God Of Our Boyhood Whom We Yield – Hymn Lyric

Experience the wonders of youth with "God Of Our Boyhood Whom We Yield" hymn. Embrace growth

God Of Our Boyhood Whom We Yield – Hymn Lyric



God Of Our Boyhood Whom We Yield – Hymn Lyric

God of our boyhood, whom we yield
The tribute of our youthful praise,
Upon the well-contested field,
And ‘mid the glory of these days,
God of our youth, be with us yet,
Lest we forget, lest we forget!

Sturdy of limb, with bounding health,
Eager to play the hero's part,
Grant to us each that greater wealth-
An undefiled and loyal heart.
God of our youth, be thou our might,
To do the right, to do the right!

When from the field of youthful strife,
Of strength with strength, and speed with speed,
We face the sterner fights of life,-
As still our strength in time of need,
God of our youth, be with us then,
And make us men, and make us men!


Meaning of God Of Our Boyhood Whom We Yield

God Of Our Boyhood Whom We Yield: A Hymn Celebrating Youthful Praise and Growth

In the vibrant years of our youth, we often find ourselves overcome with a sense of awe and gratitude for the world around us. During this time, we discover our passions, forge friendships, and embark on countless adventures. It is a time of growth and exploration, and as we navigate our way through these formative years, we must remember to honor the that guides us. As the hymn “God Of Our Boyhood Whom We Yield” reminds us, we must give thanks to the God who has blessed us with the ability to experience the wonders of youth.

As we sang this hymn amid the joy and glory of our days, we offered our youthful praise to the God who walks with us on the well-contested fields of life. Just as we passionately engage in sports or games, pushing our bodies to the limits, we are encouraged to embrace the same vigor and tenacity in our faith and devotion. This youthful enthusiasm should extend beyond the physical realm, and into the realm of the heart.

Granted, our physical strength and vitality may fade with time, but the true measure of our wealth lies in the purity and loyalty of our hearts. We are reminded that as we play the hero's part in the playgrounds of life, we must strive to cultivate an undefiled and loyal heart. It is through the shaping of our character and the nurturing of our inner selves that we become the true champions of our own lives.

As we transition from the battlefield of youthful triumphs to the sterner fights of adulthood, we realize that the challenges we face become more complex. We are no longer competing against our peers in simple games, but rather against the trials and tribulations of the world. In these moments, we seek the guiding presence of the God who has upheld us throughout our youth.

We lean on the steadfastness of the God of our youth, trusting in His wisdom and guidance as we navigate the challenges and uncertainties that lay ahead. We understand that it is through His might that we find the strength to do what is right and just. In times of moral ambiguity and ethical dilemmas, we turn to the divine presence that has nurtured us from our early days, asking for guidance on the path to righteousness.

In the midst of life's storms and struggles, as we transition from boys to men, we rely on the God of our youth to be our companion and support. We acknowledge that true manhood requires more than physical strength or accomplishment, but rather the qualities of integrity, compassion, and resilience. It is in these virtues that we find our true strength, allowing us to face life's battles with honor and grace.

The hymn concludes by reminding us that the God of our boyhood continues to shape us even as we mature into adulthood. The journey from youth to manhood is not a solitary one; rather, it is a continuous process of growth and refinement. We pray that the presence of the divine remains with us, enabling us to evolve into the best versions of ourselves.

As we ponder the words of this hymn, we are struck by its timeless relevance and universal message. Whether we are in the throes of youth or in the prime of our adulthood, we are reminded to never forget the God who has guided us throughout our lives. We are encouraged to cherish the blessings of youth, to cultivate an undefiled and loyal heart, to seek the strength to do what is right and just, and to embrace the journey of growth and maturity.

In conclusion, “God Of Our Boyhood Whom We Yield” is not just a hymn meant for youthful voices, but rather a timeless ode that resonates with people of all ages. Its inspiring words call upon us to honor our past, live with integrity in the present, and trust in the divine as we navigate an uncertain future. It reminds us of the importance of acknowledging the role of spirituality in our lives and finding solace and strength in the ever-present God of our youth.


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