Come See The Place Where Jesus Lies – Hymn Lyric

Experience the profound story of Jesus' burial and resurrection in the hymn "Come

Come See The Place Where Jesus Lies – Hymn Lyric

“Come See the Place Where Jesus Lies” is a touching hymn that transports us back to the moment when Jesus was laid to rest. Through heartfelt verses, we join the faithful few in their sorrow, witnessing their love and devotion to their beloved Savior. This hymn invites us to reflect on the profound significance of Jesus’ sacrifice and find hope in his ultimate victory over death.


Come See The Place Where Jesus Lies – Hymn Lyric

see the place where Jesus lies:
The last sad rite is done;
With aching hearts, and weeping eyes,
The faithful few are gone.

They washed with tears each bloody trace,
On those dear limbs that lay;
Then spread the napkin o’er His face,
And turned and went away.

By the sealed stone with grounded spears,
The guards their vigil keep:
They wist not other eyes than theirs
Watch o’er the Savior’s sleep.

All Heaven above, all hell beneath-
Bright hope, and blank dismay-
Look on, to see if grisly death
Can hold his mighty Prey.

Now grisly death, thy powers combine!
Now gird thee to the strife!
Yet needs there stronger arm than thine
To keep the Lord of life.

‘Tis done!
O death, thy Victor-guest
Hath smoothed thy visage grim!
O grave!
thou place of blessed rest
To all who sleep in Him!


Meaning of Come See The Place Where Jesus Lies

Come, See the Place Where Jesus Lies: A Tale of Love, Faith, and Hope

In the hymn “Come, See the Place Where Jesus Lies,” we are invited to join the faithful few who witnessed the last moments of Jesus Christ’s earthly journey. This profound hymn beautifully portrays the deep emotions and devotion of those who were present at the tomb, as they experienced the raw and genuine grief of losing their beloved Savior.

As we delve into the verses of this hymn, we are transported back in time to the scene of this sacred moment. The first verse depicts the end of the burial rites, with the faithful few bidding their final farewell to Jesus. Their hearts are heavy with sorrow, and tears flow freely from their eyes. Their love for Jesus is evident in their actions as they tenderly wash away the remnants of His crucifixion wounds.

The hymn masterfully captures the somber yet bittersweet atmosphere as the faithful ones spread a napkin over Jesus’ face. With each touch, they pay tribute to the life that was taken too soon. Their hearts ache as they turn and leave, knowing they will never again see His physical form.

Meanwhile, the guards stationed around the sealed stone remain unaware of the heavenly presence watching over the Savior’s slumber. The second verse paints the picture of these guards, standing with grounded spears, representing the worldly power that failed to comprehend the divine nature of Jesus. Oblivious to the supernatural reality, they remain in their duty to protect the tomb from any disturbance.

But what lies beyond the guards’ limited perspective is a cosmic battle unseen by mortal eyes. Heaven and hell, hope and despair, are all keen observers of the unfolding events. With bated breath, they watch to see if death can truly bind the Son of God. The third verse unveils the anticipation and uncertainty that hangs in the balance. Can death really hold onto its mighty prey?

The hymn builds up to the moment of truth. Grisly death, often depicted as an insurmountable foe, now epitomizes struggle, as its powers strive to keep Jesus entombed. But the hymn reminds us that even the mightiest of opponents require a greater force to be vanquished. Something beyond death’s control is about to happen.

And then it occurs! The fourth verse bursts forth with the revelation that death has been defeated. The hymn joyfully proclaims that death’s “Victor-guest” has arrived, and in doing so, has transformed death’s grim visage into a serene countenance. The victory over death is celebrated, and the grave itself becomes a place of blessed rest for all who believe in Him.

The title of this hymn, “Come, See the Place Where Jesus Lies,” invites us to embark on a spiritual journey. It encourages us to reflect on the profound significance of Jesus’ death and resurrection. Just as the faithful few came to witness the tomb where Jesus lay, we too are invited to come and see, to immerse ourselves in the story that changed the course of human history.

Ultimately, this hymn speaks of love, faith, and hope. It reminds us of the immense love Jesus had for humanity, that He willingly sacrificed Himself for our salvation. It calls us to have faith, even in the darkest moments, knowing that God’s power surpasses all earthly forces. And it fills us with hope, assuring us that death is not the end, but rather a gateway to eternal rest in His presence.

In conclusion, “Come, See the Place Where Jesus Lies” is a powerful hymn that captures the essence of Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection. Its verses take us on a journey through the emotions and devotion of those who witnessed His final moments. Through its profound themes of love, faith, and hope, this hymn resonates with believers of all ages, reminding us of the eternal significance of Jesus’ sacrifice.


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Freely Shareable Hymn Inspired Image Experience the profound story of Jesus' burial and resurrection in the hymn Come, See the Place Where Jesus Lies. Journey into love, faith, and hope as you witness the raw emotions of the faithful few. Explore the significance of Jesus' sacrifice and find comfort in the promise of eternal rest.


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