Father Of Peace And God Of Love – Hymn Lyric

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Father Of Peace And God Of Love – Hymn Lyric

In the poem “Father of Peace and God of Love,” we are reminded of God’s saving power and eternal covenant with us. Just like Jesus triumphed over death, we can overcome any challenges with God’s guidance. Through Jesus Christ, we offer our thanks and praise to the Father of Peace and God of Love for their unwavering love and grace in our lives.


Father Of Peace And God Of Love – Hymn Lyric

Father of peace, and God of love,
We own Thy pow’r to save,
That pow’r by which our Shepherd rose
Victorious o’er the grave.

Him from the dead Thou brought’st again,
When by His sacred blood,
Confirmed and sealed forevermore
Th’eternal cov’nant stood.

O may Thy Spirit seal our souls,
And mold them to Thy will,
That our weak hearts no more may stray,
But keep Thy cov’nant still.

That all we think and all we do
Be pleasing in Thy sight,
Through Jesus Christ, to Whom be praise
In endless glory bright.


Meaning of Father Of Peace And God Of Love

“Father of Peace and God of Love” is a hymn that sings to the core of many hearts, weaving a tale of hope, faith, and eternal promise. This reverent song speaks to the enduring strength that people find in a power greater than themselves—a power that guides them through life’s trials and triumphs.

When we think about the title itself, “Father of Peace and God of Love,” we can’t help but be drawn to the comforting imagery that it evokes. It brings to mind images of a caring, watchful figure who holds the secrets to tranquility and affection. The type of steadfast figure who never wavers, whose peaceful aura wraps around us like a warm, protective blanket.

Let’s dive into the first verse. It begins, “Father of peace, and God of love, We own Thy pow’r to save.” It acknowledges a belief in a higher power’s ability to provide salvation, to rescue from harm or peril. This line promises that there are moments in life when we feel rescued, moments that might seem small but are like rays of sunlight piercing through clouds on a gray day.

Now, let’s move on to something truly remarkable: the resurrection. The hymn celebrates the resurrection of Jesus, the “Shepherd” who rose “Victorious o’er the grave.” This is a powerful display of love and victory that stands at the heart of many religious beliefs. It tells the story of overcoming that which seems insurmountable, echoing the message that there is hope beyond hardship, just as spring follows the depths of winter.

The hymn further explains how this incredible event, the resurrection, confirmed and sealed an “eternal covenant”, a forever promise. A covenant is an agreement, and in this case, it means a promise that is rooted in sacredness and perpetuity. For many, this eternal promise is a source of comfort and guidance, one that supports them when they face their own personal challenges.

Peering deeper into the verses, the hymn asks for the Spirit to “seal our souls, And mold them to Thy will.” Here, there’s a request for guidance to make decisions and take actions that align with good values and intentions. It’s like asking for a compass in life that always points to doing what is right and just, leading us away from the paths of distraction or wrong-doing.

This idea of not straying, but instead keeping the covenant, reflects a desire to be consistent and true to one’s principles. Like a tree that stays firm despite the wind, the person singing this hymn wants to remain unwavering in their beliefs and their actions. It’s not an easy task, but the hymn suggests that with faith, it’s possible.

The hymn concludes with a universal hope: that all thoughts and deeds would be pleasing to the divine. In other words, it expresses a wish to live in a way that would make the “Father of Peace and God of Love” proud. And it’s not just for now, but also for all the days to come—”through Jesus Christ, to Whom be praise In endless glory bright.” This is a way of saying that their efforts in life are dedicated to something bigger than themselves, something infinitely good and enduring.

This message in the hymn moves beyond just words in a song. It reflects a daily quest to fill lives with actions that bring peace and share love. Every small act of kindness, every decision to help rather than hurt, and every word spoken in love rather than anger are all ways of living out the promises in this hymn.

“Father of Peace and God of Love” isn’t just a title or a line in a hymn; it’s a reminder. It’s like looking at the stars and knowing there’s something larger and more beautiful than the everyday struggles. It reminds us that there’s a possibility for peace within each person and love at the core of creation. It suggests that with faith, commitment, and a bit of guidance, lives can be filled with peace and love, reflecting the principles that many hold dear.

In the end, whether sung in a quiet room by a single voice or bellowed out by a whole choir, the hymn is a call to remember the deeper values that can steer the ship through life’s turbulent seas. It’s a message of hope, of everlasting love, and of peace that can be found when one believes in the power greater than oneself and strives to live in a way that honors that belief. Such a message feels particularly important today, a beacon that shines brightly in a world that often seems to have forgotten the gentle power of peace and love.


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