Every Morning The Red Sun – Hymn Lyric

Experience the beauty and promise of Every Morning The Red Sun. Explore a bright land where endless day awaits

Every Morning The Red Sun – Hymn Lyric

“Every Morning The Red Sun: Exploring the Promises of a Bright Land” takes us on a journey through the beauty of each day as the red sun rises, filling the world with warmth and hope. We learn about a land far away where the sun never sets, and the eternal spring that blossoms with never-ending flowers and green trees. This hymn reminds us that by doing what is right, we can find ourselves among the blessed in a place of everlasting rest and joy.


Every Morning The Red Sun – Hymn Lyric

Every morning the red sun rises warm and bright;
But the evening cometh on, and the dark, cold night.
There’s a bright land far away, where ’tis never-ending day.

Every spring the sweet young flowers open bright and gay,
Till the chilly autumn hours wither them away.
There’s a land we have not seen, where the trees are always green.

Little birds sing songs of praise all the summer long,
But in colder, shorter days they forget their song.
There’s a place where angels sing ceaseless praises to their King.

Christ our Lord is ever near those who follow Him;
But we cannot see Him here, for our eyes are dim;
There is a most happy place, where men always see His face.

Who shall go to that bright land? All who do the right:
Holy children there shall stand in their robes of white;
For that Heav’n, so bright and blest, is our everlasting rest.


Meaning of Every Morning The Red Sun

Every Morning The Red Sun: Exploring the Promises of a Bright Land

In the early hours of each day, as the world awakens from a peaceful slumber, a magnificent sight greets us all. The red sun rises, spreading its warm and bright rays across the horizon, signaling the beginning of a new day. Its vibrant presence inspires hope and fills our hearts with the promise of joy and possibilities.

As the day progresses, however, the sun begins its descent, and the evening slowly envelops the world in darkness. The once warm and bright sky gives way to a cold and somber night. We may find ourselves longing for the return of the red sun, yearning for its comforting embrace and the light it brings.

But fear not, for beyond this cycle of day and night, there lies a land far away where the sun never sets. It is a land of eternal day, where warmth and brightness reign supreme. There, the red sun is but a symbol of the everlasting light that fills every corner of this wondrous place.

Just as the seasons change and bring forth the beauty of spring, only to fade away in the chilly days of autumn, the land we have not seen blooms perpetually. Its fields are adorned with sweet young flowers that never wither, but instead, thrive in eternal spring. The vibrant colors and delicate fragrances of these endless blossoms fill the air with an everlasting sense of joy and renewal.

In this land of eternal spring, where the trees are always green, nature showcases its unending vitality. The foliage, abundant and lush, reaches for the heavens with an abundance of life. The leaves never darken or fall, but remain a testament to the unyielding life force that permeates this remarkable place.

As we listen to the little birds sing their songs of praise during the long summer days, we can’t help but notice their silence during the colder and shorter days of winter. However, in that promised land we have not yet witnessed, even the birds never cease their melodies. Their songs of adoration to their Creator resonate through the air, forming a symphony of ceaseless praise that reverberates throughout the realm of everlasting day.

In this most happy place, where the angels sing and their voices echo through the heavens, we find ourselves longing to join in their chorus. Our earthly limitations prevent us from perceiving the nearness of Christ our Lord in our midst, for our eyes are dimmed by the troubles and distractions of this world. But in that radiant land, we shall behold His glorious presence in all His majesty and splendor.

We may wonder who shall be granted the privilege to enter this bright land where the eternal day never fades. The answer lies in the hearts of those who choose to do what is right. It is the holy children who, adorned in their robes of white, will find themselves standing in the midst of paradise. Their purity, innocence, and unwavering faith make them worthy of the everlasting rest that awaits them in the heavenly abode.

The title, “Every Morning The Red Sun,” encompasses the essence of these ideas and captures the imagination, inviting readers to explore the promises of that bright land. By embracing the beauty and wonder found in each verse of the hymn, we open our minds and hearts to the eternal possibilities that lie beyond our earthly existence.

So, in the dawn of each new day, as the red sun rises to greet us, let us remember the faraway land where day knows no end. Let us be inspired by the perpetual beauty of spring, the endless vibrancy of green trees, and the unceasing songs of praise from the birds. Let us keep our hearts pure and our actions righteous, so that we may one day find ourselves among the blessed in that glorious realm.

May the hymn’s message of hope and everlasting rest resonate within us, guiding our steps towards a life filled with joy, peace, and the promise of a brighter tomorrow. Every morning the red sun brings a reminder of the eternal bliss that awaits us in that land of unending day, and it is up to each one of us to follow the path that leads us there.


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Freely Shareable Hymn Inspired Image Experience the beauty and promise of Every Morning The Red Sun. Explore a bright land where endless day awaits, filled with eternal joy and everlasting rest. Journey towards that glorious realm now.


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