Eternal Spirit Source Of Light – Hymn Lyric

Igniting the Fire Within: Discover the transformative power of the eternal spirit in "Eternal Spirit Source Of Light." Awaken your soul

Eternal Spirit Source Of Light – Hymn Lyric



Eternal Spirit Source Of Light – Hymn Lyric

Eternal spirit, source of light,
Enliv’ning, consecrating fire,
Descend and with celestial heat
Our dull, our frozen hearts inspire:
Our souls refine, our dross consume!
Come, condescending spirit come!

In our cold breasts, O strike a spark
Of the pure flame, which seraphs feel,
Nor let us wander in the dark,
Or lie benumb’d and stupid still:
Come vivifying spirit, come,
And make our hearts thy constant home!

Let pure devotion’s fervors rise;
Let every pious passion glow:
O let the raptures of the skies
Kindle in our cold hearts below!
Come, condescending spirit, come,
And make our souls thy constant home!


Meaning of Eternal Spirit Source Of Light

Eternal Spirit Source Of Light: Igniting the Fire Within


In the hymn “Eternal Spirit Source Of Light,” we are reminded of the power of the divine spirit and its ability to enliven and inspire us. With celestial heat, this eternal spirit has the capability to awaken our frozen hearts and refine our souls. In this article, we will explore the concepts presented in this hymn and delve into how we can invite the eternal spirit to reside within us, allowing it to guide us towards a life filled with devotion, passion, and enlightenment.

The Enlivening Flame of the Eternal Spirit:

The hymn begins by describing the eternal spirit as the source of light, a consecrating fire. It calls upon this spirit to descend and ignite a spark within us, a flame like that which seraphs, heavenly beings, experience. This imagery suggests that the spirit has the power to awaken our souls, dispel darkness, and infuse our lives with divine illumination. We long to feel the warmth of the eternal spirit within our hearts, to be free from wandering in the dark and living in a state of numbness.

From Coldness to Fervency:

The hymn acknowledges the coldness present within our beings, symbolizing a lack of fervor and passion. It implores the spirit to strike a spark, to awaken us from our icy state and fill us with the pure flame of devotion. By inviting the constant presence of the spirit within our hearts, we seek to transform our coldness into fervency. With the spirit’s guidance, our souls can become a beacon of pure devotion, glowing with divine purpose and love.

Seeking Divine Inspiration:

In the hymn, we express our desire for the raptures of the skies to kindle within our hearts. We yearn for the heavenly inspiration that elevates our thoughts, actions, and emotions. By continuously inviting the condescending spirit to dwell within us, we open ourselves to receive this divine inspiration. We recognize that it is through this connection that we can tap into our true potential, as guided by the eternal spirit.

Making Our Hearts a Home:

The hymn emphasizes the importance of making our hearts a constant home for the eternal spirit. By doing so, we create a space that is receptive to its transformative power. Just as one’s home provides comfort, shelter, and a sense of belonging, our hearts, when inhabited by the divine spirit, become a place of solace, growth, and spiritual nourishment. We strive to cultivate a deep-rooted connection with the spirit, allowing it to dwell within us and guide our thoughts, words, and actions.

Cultivating Devotion and Passion:

The hymn invites us to strive for pure devotion, letting every pious passion glow within us. How do we cultivate this devotion? It starts with an open heart, a willingness to embrace the spirit’s guidance. Through prayer, meditation, and acts of kindness, we create fertile ground for devotion and passion to flourish. By engaging in spiritual practices, we invite the eternal spirit to shape our character, enabling us to lead lives filled with love, compassion, and dedicated service.


In conclusion, the hymn “Eternal Spirit Source Of Light” reminds us of the transformative power of the eternal spirit. By inviting this spirit into our lives, we invite divine illumination, allowing it to ignite the flame within our hearts. Through a constant connection with the spirit, we cultivate pure devotion, fervency, and a deep understanding of our purpose. May we always remain open to the presence of the eternal spirit, seeking its guidance and allowing it to kindle the raptures of the skies within our hearts.


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