For a Peace Meeting – Hymn Lyric

Promoting peace and unity

For a Peace Meeting – Hymn Lyric



For a Peace Meeting – Hymn Lyric

Not with the flashing steel,
Not with the cannon’s peal,
Or stir of drum;
But in the bonds of love,
Our white flag floats above;
Her emblem is the dove;-
‘Tis thus we come.

The laws of Christian light,-
These are our weapons bright,
Our mighty shield;
Christ is our leader high;
And the broad plains which lie
Beneath the blessed sky,
Our battle-field.

What is that great intent
On which each heart is bent,
Our hosts among?
It is that hate may die,
That war’s red curse may fly,
And war’s high praise for aye
No more be sung.

On, then, in God’s great name!
Let each pure spirit’s flame
Burn bright and clear;
Stand firmly in your lot,
Cry ye aloud, doubt not,
Be every fear forgot;
Christ leads us here!

So shall earth’s distant lands,
In happy, holy bands,
One brotherhood,
Together rise and sing,
Gifts to one altar bring,
And heaven’s Eternal King
Pronounce it good.


Meaning of For a Peace Meeting

For a Peace Meeting

In a world filled with violence and conflict, it is easy to become disillusioned and lose hope. But amidst the chaos, there are those who gather with a different purpose in mind. They come together not with flashing steel or the sound of cannons, but with bonds of love and a white flag floating above as a symbol of peace. This hymn, titled “For a Peace Meeting,” encapsulates the essence of their mission.

The hymn speaks of the laws of Christian light, referring to the teachings of love, compassion, and forgiveness that guide their actions. These teachings are their weapons bright, their mighty shield against the darkness that threatens to engulf their world. Their leader is Christ himself, the epitome of love and sacrifice. With him leading the way, they march onto the battle-field, not with guns and ammunition, but with hearts full of empathy and a burning desire to make a difference.

But what is the purpose that ignites their spirits and unites them as one? It is the hope that hate may die, that war’s red curse may dissipate, and that the high praises of war may be silenced forever. These peacemakers understand the destructive nature of war, the pain it inflicts on families, and the toll it takes on humanity as a whole. They stand against the glorification of violence and seek to create a world where peace reigns supreme.

With God’s name invoked, they stand firm in their conviction. Their spirits burn brightly, undeterred by doubts or fears. They are driven by a cause greater than themselves. And as they gather in this peace meeting, they encourage one another to cry aloud, to let their voices be heard. They strive to eradicate every fear that may hinder their progress. For they know that their efforts, no matter how small, can have a profound impact on the world around them.

Their ultimate vision is that earth’s distant lands may become united in happy, holy bands. They yearn for a world where humanity recognizes its interconnectedness, where borders are erased and divisions are bridged. In this unified brotherhood, people from all walks of life rise above their differences and contribute to the greater good. They come together to sing songs of unity and love, offering gifts to one altar as a symbol of their shared purpose.

And in their pursuit of peace, they recognize the importance of the divine. They believe that heaven’s Eternal King looks down with approval at their endeavors. They seek the blessings of the divine, knowing that their quest for peace aligns with the ultimate purpose of their Creator. Through their actions, they strive to manifest the goodness that exists within each and every one of us.

In conclusion, the hymn “For a Peace Meeting” tells the story of a group of individuals who gather with a common purpose – to promote peace, love, and unity in a world marred by violence and discord. They eschew the traditional tools of war, opting instead to wield the laws of Christian light. With Christ as their leader, they march forward into the battle-field, ready to tackle the immense task before them.

Their hope is that hate may die and war’s red curse may be eliminated. They believe that through their collective efforts, they can create a world where war is no longer glorified. They stand firm in their conviction, letting their voices be heard without fear or doubt. And as they come together in this peace meeting, they envision a world where all nations unite as one, singing songs of joy and offering their gifts to the altar of peace.

In the end, their mission serves as a reminder that even amidst the darkness, there is always a glimmer of hope. It is up to us to embrace that hope, to join hands with one another, and to work towards forging a future filled with love and understanding. Let us heed the call of this hymn and become peacemakers in our own lives, contributing to the greater peace of our world.


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Freely Shareable Hymn Inspired Image Promoting peace and unity, For a Peace Meeting hymn inspires individuals to gather with love and compassion, envisioning a world free from war and hate. Join the movement for a brighter future.


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