Earth With Her Ten Thousand Flowers – Hymn Lyric

Discover the profound meaning behind the hymn "Earth With Her Ten Thousand Flowers." Explore the beauty of nature and its connection to a greater power. Learn how the message of "God is love" resonates throughout.

Earth With Her Ten Thousand Flowers – Hymn Lyric

In the captivating hymn titled “Earth, With Her Ten Thousand Flowers,” the songwriter beautifully reflects on the wonders of nature and their profound connection to a higher power. With each verse, the resounding message remains clear: “God is love.” Through descriptions of the Earth’s vibrant flora and the intricate balance of elements, this hymn reminds us to cherish and honor the remarkable beauty that surrounds us.


Earth With Her Ten Thousand Flowers – Hymn Lyric

Earth, with her ten thousand flowers,
Air, with all its beams and showers,
Ocean’s infinite expanse,
Heaven’s resplendent countenance;

All around, and all above,
Hath this record–God is love.

Sounds among the vales and hills,
In the woods and by the rills,
Of the breeze and of the bird,
By the gentle murmur stirred;

All these songs, beneath, above,
Have one burden–God is love.

All the hopes and fears that start
From the fountain of the heart;
All the quiet bliss that lies
In our human sympathies;

These are voices from above,
Sweetly whispering–God is love.


Meaning of Earth With Her Ten Thousand Flowers

In this beautiful hymn titled “Earth, With Her Ten Thousand Flowers,” the songwriter poetically describes the wondrous elements of nature and their connection to a greater power. Throughout the verses, the message shines brightly and repetitively: “God is love.” Let us take a closer look at the profound meanings behind these lines and explore the significance of this hymn.

The hymn begins by acknowledging the incredible variety and abundance found in the world. The “ten thousand flowers” represent the countless species of plants that bring color and life to the Earth. It is a reminder of the intricate beauty and diversity that exists in nature. The Earth is a canvas, beautifully painted with vibrant blooms, each with its unique shape, color, and fragrance.

Moving on, the hymn mentions “Air, with all its beams and showers.” This phrase describes the atmosphere and the weather patterns that shape our planet. Beams refer to the sun’s rays, which provide warmth and light to sustain life. Showers imply rain, which nurtures the flowers, quenches thirst, and helps Earth thrive. In recognizing these natural phenomena, we find ourselves in awe of the delicate balance that sustains our existence.

The hymn then turns its attention to the “Ocean’s infinite expanse.” The vastness of the oceans encompasses most of our planet and conceals immense mysteries within its depths. The waves crashing against the shore, the ebb and flow of tides, and the marine life that call these waters home are all reminders of the awe-inspiring power of the sea. Its grandeur and beauty are testaments to a divine architect, reminding us that God’s hand is present in every aspect of creation.

As we gaze towards the heavens, the hymn acknowledges the “resplendent countenance” that lies above. This phrase symbolizes the beauty and majesty of the skies, from the clear blue during the day to the twinkling stars at night. It encompasses the vastness of space, the celestial bodies that adorn our view, and the wonder that arises when humans contemplate the magnitude of the universe. It is a gentle reminder that even in the vastness of the cosmos, God’s love remains ever-present.

The second verse of the hymn draws our attention to the sounds that fill the natural world. The songs that echo through the “vales and hills” evoke a sense of harmony and peace. Whether it be the wind rustling through leaves, the birdsong that fills our mornings, or the gentle murmurs of flowing rivers, these melodies weave together to form a symphony of nature. Each note sung by these earthly voices carries the same message – “God is love.”

The hymn goes on to touch upon the hopes, fears, and emotions that reside within the human heart. It acknowledges that these feelings are not separate from the divine; instead, they are intertwined with it. The “fountain of the heart” represents the deep wellspring of our emotions, from which hopes and fears bubble forth. The tranquility and joy we find in our connections with others are also reflections of God’s love and presence in our lives.

In its entirety, this hymn explores the unity and interconnectedness of all elements of creation—the Earth, the air, the ocean, and the heavens—all bearing witness to the divine. It paints a vivid picture of a world filled with love, a world in which God’s touch can be felt in every breeze, every flower, and every heartfelt emotion we experience.

This hymn is a beautiful reminder to pause, appreciate, and respect the world around us. It encourages us to find solace and inspiration in nature and its boundless beauty. It reminds us that despite the challenges and uncertainties we may face, we are not alone. We are enveloped in a love that far surpasses our comprehension.

So, as we marvel at the ten thousand flowers that grace the Earth, may we also remember the ultimate message weaved into the fabric of this hymn: “God is love.”


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Freely Shareable Hymn Inspired Image Discover the profound meaning behind the hymn Earth With Her Ten Thousand Flowers. Explore the beauty of nature and its connection to a greater power. Learn how the message of God is love resonates throughout.


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