Come To Jesus Come Away Heard I Not The Spirit Say – Hymn Lyric

Find comfort and joy in Jesus' love. Answer the Spirit's call to come closer

Come To Jesus Come Away Heard I Not The Spirit Say – Hymn Lyric

Experience the Sweetness of Jesus: Come to Jesus, Come Away! In this heartfelt hymn, we are reminded to answer the call of the Spirit and find comfort in the loving arms of Jesus. The Spirit urges us to come closer, to dwell with Jesus forever, and to leave behind the burdens of the world. By embracing Jesus, we find solace, healing, and the truest of joys.


Come To Jesus Come Away Heard I Not The Spirit Say – Hymn Lyric

Come to Jesus,
come away,
Heard I not the Spirit say?
and all the Sweetness prove,
Of the Holy Ghost and Love:
and dwell forevermore,
All in Raptures burn, adore.

Come to Jesus,
come away,
Come to Jesus,
do not stay;
Jesus sed his precious Blood
That you might swim in pleasure’s Flood
Jesus div’d into a Sea
Of the deepest Wrath for thee.

Come to Jesus,
come away;
virgin Spirit,
shun delay:
Jesus laid aside his Robes,
That you may lay aside your sobs.
Jesus colath’d himself with shame
That you may cloath you with his Name.

Come to Jesus,
come away,
This is thy espousal Day;
Come away,
come to thy Home,
Come away to thy Bridegroom:
To the world bid adieu,
Heav’n see within thy View.

Come to Jesus,
come away,
Welcome with thy Lord to stay;
Welcome to thy Heav’n at last,
Now the Indignation’s past.
Roll, ye Billows,
roll and roar,
Now thy Treasure’s safe above.


Meaning of Come To Jesus Come Away Heard I Not The Spirit Say

Come to Jesus: Finding Comfort and Joy in His Love

In the midst of our busy lives, we often find ourselves yearning for something more. We long for a sense of purpose and fulfillment that seems to elude us. But fear not, for there is a voice calling out to us, urging us to come closer and experience the sweetest of joys. This voice is the Spirit of God, whispering gently in our hearts, inviting us to come to Jesus.

“Come to Jesus, come away,” the Spirit says. It’s as if the Spirit knows the weariness in our souls and the burdens we carry. It knows that deep down, we desire something greater, something beyond ourselves. And so, it beckons us to come away from the noise and chaos of the world and find solace in the loving arms of Jesus.

When we answer this call and come to Jesus, we partake in the sweetness of the Holy Ghost and Love. It is a love that surpasses all understanding, a love that brings comfort in times of sorrow and strength in times of weakness. In the embrace of Jesus, we find peace and contentment, knowing that we are loved unconditionally.

“Come, and dwell forevermore,” the Spirit urges. It is an invitation to make our home in Jesus, to abide in His presence and experience the fullness of His love. In His presence, our hearts burn with eternal raptures, and our souls overflow with adoration for the One who has redeemed us.

But why should we come to Jesus? The hymn reminds us of the immense sacrifice He made for us. Jesus shed His precious blood so that we might swim in pleasure’s flood. He willingly dove into the depths of wrath, bearing the weight of our sins, all out of His unfathomable love for us.

“Come to Jesus, come away,” the Spirit gently pleads. It is a call for us to let go of our doubts and fears, to surrender our burdens and find rest in His embrace. Just as Jesus laid aside His robes, symbolizing His humility, He invites us to lay aside our sorrows and find true healing and peace in Him.

The hymn continues, revealing that Jesus clothed Himself with shame so that we could be clothed with His name. It is a beautiful exchange, as we trade our shame and brokenness for the righteousness of Christ. In Him, we find true identity and acceptance, free from the expectations and judgments of the world.

“Come to Jesus, come away,” the Spirit persists. This is our espousal day, the day where we are united with our bridegroom. It is a celebration of our union with Christ, a deepening of our relationship with Him. As we come away from the world and draw near to Jesus, we bid farewell to its allurements and set our sights on the heavenly realm where our eternal home awaits.

“Come to Jesus, come away,” we are reminded once more. Our Lord eagerly welcomes us to stay with Him. This is the moment we have been waiting for, the time when we finally enter into our heavenly rest. The indignation and struggles of this world are left behind as we enter the presence of our Savior.

“Roll, ye billows, roll and roar,” the hymn proclaims. Our treasure is safe above, protected in the loving hands of Jesus. As the storms of life rage on, we can take comfort knowing that our salvation is secure, and we have an eternal home awaiting us.

In conclusion, the heartfelt plea of the hymn serves as a gentle reminder for all of us to come to Jesus, to answer the call of the Spirit, and experience the sweetness of His love. In Him, we find solace, healing, and true joy. So, let us heed the beckoning voice and come away to the arms of our Savior. Come to Jesus, come away.


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Freely Shareable Hymn Inspired Image Find comfort and joy in Jesus' love. Answer the Spirit's call to come closer, away from the chaos. Experience the sweetness of His love and find solace in His embrace.


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