From Jesus Lips We Hear The Call – Hymn Lyric

Discover the powerful hymn "From Jesus' Lips We Hear The Call" and explore the unwavering love

From Jesus Lips We Hear The Call – Hymn Lyric

“From Jesus’ Lips We Hear The Call: Finding Redemption in His Love” reminds us of the unwavering love and forgiveness Jesus offers to burdened sinners. Through the power of His blood, Jesus can wash away our sins and lead us to redemption, no matter how heavy our burdens may be. Let us embrace His call and seek His mercy, knowing that His love knows no bounds.


From Jesus Lips We Hear The Call – Hymn Lyric

From Jesus’ lips we hear the call,
In tones of tenderness to all,
“Ye burdened sinners, come to Me,
Though heavy-laden you may be.”

He’ll wash your sins away,
He’ll wash your sins away,
The blood of Christ, the bleeding Lamb,
Will wash your sins away.

He would not have one sinner lost,
For well He knows what pardon cost,
O seek His mercy while you may,
And Christ will wash your sins away.


Too long you have remained in sin,
Forsake it, hat it-now begin;
Tho’ Satan long has held the sway,
Yet Christ can wash your sins away.


And some have erred and turned aside,
And, Peter-like, their Lord denied,
To such He calls in love today,
And seeks to wash your sins away.


Meaning of From Jesus Lips We Hear The Call

The hymn “From Jesus’ Lips We Hear The Call” is a beautiful and powerful expression of hope, redemption, and the love that Jesus Christ has for each one of us. This hymn not only lifts our spirits but also delivers a profound message about the grace and forgiveness offered to us through Jesus’ love and sacrifice.

Let’s delve into the meaning and comfort found within this hymn.

The opening verse starts with a very important message from Jesus himself. It reaches out to all of us who feel burdened and weighed down by our mistakes, our regrets, and the challenges of life. The voice of Jesus is depicted as tender and understanding. He invites everyone who feels overwhelmed – no matter what they’ve done or how heavy their burdens may feel – to come to Him.

The chorus sings with a promise that reverberates through every line: “He’ll wash your sins away.” This is a comforting assurance that no matter what we have done in the past, the blood of Christ, portrayed here as the “bleeding Lamb”, has the power to cleanse us. It tells us that Jesus is ready to give us a fresh start, to wash the slate clean of our sins through His sacrifice. It’s a reminder that forgiveness is available to us, and that it’s never too late to seek it.

The second verse of the hymn implores us to recognize the value of salvation that Jesus provides. It reminds us that Jesus would go to any length to ensure that not a single person is lost to sin. The cost of our pardon was the very life of Jesus, and it is out of this ultimate sacrifice that we are invited to seek mercy. It’s a call to action – to embrace His mercy now and experience the joy of having our sins washed away.

As the hymn continues, it addresses those who have been stuck in sinful ways for a long time, suggesting that the reign of sin and the influence of Satan in one’s life can be overcome by Jesus Christ. It asks us to abandon sin and start anew, offering a message of renewal and change. Like the dawn that breaks after a long night, so can Christ’s love and forgiveness bring about a new beginning after a prolonged period of wrongdoing.

In the final verse, we encounter a compassionate appeal directed at those who may have strayed from their path, who may have denied Jesus through their actions, similar to the Apostle Peter’s denial. But just as Jesus welcomed Peter back with open arms after his betrayal, He does the same for us. Jesus calls out lovingly, seeking to restore us, to bring us back into His fold, and assuring us that it’s not too late to turn around.

Much like the endless call of a loving parent, the hymn emphasizes that Jesus is consistently calling out to us in love and longing for our return. It expresses the notion that His desire is to help us, to set us free from our mistakes, and to offer us redemption.

Now let’s think about what this hymn means in our daily lives.

Firstly, it’s a reminder of the infinite love that Jesus holds for each one of us. Just like a friend who’s there to help when we stumble, Jesus offers us a helping hand no matter how many times we’ve fallen.

Secondly, it shows us the importance of forgiveness. Not just divine forgiveness from Jesus, but also the significance of forgiving ourselves and moving forward. Holding onto past mistakes can be like carrying a heavy burden – it slows us down and tires us out. Jesus invites us to lay those burdens at His feet.

Lastly, the hymn teaches us that change is possible. Whether we have been carrying our mistakes for days, months, or years, it’s never too late to seek forgiveness and start anew. It tells us that the shadows of our past do not have to define our future.

The message within “From Jesus’ Lips We Hear The Call” connects deeply with those who have felt unworthy, those who are seeking hope, and those who yearn for a new chapter in their lives. It echoes through our hearts with the beautiful truth that no mistake is too great, no path too twisted, and no burden too heavy for the love and salvation offered by Jesus Christ.

By accepting the invitation from Jesus’ lips, we can find peace and the strength to walk a path led by His love and light. And as the chorus reassures us time and again, He will wash our sins away and guide us toward a life of grace and redemption.


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