Come Weary Souls With Sin Distressed – Hymn Lyric

Find hope and rest in the Saviour's love. Cleansing

Come Weary Souls With Sin Distressed – Hymn Lyric

“Come Weary Souls With Sin Distressed: Finding Hope and Rest in the Saviour’s Love” is a hymn that offers solace and hope to those burdened by sin and struggle. It invites us to embrace the promised rest and let go of our fears, reminding us of the boundless mercy and forgiveness of God. Through the Saviour’s love, we can find eternal peace and rest for our weary souls.


Come Weary Souls With Sin Distressed – Hymn Lyric

Come, weary souls! with sins distressed,
Come, and accept the promised rest;
The Saviour’s gracious call obey,
And cast your gloomy fears away.

Here mercy’s boundless ocean flows,
To cleanse your guilt and heal your woes;
Pardon, and life, and endless peace—
How rich the gift, how free the grace!

Dear Saviour, let thy powerful love
Confirm our faith, our fears remove;
Oh, sweetly reign in every breast,
And guide us to eternal rest.


Meaning of Come Weary Souls With Sin Distressed

Come Weary Souls With Sin Distressed: Finding Hope and Rest in the Saviour’s Love

In our fast-paced and often chaotic world, it is easy for our souls to become weary and burdened with the weight of our sins and troubles. Whether it be the mistakes we’ve made, the regrets that haunt us, or the struggles we face on a daily basis, we can find ourselves feeling lost and hopeless. However, there is a light that shines in the darkness, a gentle voice calling out to us, offering us rest and solace. This hymn, “Come Weary Souls With Sin Distressed,” reminds us of the incredible gift of the Saviour’s love and the hope it can bring to our lives.

The hymn starts with an invitation, a warm and open call to all who are weary and burdened by their sins. It assures us that no matter how deep our guilt, no matter how heavy our sorrows, there is a promised rest awaiting us. It reminds us that the Saviour’s call is gracious and loving, urging us to let go of our fears and embrace the peace and forgiveness that await.

The second verse paints a vivid picture of mercy’s boundless ocean flowing freely. It is a picture of cleansing and healing, where the waves of grace wash away our guilt and mend our broken hearts. It is a profound image that reminds us of the depth of God’s love and the power of His forgiveness.

As we reflect on the hymn’s words, we are reminded of the richness and freedom of God’s gift of pardon, life, and endless peace. It is a gift that surpasses anything we could ever earn or deserve, offered to us out of sheer grace and love. This realization can bring comfort and joy to our weary souls, knowing that there is no sin too great, no burden too heavy for God’s overwhelming love to conquer.

The third verse is a heartfelt plea to the dear Saviour, asking Him to confirm our faith and remove our fears. It acknowledges that we need His powerful love to reign in our lives, guiding us towards eternal rest. This prayer shows vulnerability and trust, recognizing that true peace and rest can only be found in His presence.

This hymn, with its simple and yet profound message, offers hope to all who feel burdened by sin and struggle. Its words remind us that we are not alone in our journey; we have a loving Saviour who is eager to offer us rest and transformation. It encourages us to let go of our worries and trust in His guiding love, knowing that He will lead us to eternal rest.

So, if you are feeling weary, burdened, and distressed, let this hymn be a beacon of hope and comfort. Let its truth sink deep into your heart and soul, reminding you that there is a way out of the darkness and into the light. Embrace the Saviour’s call, accept His grace, and experience the true rest that can only be found in His loving arms.

In conclusion, “Come Weary Souls With Sin Distressed” is a hymn that speaks directly to the depths of our souls. It offers solace, hope, and a reminder of the incredible love and forgiveness that God offers us. Let its words be a source of renewal and encouragement as you navigate the challenges of life. May you find rest and peace in the Saviour’s love, and may your weary soul be uplifted by the promise of eternal rest.


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