Father Of Mercies God Of Love – Hymn Lyric

Experience the love and mercy of the Father of Mercies

Father Of Mercies God Of Love – Hymn Lyric

In times of trouble and despair, we can turn to the Father of Mercies, the God of Love. His heavenly throne is a place of restoration and joy, where we find solace and comfort. Through the name of our Savior, Jesus Christ, we can approach God with humility and find forgiveness and salvation.


Father Of Mercies God Of Love – Hymn Lyric

Father of mercies, God of love!
Oh! hear a humble suppliant’s cry:
Bend from thy lofty seat above,
Thy throne of glorious majesty:

O! deign to listen to my voice,
And bid this drooping heart rejoice.

I urge no merits of my own,
For I, alas! as all that’s vile:
No–when I bow before thy throne,
Dare to converse with God alone,

Thy name, blest Jesus, is my plea,
That dearest, sweetest name to me!

Within this heart of mine, I feel
The weight of sin’s oppressive load:
Oh! help! or else I sink to hell,
Crush’d by thine arm, avenging God!

Entomb’d within that dread abyss,
And exil’d from the realms of bliss!


Meaning of Father Of Mercies God Of Love

Father of Mercies, God of Love: A Hymn of Hope and Salvation

Oh, how wonderful it is to call upon the Father of mercies, the God of love! In times of trouble and despair, we can turn to Him for solace and comfort. His heavenly throne, so lofty and majestic, is a place where we can find restoration and joy. It is with a humble heart that we raise our voices to Him, knowing that He will listen and respond to our prayers.

Let us remember that we do not approach God with any merits of our own. We are sinful and imperfect beings, prone to making mistakes and falling short of His glory. Yet, even in our vileness, God welcomes us into His presence. When we bow before His throne, it is not by our own worthiness but by the name of our beloved Savior, Jesus Christ, that we can dare to converse with Him.

There is power in the name of Jesus, a name that is dearest and sweetest to us. It is through Him that we find forgiveness, redemption, and salvation. When sin weighs heavily upon our hearts, and we feel the burdens of life crushing us, we can turn to Jesus for help. His love and grace have the power to lift us from the depths of despair and guide us towards a path of righteousness.

Within the depths of our souls, we carry the weight of our sins. It is a heavy burden that threatens to drag us down to hell, separated from the eternal bliss of God’s presence. Yet, in our darkest moments, we can cry out to our Father of mercies, knowing that He will hear our plea. He longs to rescue us from the power of sin and to restore us to a place of eternal joy.

In the face of God’s righteous judgment, we may fear the consequences of our sinful actions. But let us remember that His mercy is greater than His wrath. He does not desire to condemn us but yearns to save us. His love is so immense that He sent His only Son, Jesus, to die for us on the cross. Through His sacrifice, we can find forgiveness and the promise of eternal life.

As we sing this hymn, we come before God with humble hearts, acknowledging our need for His mercy and forgiveness. We recognize that our own efforts are futile and that we are utterly reliant on His grace. In the grand tapestry of life, we are but small threads, yet even the tiniest thread has a purpose and a place.

So, let us rejoice in the name of Jesus, our Savior and Redeemer! Let us celebrate the love and mercy that our Heavenly Father extends to us. May this hymn remind us of the incredible gift we have in Him and inspire us to seek His presence in every aspect of our lives.

In conclusion, as we reflect upon Father of Mercies, God of Love, let us remember that God’s love and mercy know no bounds. His throne is a place of refuge and hope, where we can lay our burdens down and find solace. In our moments of weakness and sinfulness, may we always turn to Jesus, whose name brings us comfort and salvation. With grateful hearts, let us carry this hymn in our hearts and share its message of hope and redemption with the world.


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