these beautiful lyrics. The hymn asks us to “Learn how to trust for ev’ry day,” which is a pretty big idea. Trusting every day means having confidence that things will work out, even when they seem upside down. It’s believing that there’s good ahead, that the sun will rise after the darkest night. This practice of trusting isn’t always easy, but it’s a skill that can be learned by coming closer to the source of trustworthiness – Jesus himself.

Now, you might wonder what “How to watch, as well as pray” means. It’s about being alert, paying attention to life around you, and combining action with your prayers. Imagine you’re working on a group project; you pray for a good outcome, but you also do your part with full effort. You’re watching – being ready and aware – as well as praying.

Living for something greater than ourselves is a challenge that many find fulfilling. “For his glory wouldst thou live?” asks if you’re willing to live your life in a way that reflects something beautiful and grand. When you help someone without expecting anything in return or choose kindness over anger, you’re living for glory beyond your own – you’re bringing goodness into the world.

Finally, the hymn promises that Jesus “the grace will freely give.” Grace is like unwrapping the best gift on your birthday without having done anything to earn it. It’s help, it’s love, it’s kindness given freely. And the best part is, there’s an unlimited supply of it for anyone who wants to learn and grow.

In this gentle call to “Come and Sit at Jesus’ Feet,” we are offered a timeless compass for navigating life’s seas. In today’s fast-paced world, where our senses are constantly bombarded with information and demands, stepping aside to learn from Jesus can be the very act that reorients us to what truly matters. It’s a call to experience a love so vast it covers every corner of life.

This is an invitation open to everyone – no RSVP needed, no dress code, no entrance fee. Picture yourself sitting at Jesus’ feet, in a place where every question matters and every worry is heard. There, at His feet, is where rest, learning, trust, and the grace to make life beautiful are found. The hymn “Come and Sit at Jesus’ Feet” is not just a set of stanzas but a roadmap to a life of peace and purpose. Who wouldn’t want to sit down and stay awhile?


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Freely Shareable Hymn Inspired Image Come and sit at Jesus' feet and learn from him. Find comfort and peace as you lean on his love. Discover how to trust, watch, pray, and live for his glory. Come and learn of him.


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