Faith In The Blood – Hymn Lyric

Unlocking Salvation's Joy: Faith In The Blood of Jesus. Discover the power and assurance that His blood brings

Faith In The Blood – Hymn Lyric



Faith In The Blood – Hymn Lyric

If asked whereon I rest my claim
To full salvation’s joy,
If nothing more I need to name,
Or other words employ,
Besides our Savior’s blood and wounds,
To me all-satisfying grounds;
I answer then, My claim is good!
‘Tis based on Jesus’ blood.”

This is my hope’s foundation firm,
Which ever shall endure;
Yea, at the end of life’s brief term,
I’ll rest thereon secure,
And dreaded death shall lose its sting,
As of my Savior’s wounds I sing;
His precious blood shall be the key
That opens Heav’n for me.


Meaning of Faith In The Blood

Faith In The Blood: The Foundation of Salvation

When it comes to salvation and the assurance of eternal life, there is one thing that brings me utmost confidence and joy – the blood of Jesus. If anyone were to ask me what grounds my claim to full salvation’s joy, my answer is simple: Jesus’ blood and wounds.

In this hymn, the author beautifully captures the essence of our hope’s foundation. The blood of Jesus, shed on the cross to cleanse us from our sins, is not just a mere detail in the story of our redemption. It is the very essence of our faith and the key that opens the gates of Heaven.

Imagine placing your trust in something so powerful that death itself loses its sting. As I sing praises to my Savior’s wounds, the fear of death dissipates, knowing that His sacrifice has conquered even the grave. This is the power of Jesus’ blood, and it is the cornerstone of my faith.

Throughout history, blood has carried significant symbolism. It represents life itself and is often associated with sacrifice. In the Old Testament, the Israelites knew the importance of blood as they offered animal sacrifices to atone for their sins. However, those sacrifices were temporary and could never fully cleanse the soul.

Then came Jesus, the ultimate sacrifice. Through His death on the cross, His blood was poured out as the perfect atonement for our sins. No longer do we need to rely on the blood of bulls and goats; instead, we place our faith in the pure and precious blood of Jesus.

It is in the blood of Jesus that we find redemption, forgiveness, and salvation. Every drop shed, every wound endured, was for our sake. How can we not be overwhelmed with gratitude and awe? Our claim to salvation’s joy is not based on anything we have done or earned but solely on the work of Jesus on the cross. His blood is our hope, our assurance, and our refuge.

As I reflect on these truths, I am reminded of the immense value that Jesus places on each one of us. His blood was not shed in vain but with a purpose – to reconcile us to God and restore our relationship with Him. The depth of His love is immeasurable, and it is through His blood that we can experience the fullness of His grace.

In a world filled with uncertainty and despair, the blood of Jesus remains constant and unchanging. It is a firm foundation that we can build our lives upon. When storms arise and doubts creep in, we can turn to Jesus’ blood and find peace that surpasses all understanding.

Moreover, this faith in the blood goes beyond the confines of our earthly existence. As the hymn suggests, even at the end of life’s brief term, we can rest securely in the assurance of our salvation. Our hope extends beyond the grave, where we will behold the glorious face of our Savior.

To have faith in the blood of Jesus is to recognize the power and sufficiency of His sacrifice. It is to understand that we cannot save ourselves through our own efforts or good deeds. It is only by accepting Jesus’ blood as the payment for our sins that we can be made right with God.

Faith in the blood transforms us from broken sinners to redeemed children of God. It washes away our guilt and shame, replacing them with His righteousness. It empowers us to live a life pleasing to God, not out of obligation, but out of gratitude for what He has done for us.

Therefore, let us hold firm to our faith in the blood of Jesus. Let His wounds be a constant reminder of His love and sacrifice for us. May we never take the power of His blood for granted but instead rely on it as our anchor, our source of strength, and our ticket to eternal life.

In conclusion, faith in the blood of Jesus is the cornerstone of our salvation. It is through His blood that we find redemption, forgiveness, and eternal life. Let us never forget the price He paid for our freedom and the depth of His love for us. May our faith in the blood always be unshakable, firmly rooted in the truth that Jesus’ blood is enough.


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