Fountain Of Good, To Own Thy Love – Hymn Lyric

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Fountain Of Good, To Own Thy Love – Hymn Lyric

“Fountain of Good, To Own Thy Love” is a hymn that reminds us of God’s love and calls us to help those in need. It emphasizes the importance of charity and service in expressing our gratitude to God. By ministering to those less fortunate, we not only make a difference in their lives, but also deepen our own spiritual growth.


Fountain Of Good, To Own Thy Love – Hymn Lyric

Fountain of good, to own Thy love,
Our thankful hearts incline;
What can we render, Lord, to Thee,
When all the worlds are Thine?

But Thou hast needy brethren here,
Partakers of Thy grace,
Whose names Thou wilt Thyself confess
Before the Father’s face.

And in their accents of distress
Thy pleading voice is heard;
In them Thou may’st be clothed and fed
And visited and cheered.

Thy face with rev’rence and with love
We in Thy poor would see;
O may we minister to them,
And in them, Lord, to Thee.


Meaning of Fountain Of Good, To Own Thy Love

Fountain Of Good, To Own Thy Love: Expanding on the Ideas of Charity and Service


In this hymn titled “Fountain of Good, To Own Thy Love,” we are reminded of the immense love and grace that God has bestowed upon us. As we reflect on His generosity, we are also called to extend our love and support to those who are in need. This hymn highlights the importance of charity and service, emphasizing the significance of helping others as a way to express our gratitude to God. In this article, we will explore the powerful message conveyed through the verses of this hymn and delve deeper into the concept of serving those less fortunate than ourselves.

Verse 1:

The hymn begins by acknowledging God as the “Fountain of good” and recognizing His love towards us. It portrays a sense of awe and gratitude for the abundant blessings we have received. The verse poses a crucial question, asking what we can offer to God when everything in the world already belongs to Him. This verse sets the stage for us to reflect on how we can express our thankfulness and show our love for God.

Verse 2:

As the hymn progresses, it directs our attention towards those who are in need – our “needy brethren.” It highlights the fact that these individuals are not merely strangers, but our fellow recipients of God’s grace. The verse suggests that God Himself acknowledges their names before the Father, emphasizing their significance in His eyes. This verse prompts us to consider the responsibility we have towards our less fortunate brothers and sisters.

Verse 3:

Moving further, the hymn brings to the forefront the voices of the distressed, representing the cries for help from those in need. It reminds us that God hears their pleas and calls on us to be the answer to their prayers. By reaching out to those who are struggling, we have the opportunity to act as vessels of God’s compassion and aid in their upliftment. This verse reminds us of the power we hold to bring about positive change and make a difference in the lives of others.

Verse 4:

The final verse of the hymn encapsulates the essence of its message – to minister to those in need and, by doing so, minister to God Himself. It encourages us to look upon the face of God in the faces of the poor and to serve them with reverence and love. This verse emphasizes that by caring for the less fortunate, we are expressing our devotion to God and deepening our relationship with Him.

The Importance of Charity and Service:

The hymn “Fountain of Good, To Own Thy Love” beautifully illustrates the significance of charity and service in our lives. It challenges us to move beyond mere words of gratitude and compels us to take action. By extending a helping hand to those in need, we embody the teachings of compassion and empathy that lie at the heart of Christianity. Engaging in acts of service not only benefits those we assist but also nurtures our own spiritual growth.

Charity and service foster a sense of interconnectedness within communities. When we give back, we create a cycle of love and support that has no boundaries. It is through these acts of kindness that we bridge the gaps that divide us and forge connections with people from diverse backgrounds. By understanding the struggles and challenges faced by others, we cultivate empathy and a deeper appreciation for the blessings in our own lives.

Moreover, by serving others, we discover the immense joy and fulfillment that comes from bringing happiness into someone else’s life. Witnessing the positive impact our actions have on those around us fuels a sense of purpose and fuels our desire to continue living a life of service. In this way, charity and service become transformative forces that not only benefit others but also uplift our own spirits.


In this hymn, “Fountain of Good, To Own Thy Love,” we are reminded of our duty as believers to extend our love and support to those who are less fortunate. It calls us to action, prompting us to respond to the cries for help and serve as vessels of God’s compassion. Charity and service are not only expressions of our gratitude to God but also opportunities for personal and spiritual growth. By ministering to those in need, we strengthen our connection with God and foster a sense of unity within our communities. Let us embrace the powerful message of this hymn, and may it inspire us to lead lives centered on charity and service.


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