Faith Adds New Charms To Earthly Bliss – Hymn Lyric

Experience the enchantment of faith's charms. Discover how faith protects

Faith Adds New Charms To Earthly Bliss – Hymn Lyric

Faith Adds New Charms To Earthly Bliss offers a powerful perspective on the role of faith in our lives. It enhances our earthly happiness by protecting us from temptation and providing strength to navigate life’s challenges. Faith brings peace, joy, and a sense of purpose, allowing us to find contentment and hope, even in the face of adversity.


Faith Adds New Charms To Earthly Bliss – Hymn Lyric

Faith adds new charms to earthly bliss,
And saves me from its snares;
Its aid in every duty brings,
And softens all my cares:

Extinguishes the thirst of sin,
And lights the sacred fire
Of love to God, and heavenly things,
And feeds the pure desire.

The wounded conscience know its power
The healing balm to give;
That balm the saddest heart can cheer,
And make the dying live.

Wide it unveils celestial worlds,
Where deathless pleasures reign;
And bids me seek my portion there,
Nor bids me seek in vain:

Shows me the precious promise sealed
With the Redeemer’s blood;
And helps my feeble hope to rest
Upon a faithful God.

There, there unshaken would I rest,
‘Till this vile body dies;
And then on faith’s triumphant wings,
At once to glory rise.


Meaning of Faith Adds New Charms To Earthly Bliss

Faith is a powerful force that adds a special enchantment to our earthly happiness. It protects us from falling into the traps and temptations that come our way, helping us navigate through the journey of life with grace and strength. It brings a sense of peace and joy to our hearts and softens the weight of our worries and cares.

Just like a refreshing drink quenches our physical thirst, faith quenches the thirst of sin within us. It has the ability to extinguish the fiery desires that lead us astray and instead ignites a sacred fire of love towards God and heavenly things. Faith nourishes within us a pure and sincere desire to seek what is righteous and good.

When our conscience is wounded and burdened with guilt, faith comes as a healing balm to soothe our souls. It has the power to bring comfort to the saddest heart and even the dying, giving them hope and reminding them of the eternal life that awaits beyond the veil of death. Faith unveils before us the splendor of celestial worlds, where everlasting joys reside, urging us to seek our true fulfillment there.

It reveals to us the precious promises that have been sealed with the blood of the Redeemer, Jesus Christ. These promises assure us of the love and faithfulness of a merciful God who desires to bless us and grant us eternal salvation. Faith allows our weak and uncertain hope to find a resting place in the arms of a trustworthy and dependable God.

In the presence of faith, we can find a sense of unshakeable peace and contentment. No matter the trials and tribulations we face in this temporary world, faith encourages us to hold firm until the end. It gives us the assurance that, when our earthly journey comes to an end and our mortal bodies pass away, we will rise on the wings of faith to the glory of heaven.

Faith adds a sparkle to our lives, shining brightly amidst the challenges and uncertainties that surround us. It is a gift that we can cultivate and nurture, deepening our relationship with God and enriching our experience of life. It is through faith that we find strength to overcome obstacles, comfort in times of sorrow, and hope for a better tomorrow.

So, let us hold tight to the precious gift of faith. Let us allow it to guide our choices, comfort our hearts, and fill our lives with purpose and meaning. With faith, we can face each day with courage and optimism, knowing that we are loved and cherished by our Heavenly Father. Let faith add new charms to our earthly bliss, enriching our lives with its profound beauty and transformative power.


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Freely Shareable Hymn Inspired Image Experience the enchantment of faith's charms. Discover how faith protects, guides, and brings joy to your life. Find strength, comfort, and hope in the power of faith. Rise to glory on the wings of unwavering faith.


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