Compassed About With Songs My Soul Was Still – Hymn Lyric

"Finding solace and tranquility in songs

Compassed About With Songs My Soul Was Still – Hymn Lyric

“Compassed About With Songs, Finding Peace in Stillness” tells the story of a person who finds solace and tranquility in the depths of their soul, surrounded by songs. Their contentment comes not from the absence of light, but from the loving presence of their Father. Through the trials of weakness and suffering, they learn the true strength that comes from enduring and find hope in the power of their Beloved.


Compassed About With Songs My Soul Was Still – Hymn Lyric

Compassed about with songs, my soul was still –
But not for lack of light its bliss to see;
Thy heart, my Father, could the temple fill,
And its deep silence was a song to Thee.

My mind reposed in its captivity,
By the clear evidence of love subdued;
I was content to die, that I might be
Redeemed forever from my solitude.

All that was in me to Thy throne aspired
Longed for Thy heavenly glory to be meet,
Devotion was the joy to be desired,
And the thought of sacrifice was sweet.

But He who knew my frame was training me
For service needing strength that cannot wane,
And teaching me my frail mortality
By solemn reckonings of the weight of pain.

I in my weakness – how was I to reign,
When suffering was the only way to power?
And would my spirit in His strength remain,
When watching was a strife for one short hour?

Could I with steadfast heart myself deny?
Could I with patient love the Cross endure?
Should I be every day content to die,
To keep my daily life in Him secure?

Then with fresh sweetness, from the saints in light,
One song of victory to my soul made known,
How the hid treasure of the Church’s might
Was in the power of her Beloved alone.

And then Thy glory to my heart was shown,
Even as the glory of the blest above; –
I knew Thy steadfast spirit was my own,
By the pure joy of Thy reflected love.

And the mind communed with me that was his
Who said “When I am weak then am I strong” –
Until the voice of my infirmities
Made harmony with that triumphant song.


Meaning of Compassed About With Songs My Soul Was Still

Compassed About With Songs, Finding Peace in Stillness

In the depths of my soul, I found solace and tranquility. Surrounded by songs, my spirit was at rest. But it wasn’t due to a lack of light illuminating my path. No, it was because your heart, my Father, filled every inch of my being, turning the silence into a beautiful song for you.

For so long, I was content in my longing to be in your presence, to bask in your heavenly glory. Devotion was my ultimate joy, and the thought of sacrifice was sweet to me. I yearned for the day when my solitude would be redeemed forever.

But you, in your infinite wisdom, knew that I needed more than just devotion. You were training me for a purpose greater than myself, a purpose that required strength that would not waver. You taught me about my own fragility through the weight of pain, solemn reckonings that showed me the true cost of following you.

I, in my weakness, wondered how I could possibly reign when suffering seemed to be the only path to power. Could my spirit remain steadfast when watching became a struggle for even a short hour? Could I deny myself with a resolute heart? Could I endure the cross with patient love? Could I find contentment in daily dying, in keeping my life secure in you?

But then, like a cool breeze on a warm day, a song of victory echoed through the saints in light. It revealed to my soul a hidden treasure, the immense power of the Church, bestowed upon her by her Beloved alone. It was in that moment that your glory, my Father, was unveiled to me, shining brighter than the stars above. I realized that your steadfast spirit was intertwined with mine, reflected in the pure joy of your love.

And so, with renewed purpose, the mind communed with me, reminding me of the words spoken by the one who understood weakness and strength. “When I am weak, then am I strong.” Those words resonated deep within my being, harmonizing with the triumphant song of victory.

In the stillness of my soul, I understood that true strength is not found in the absence of pain or suffering, but in the ability to endure, to persevere through the trials that come our way. It is in our weaknesses that your strength is made perfect, propelling us forward on the path you have set before us.

So, in this journey of faith, I embrace the songs and the stillness, finding solace in the knowledge that you are always with me. I will press on, knowing that my weaknesses are not hindrances but opportunities for your strength to shine through. In each moment, I will choose to die to myself, finding contentment in the security of my life in you.

And as I continue on this path, surrounded by the songs of the saints and the constant presence of your love, I am filled with a renewed sense of purpose and hope. For it is through your power that I am able to find strength in weakness, to endure when the cross seems heavy, and to find joy in the daily dying.

So, dear Father, I thank you for the songs that encompass me, for the stillness that brings me peace. Keep my soul anchored in your love, and may my life always reflect the triumph of your grace. Amen.


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