Forth To The Fight Ye Ransomed – Hymn Lyric

"Embrace the Christian's call to battle against evil with 'Forth to the Fight

Forth To The Fight Ye Ransomed – Hymn Lyric



Forth To The Fight Ye Ransomed – Hymn Lyric

Forth to the fight, ye ransomed,
Mighty in God’s own might,
Stemming the tide of battle,
Routing the hosts of night.

Lift ye the Christian’s banner,
Wield ye the Christian’s sword,
Raise ye the Christian’s war-cry,
“The Cross of Christ the Lord.”

Fear not the din of battle,
Follow where He has trod,
Perfecting strength in weakness
Jesus, Incarnate God.


Angels around us hover,
Succour in time of need,
Ever at hand to strengthen,
Guardians they indeed.


Arm ye against the battle,
Watch ye, and fast and pray,
Peace shall succeed the warfare,
Night shall be changed to day.


Fight for the Lord is o’er you,
Fight, for He bids you fight,
There where the fray is thickest
Close with the hosts of night.


Meaning of Forth To The Fight Ye Ransomed

Forth to the Fight, Ye Ransomed: Embracing the Christian’s Call to Battle

In this powerful hymn, we are reminded of our duty as believers to engage in the battle against evil. We are called to take up the Christian’s banner and wield the Christian’s sword, proclaiming the victory of the Cross of Christ the Lord.

The opening verse of the hymn urges us to step forward boldly with confidence in God’s strength. As ransomed children of God, we possess a power that is mightier than any force the world can throw at us. Like courageous soldiers, we face the raging tide of battle, forcing the hosts of darkness to retreat.

This hymn echoes the words of the Apostle Paul in Ephesians 6:12, reminding us that our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the spiritual forces of evil. It encourages us to fearlessly face the inevitable noise and chaos of battle, knowing that Jesus, our Incarnate God, has gone before us.

We are reminded of the ever-present angels that surround and support us in our time of need. Just as they strengthened Jesus during His time in the wilderness and ministered to Him in the Garden of Gethsemane, they are also at hand to bolster our spirits and provide assistance when we call on them.

The hymn instructs us to arm ourselves for the battle ahead. This spiritual warfare requires us to be on our guard, unceasing in our prayer and fasting. As we equip ourselves with the armor of faith, peace shall reign once the warfare is won, and the darkness of night transforms into the brightness of day.

Fight, for the Lord commands us to fight! We are not called to passivity or complacency but to active engagement with the forces of darkness. The hymn encourages us to courageously face our enemies, knowing that God is on our side and that victory is assured.

As we enter into battle, we must be prepared to confront evil wherever it may be found. The hymn calls us to engage with the enemy wherever they are strongest, refusing to shy away from the challenges that lie ahead. With the battle cry of the Cross of Christ, we boldly advance, knowing that we fight on behalf of the King of Kings.

In conclusion, “Forth to the Fight, Ye Ransomed” serves as a call to arms for believers. It reminds us of our mission in this fallen world, urging us to rise up and confront the forces of darkness. With unwavering faith in God’s might, the support of heavenly guardians, and a commitment to prayer and fasting, we can confidently face whatever battles lie ahead. Let us take up the Christian’s banner, wield the Christian’s sword, and declare with boldness, “The Cross of Christ the Lord!”


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