Eternal Love The Darling Song – Hymn Lyric

Experience the profound beauty and boundless compassion of eternal love with "Eternal Love: The Darling Song." Sing loud and draw near

Eternal Love The Darling Song – Hymn Lyric

Join the saved and pardoned throng in singing the darling song of eternal love, pleasing to Jehovah’s ear. This hymn celebrates the divine love that moves with gladness towards helpless humanity, inviting us to praise and rejoice in the boundless compassion of God. Let our voices unite in gratitude for Bethlehem’s ruddy morn, where the infant God, Messiah, was born to bring salvation and eternal glory.


Eternal Love The Darling Song – Hymn Lyric

Eternal love, the darling song,
Well pleasing to Jehovah’s ear;
Attend ye saved, ye pardoned throng,
With all your graceful notes draw near.

‘Tis yours to sing the eternal date
Of love divine and how it moves
To helpless men with gladness great,
Sing loud, for God the song approves.

Hail Bethlehem! Hail that ruddy morn,
Whose rays adorn the infant God;
Messiah, of a virgin born,
A God, a man to die in blood.

For us Salvation wide displays
Her ambient refreshing wing;
In Jesus’ name that love we’ll praise,
And all its peerless glories sing.

We sing the garden and the tree,
Red with the blood that cries for peace;
Heaven echoes back, a pleased in thee
To shew its glories and its grace.

We sing a note that high prevails,
Above the angels free from sin,
Who cannot taste the love that heals,
The sweets of conscience thus made clean.

Thy love O Jesus is the them,
The song of saints shall ever grow;
All ages to the church proclaim,
How sweetly doth their numbers flow.

Here shall the guilty who has lost
The divine favor by his sin,
Find worth that he can safely trust,
A righteousness to glory in.


Meaning of Eternal Love The Darling Song

Eternal Love: The Darling Song That Pleases Jehovah’s Ear

In the realm of spirituality and devotion, there is nothing more beautiful and profound than the expression of eternal love. Such love, well pleasing to Jehovah’s ear, touches the hearts of the saved and pardoned throng, inviting them to join in a harmonious chorus of gratitude and praise. With every graceful note, the faithful draw near, united by their common experience of divine love.

This hymn, celebrating the eternal date of divine love and how it moves with great gladness towards helpless humanity, serves as a reminder of the boundless compassion and mercy of God. It calls upon all those who have found redemption and salvation to join their voices and sing loudly, for God Himself approves of this joyous song.

Let us reflect on the significance of Bethlehem, the birthplace of the infant God, whose radiant rays illuminated the world. With humble awe, we acknowledge the miraculous arrival of the Messiah, born of a virgin. This unique union of divinity and humanity culminated in an ultimate sacrifice, as this God-man willingly shed His blood for the salvation of humanity.

Through this act of selflessness, salvation takes flight, revealing its refreshing and all-encompassing embrace. The name of Jesus, through whom this love is manifested, becomes our eternal anthem. With gratitude in our hearts, we dedicate ourselves to praising this love and proclaiming its peerless glories.

This hymn invites us to marvel at the cross, depicting it as a garden where redemption blossoms. The tree on which Jesus was crucified stands tall and proud, its branches soaked in the crimson blood that cries out for peace. Heaven itself echoes with approval, delighting in the glories and grace bestowed through this divine act of love.

It is here that we encounter a love so profound, so overwhelming, that even the angels, who are free from sin, cannot fully comprehend its depth. This love reaches the depths of our beings, transforming us and cleansing our conscience. It is a love that heals, offering a sweetness that only those made clean by its power can taste.

Jesus, your love is the theme of this song, and it will forever grow in the hearts of the saints. Throughout the ages, the church will boldly declare the wonders of this love, its melody resonating through time and space. Our voices, joined together, form a tapestry of praise, spreading the message of redemption and grace to all who will hear.

For those burdened by guilt, who have lost the divine favor through their sins, there is hope. In this hymn, we find solace in knowing that there is worth to be found in Jesus, a worth we can safely trust. In Him, we discover a righteousness that surpasses all worldly measurements, a righteousness in which we can confidently glory.

Let us, then, continue to sing this darling song of eternal love. As our voices rise in unity, let our hearts overflow with gratitude for the love that knows no bounds. May this hymn serve as a testament to the everlasting nature of God’s love, a love that is unwavering and eternal.


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Freely Shareable Hymn Inspired Image Experience the profound beauty and boundless compassion of eternal love with Eternal Love: The Darling Song. Sing loud and draw near, as this hymn pleases Jehovah's ear. Rediscover the peerless glories of divine love.


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