Father Of Jesus Christ My Lord My Savior – Hymn Lyric

Experience the love and power of the Father of Jesus Christ

Father Of Jesus Christ My Lord My Savior – Hymn Lyric

The hymn “Father of Jesus Christ, my Lord, my Savior” celebrates the deep trust and faith in God as the Father of Jesus Christ. It highlights the sacrifice and resurrection of Jesus, bringing justification and eternal life to all who seek Him. The hymn emphasizes the importance of obedient faith and the transformation that occurs when we surrender ourselves to God, who forms us in the image of His Son.


Father Of Jesus Christ My Lord My Savior – Hymn Lyric

Father of Jesus Christ, my Lord,
My Saviour, and my Head,
I trust in Thee, whose powerful word
Hath raised Him from the dead.

Thou know’st for my offense He died,
And rose again for me;
Fully and freely justified,
That I might live to Thee.

Eternal life to all mankind
Thou hast in Jesus given;
And all who seek, in Him, shall find
The happiness of heaven.

Obedient faith, that waits on Thee,
Thou never wilt reprove;
But Thou wilt form Thy Son in me,
And perfect me in love.

To Thee the glory of Thy power
And faithfulness I give.
I shall in Christ, at that glad hour,
And Christ in me shall live.


Meaning of Father Of Jesus Christ My Lord My Savior

As we come together to explore the depth of the hymn titled “Father of Jesus Christ My Lord, My Savior,” it’s like taking a beautiful journey through the heart of faith and the foundations of Christian belief. This hymn offers a powerful reflection of trust, redemption, and the promise of eternal life, while looking at the profound relationship between the believer, Jesus Christ, and God the Father. Let’s take a closer look at the messages woven into each verse and discover the inspiration it offers.

The hymn begins by acknowledging a majestic figure as the Father of Jesus Christ, who is also our Lord and Savior. When we sing these words, we recognize the divine connection between God and Jesus, and it establishes our belief in their unified purpose and power. But it’s not just about worship—it’s about trust. As the hymn reveals, a believer’s trust in God is founded on the belief that by His command, even death could not hold Jesus in the grave.

This initial verse captures the heart of Christian hope: resurrection. It’s the assurance that just as powerful words were spoken to raise Jesus from the dead, so too are believers given the promise of life beyond the grave. This is the miracle of Easter, and it brings comfort and strength to all who embrace its message.

Moving on, the second verse takes an important turn, turning the focus onto the believer themselves. It says, “Thou know’st for my offense He died, And rose again for me.” This is a touching admission of personal flaw and sin, acknowledging that Jesus’s sacrifice on the cross was not just a general act of kindness—it was deeply personal, for every individual.

The idea that someone could be “fully and freely justified” might be quite powerful to ponder. It suggests a transformation that comes without strings attached: believers are forgiven, cleansed, and given a fresh start simply because of Jesus’s loving sacrifice. It’s the good news that whatever mistakes you’ve made, you can move forward in grace.

Next, comes the verse that speaks of a remarkable gift: eternal life. This is a concept that could spark the imagination and give hope to all who believe. It portrays a picture of heaven, a place of bliss and peace that awaits us, and it emphasizes that this gift is not exclusive—it’s available to everyone. Just like a treasure hunt where the map is clear and the treasure is there for all who follow it, through this hymn, we’re told that eternal happiness is promised to all who seek it in Jesus.

The fourth verse is particularly beautiful and resonates with comfort. It talks about “Obedient faith, that waits on Thee,” which suggests a personal relationship full of trust and patience with God. The loyal believer who follows God’s path does not face disappointment. There is a promise of transformation, of growth—God will shape each believer into the image of His Son.

This verse can be a reminder that we are all works in progress. Like a potter carefully shaping clay on a wheel, God is at work in the lives of believers, molding and forming them out of love. And when the hymn speaks of being “perfected in love,” it reflects the ultimate goal of Christian life—to become a person who fully embodies the love and character of Jesus.

In the final lines of the hymn, there is a burst of praise, acknowledging God’s power and reliability. The singer gives all the glory to God, recognizing His work in the life of the believer: “I shall in Christ, at that glad hour, And Christ in me shall live.” There’s this beautiful picture of union—living in Christ and Christ living in the believer. This is a profound mystery, a spiritual oneness that is both comforting and empowering.

The hymn embodied in the title, “Father of Jesus Christ My Lord, My Savior,” is a musical testimony to the core beliefs that shape Christian faith. It speaks of trust in a powerful God who raised Jesus from death, the personal redemption found in Jesus’s sacrifice, the promise of eternal happiness, patient growth in faith, and the hope of becoming perfected in love.

By engaging with this hymn’s message, believers are invited into a journey of faith that is both personal and cosmic. It celebrates a relationship with God that starts here on Earth and stretches into the promise of heaven, a relationship that transforms and brings peace and joy.

For anyone who sings or reflects on this hymn, the message is an invitation to trust, to hope, to seek, and to love. And it’s a reminder that in the story of Jesus, we find something much greater than ourselves—a savior, a redeemer, and a Father who offers us eternity in His love.


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