Come Let Our Souls Adore The Lord – Hymn Lyric

Find hope and redemption in prayer with "Come

Come Let Our Souls Adore The Lord – Hymn Lyric

“Come, Let Our Souls Adore The Lord”: Finding Hope and Redemption in Prayer When fear and guilt consume us, there is still hope to be found. The hymn “Come, Let Our Souls Adore the Lord” reminds us that judgment can be delayed, allowing us time to seek redemption through prayer. No matter the weight of our mistakes, there is always a chance for forgiveness and solace when we turn to the mercy seat and implore the Lord.


Come Let Our Souls Adore The Lord – Hymn Lyric

Come, let our souls adore the Lord
Whose judgments yet delay;
Who yet suspends the lifted sword,
And gives us time to pray.

Great is our guilt, our fears are great,
But let us not despair;
Still open is the mercy seat
To penitence and prayer.

Kind Intercessor, to Thy love
This blessed hope we owe;
O let Thy mercies plead above,
While we implore below!

Though justice near Thy awful throne
Attends Thy dread command,
Lord, hear Thy servants, hear Thy Son,
And save a guilty land.


Meaning of Come Let Our Souls Adore The Lord

Come, Let Our Souls Adore The Lord: Finding Hope and Redemption in Prayer

In times of uncertainty and fear, it is easy to believe that all hope is lost. We may find ourselves overwhelmed by guilt and burdened by the weight of our mistakes. But amidst our struggles, there is a glimmer of hope that shines through. A hymn titled “Come, Let Our Souls Adore The Lord” offers solace and a reminder that the judgment we fear has been delayed, giving us the opportunity to seek redemption through prayer.

When we examine our lives, it is undeniable that we carry guilt within us. We have all made mistakes, both big and small, that haunt our thoughts and actions. The guilt can weigh heavily on our hearts, making us feel unworthy of forgiveness and redemption. However, the hymn encourages us not to despair. It acknowledges the vastness of our guilt and fears but reassures us that there is still hope.

The mercy seat, with its doors wide open to penitence and prayer, symbolizes the opportunity for redemption that awaits us. This metaphorical image reminds us that no matter how far we have strayed or how deep our feelings of guilt, there is always a chance to seek forgiveness. It is through our prayers and acts of repentance that we can restore our connection with the divine and find solace for our troubled souls.

The hymn also introduces the idea of a kind intercessor, someone who pleads on our behalf. This role is attributed to the love and mercy of the Lord. It is through this intercession that we have hope. We can implore the Lord’s mercy, knowing that it is His love that gives us this blessed hope. The hymn beautifully illustrates that we have a Mediator, someone who understands our struggles and advocates for our redemption.

The justice and power of the divine can be overwhelming, as depicted by the nearness of justice to the throne of the Lord. It is a reminder of the consequences of our actions and the accountability we face. However, the hymn reminds us that even in the face of this awesomeness, we can turn to the Lord for salvation. We can come before Him as His servants, but also as recipients of the love and mercy of His Son.

The phrase “save a guilty land” captures the universal nature of this hymn. It reminds us that redemption is not limited to individuals but extends to communities and nations as well. We are all part of a larger society, and our collective actions have consequences. By acknowledging our guilt as a community, we can come together in prayer and seek redemption for our shared wrongdoings. This hymn serves as a call to action, urging us to unite and implore the Lord to save our land from the consequences of our collective guilt.

As we reflect on the words of this hymn, it is important to remember that these principles are not confined to the realm of religion. They extend to our everyday lives, reminding us of the power of forgiveness and the importance of seeking redemption. Whether we believe in a higher power or not, we can all benefit from the act of self-reflection and seeking forgiveness for our wrongdoings. It is a transformative process that allows us to move forward with hope and learn from our past mistakes.

In conclusion, “Come, Let Our Souls Adore The Lord” is a hymn that offers hope and redemption through prayer. It acknowledges the guilt and fears that burden us but assures us that there is always a chance for forgiveness. The hymn encourages us to turn to prayer and seek redemption, both as individuals and as a community. In doing so, we can find solace and hope in the face of our mistakes. So let us come together, lift our souls, and adore the Lord, knowing that His mercy and love are always available to those who seek them.


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