Dont You See My Jesus Coming – Hymn Lyric

Don't You See My Jesus Coming: A Hymn of Hope and Redemption. Find solace and reassurance in the imminent arrival of Jesus

Dont You See My Jesus Coming – Hymn Lyric

“Dont You See My Jesus Coming” is a hymn that fills our hearts with hope and reassurance. Through vivid imagery and powerful lyrics, it reminds us that Jesus is always there, ready to embrace us and bring comfort in times of doubt. This hymn speaks of redemption and invites us to experience the joy of being in His loving presence.


Dont You See My Jesus Coming – Hymn Lyric

Don’t you see my Jesus coming?
Don’t you see, in yonder cloud?
With ten thousand angels round Him,
See how they my Jesus crowd?

Don’t you see His arms extended?
Don’t you hear His charming voice?
Each loving heart beats high for glory,
Oh! my Jesus is my choice.

Don’t you see the saints ascending?
Hear them shouting through the air?
Jesus smiling, trumpets sounding,
Now His glory they shall share.

Don’t you see the heavens open?
And the saints in glory there;
Shouts of triumph bursting round you,
Glory, glory, glory here.

Come backsliders, tho’ you’ve pierced Him,
And have caused His Church to mourn;
Yet you may retain free pardon,
If you will to Him return.

Now behold each loving spirit,
Shout the praise of His dear name;
View the smiles of their dear Jesus,
While His presence feeds the flame.

There we’ll range the fields of pleasure,
By our dear Redeemer’s side,
Shouting glory, glory, glory,
While eternal ages glide.


Meaning of Dont You See My Jesus Coming

Don’t You See My Jesus Coming: A Hymn of Hope and Redemption

In times of doubt and uncertainty, it is only natural to search for something or someone to believe in. In the hymn “Don’t You See My Jesus Coming,” the singer finds solace and reassurance in the imminent arrival of Jesus. With vivid imagery and a powerful message, this hymn captures the essence of hope and redemption.

The hymn begins by inviting the listener to see Jesus coming in a yonder cloud. Imagine looking up at the sky, witnessing the glorious sight of Jesus surrounded by ten thousand angels. It is a breathtaking scene that fills the heart with awe and wonder. Just as Jesus’ arms are extended, ready to embrace His followers, His charming voice can be heard, bringing comfort and strength to all who listen.

The lyrics paint the picture of a loving heart that beats high for glory, expressing the deep longing to be close to Jesus. How beautiful it is to choose Jesus as our Savior, to have Him as the centerpiece of our lives. The hymn reminds us that in Jesus, we find the ultimate source of love, joy, and purpose.

As the hymn progresses, we are transported to a scene of saints ascending and shouting through the air. The sound of triumph fills the atmosphere as Jesus, with a smile on His face, welcomes them into glory. It is a powerful reminder that those who believe in Jesus and live righteous lives will one day share in His eternal glory.

The imagery of the heavens opening and the saints basking in heavenly glory invokes a sense of pure wonder. The shouts of triumph bursting all around, with the repeated refrain of “Glory, glory, glory here,” serve as a reminder that His presence is truly something to behold. It is a heavenly celebration, where all the pain and suffering of this world fade away in the light of eternal bliss.

Even those who have strayed from His path, the backsliders who may have pierced Jesus and caused His Church to mourn, are not forgotten. The hymn extends a message of redemption and forgiveness, offering hope to those who are willing to return to Jesus. No matter how deep the wounds may be, Jesus is ready to offer free pardon and welcome the prodigal sons and daughters back into His loving embrace.

The hymn further invites us to witness the joyful spirits shouting the praise of Jesus’ name. The smiles on their faces reveal the deep connection they have with their beloved Savior. It is a reminder that in His presence, our hearts are filled with joy and love that nothing else can compare to. His love feeds the flame within us, igniting a passion and devotion that keeps us going through life’s trials and tribulations.

In the final verses of the hymn, we are transported to a place where we will range the fields of pleasure alongside our dear Redeemer. Imagine walking hand in hand with Jesus, surrounded by the delights of His creation, as we shout, “Glory, glory, glory.” These words echo through eternity, becoming our anthem of gratefulness and adoration.

“Don’t You See My Jesus Coming” is a hymn that speaks to the longing within all of us. It reminds us that no matter what difficulties or doubts we face, Jesus is always there, ready to welcome us with open arms. It is a hymn that inspires hope, redemption, and a profound sense of joy. So, let us embrace this message of love and salvation, and eagerly await the coming of our beloved Jesus.


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