Follow The Steps Of Jesus – Hymn Lyric

Follow The Steps Of Jesus: Embrace the Blessings and Eternal Light by walking the narrow way with joy and guidance from your Lord. Turn not aside

Follow The Steps Of Jesus – Hymn Lyric

“Follow The Steps Of Jesus: Embracing the Pathway to Blessings and Eternal Light” is a hymn that encourages us to follow the example of Jesus in our daily lives. By keeping to the narrow way and embracing prayer, we can find strength and guidance in our journey. By serving others and spreading His light, we can discover blessings and the promise of everlasting joy.


Follow The Steps Of Jesus – Hymn Lyric

Follow the steps of Jesus,
Follow ev’ry day;
Turn not aside nor falter,
Keep the narrow way.
Jesus the meek and lowly
Walked thro’ life below,
Marking a beaten pathway,
O in that pathway go.

O follow, follow gladly,
In the path your Lord has trod,
He is your light by day and night,
He leadeth you to God;
O follow, follow gladly,
There are blessings on the way;
Turn not aside, but watch your Guide,
Who leads you to endless day.

Oft on a lonely mountain;
Oft ‘neath olive’s shade,
Jesus your great Example,
King and Saviour prayed.
Now in His footsteps follow,
Lead a life of pray’r,
He is a home preparing,
You shall His glory share.


Helping the weak and weary,
Christ your Saviour went,
Seek now to be His stewards
On His work intent.
Seek out the heavy-hearted,
Seek the lost one too;
Follow the steps of Jesus,
Do what He’d have you do.


Meaning of Follow The Steps Of Jesus

Follow The Steps Of Jesus: Embracing the Pathway to Blessings and Eternal Light


In our journey through life, it is essential to have a guide who can lead us towards righteousness, love, and a meaningful existence. Jesus, the meek and lowly, sets a perfect example for us to follow. This hymn, “Follow The Steps Of Jesus,” beautifully captures the essence of walking in His footsteps. It highlights the importance of not straying from the righteous path and embracing the blessings that await us. Let us delve deeper into this hymn and explore the wisdom it imparts, as we discover the joy of following Jesus.

Verse 1: Keep to the Narrow Way

The hymn encourages us to follow the steps of Jesus every day and to keep to the narrow way. Just as Jesus walked through life in humility, compassion, and righteousness, we are called to do the same. It is easy to be swayed or tempted to stray from the right path, but the hymn reminds us not to falter. By staying true to His teachings, we can find strength and guidance even in the face of challenges.

Refrain: The Blessings on the Way

The refrain emphasizes the importance of willingly and happily following Jesus. By doing so, we receive His light, which guides us day and night. This light illuminates our path and leads us closer to God. The hymn reminds us that in following Jesus, we not only find blessings but also discover an everlasting connection with our Creator.

Verse 2: Following Jesus’ Example

Reflecting on the life of Jesus, we see how He sought moments of solitude to pray fervently. Whether on a lonely mountain or beneath the shade of an olive tree, Jesus demonstrated the value of seeking God’s guidance and strength through prayer. In this verse, we are encouraged to follow His example and lead a life of prayer. By embracing prayer as a vital part of our lives, we can cultivate a deeper relationship with God and prepare ourselves for the glory that awaits us.

Refrain: The Light in the Journey

Continuing from the previous refrain, the hymn reassures us that following Jesus comes with the assurance of His light guiding us throughout our journey. This light not only illuminates our paths but also serves as a reminder of our ultimate destination – eternal communion with God. By trusting in the light provided by Jesus, we can navigate through the challenges of life with confidence and certainty.

Verse 3: The Stewards of Christ

In this verse, we are reminded of the mission entrusted to us by Jesus. Just as He helped the weak and weary, we are called to be stewards of His work by extending love, kindness, and help to others. This entails seeking out the heavy-hearted and the lost, offering them comfort and guidance. By actively participating in acts of compassion and service, we become true followers of Jesus, spreading His light in the world.

Refrain: Guided to Endless Day

Once again, the refrain reinforces the concept of blessings that await us on our journey with Jesus. It reminds us not to turn away or lose sight of our guide, as He leads us to endless day. This phrase evokes the promise of eternal life and joy that comes from faithfully walking in the footsteps of Jesus.


In conclusion, “Follow The Steps Of Jesus” is not simply a hymn but a powerful reminder of the path we are called to follow. Through its verses, we are presented with the significance of embracing Jesus as our guide and allowing His teachings to shape our lives. By faithfully following in His footsteps, we find blessings, joy, and the assurance of eternal life. Let us embrace this hymn’s wisdom and embark on a journey filled with love, compassion, and reverence for Jesus, our ultimate guide. May we strive to live in such a way that others are inspired to join us on this remarkable path of righteousness.


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Freely Shareable Hymn Inspired Image Follow The Steps Of Jesus: Embrace the Blessings and Eternal Light by walking the narrow way with joy and guidance from your Lord. Turn not aside, but follow His example to find endless day.


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