God Of Truth And Power And Love – Hymn Lyric

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God Of Truth And Power And Love – Hymn Lyric

“God of Truth, Power, and Love: Transforming Hearts and Overcoming Sin” is a heartfelt hymn that expresses a plea for divine intervention in the battle against sin. The author recognizes their own sinful nature and requests God’s influence to restore them and all humanity. Through biblical imagery and a desire for God’s love to conquer sin, the hymn highlights the power of God’s truth, power, and love to transform hearts and bring redemption to all who seek it.


God Of Truth And Power And Love – Hymn Lyric

God of truth, and power, and love,
Father, friend of all mankind,
Let on me Thy Spirit move,
Influence my feeble mind;
‘Twixt the serpent’s seed and me
Prevalently interpose,
Break the fatal amity,
Make us everlasting foes.

Sin hath poisoned all my soul,
Sin, the serpent’s cursed seed:
No one part in me is whole,
Yet will I the promise plead;
Promise of all-saving grace,
Promise of an inward power,
Able to redeem the race,
Me, and all men to restore.

Breathe the breath of simple life,
Oh! Be Abel born in me
Previous to the legal strife,
Innocent simplicity:
Give me childishness to oppose
All the subtle serpent’s art;
Childishness no evil knows,
Give me, Lord, a simple heart.

Or if pride hath this destroyed
Turned into self-righteousness,
Let the law supply the void,
Seth succeed in Abel’s place.
Deeply root Thy law within
Parent of the wretched man;
Check my forwardness to sin,
Forcibly by fear restrain.

Bind in me the strong-man bind
With the fetters of the law;
Curb and thwart the carnal mind,
Keep the man of sin in awe;
Enemy to all that’s good,
He can only be subdued
By the sense of pardoning grace;
Never will he quite give place.

Tell me Jesus died for me,
Show some token of His love;
Love and sin can never agree,
Love shall still the stronger prove:
Love in the first measure give,
Sin shall then no longer sway,
Flesh may for a season strive,
I the Spirit shall obey.

Patiently I then shall wait
For the woman’s noblest seed,
Jesus Christ the mighty hate,
Bruiser of the serpent’s head;
O reveal Thy Son in me,
Bring the perfect nature in,
Now destroy the enmity,
Now consume the man of sin.

Adam, flesh, and self, and pride,
Antichrist, perdition’s son,
Let him not in me abide,
Cast him out, and reign alone;
Slay the dragon in the sea,
Make my soul Thy pure abode,
Filled with all the deity,
Swallowed up, and lost in God.


Meaning of God Of Truth And Power And Love

God of Truth, Power, and Love: Transforming Hearts and Overcoming Sin

In this beautiful hymn, we find a heartfelt plea to the Almighty for divine intervention in the battle against sin. The author recognizes their own sinful nature, acknowledging that every part of their being has been tainted by its poison. However, they cling to the promise of God’s saving grace and the power to restore not only themselves but all humanity.

The hymn begins by addressing God as the “Father, friend of all mankind,” setting the tone of familiarity and trust. The author implores God to move within them, to let His Spirit influence their feeble mind. They understand the need for divine intervention to break the fatal alliance between themselves and the serpent’s seed – sin.

The recognition of sin’s pervasive hold on the author’s soul is humbling. They acknowledge that no part of their being is whole, emphasizing the universal extent to which sin has corrupted humanity. Yet, anchored in faith, the author pleads for the promised grace and inward power of God to redeem not only themselves but all people.

The hymn draws on biblical imagery, referring to the serpent and the promise of salvation. It invokes the story of Cain and Abel, using their sibling rivalry as a metaphor for the struggle between sin and righteousness. The author longs to experience the birth of Abel within them, symbolizing the restoration of innocent simplicity and a rejection of the serpent’s cunning ways.

Recognizing the destructive power of pride, the author encourages God to replace it with the law. They understand that the law can act as a guide, restraining their inclination towards sin and directing them towards righteousness. They humbly ask God to root His law within them, acknowledging their own weakness and the need for divine intervention to curb their forwardness to sin.

The hymn also acknowledges the presence of the “man of sin” within each person, a reference to the innate tendency towards evil. The author recognizes this enemy to all that is good and acknowledges the need for the sense of pardoning grace to continuously subdue and transform this adversary. By highlighting the continuous struggle between love and sin, the author emphasizes the power of God’s love to conquer all.

The hymn centers on the profound sacrifice of Jesus Christ, who died for the author and all humanity. The author longs for a personal token of this love and understands that love and sin cannot coexist. They yearn for the overwhelming measure of love to drown out the influence of sin, allowing the Spirit to guide their actions and decisions.

In patient anticipation, the author awaits the arrival of the “woman’s noblest seed” – Jesus Christ, who will crush the serpent’s head. They long for Christ’s presence in their life, asking for the perfect nature of Christ to consume the man of sin within them. With this transformation, they desire to be filled with the deity, losing themselves in the divine presence of God.

The hymn ends with a plea for God to cast out everything that opposes His reign over the author’s life. They identify various aspects of themselves – Adam, flesh, self, pride, and the Antichrist – as elements that need to be eradicated. The hymn culminates in the desire to be completely consumed by God’s presence, to be filled with all the deity and lose their individual identity in Him.

In conclusion, the hymn “God of Truth and Power and Love” encapsulates the fundamental desire for transformation and the yearning to overcome the entanglements of sin. It reflects the deep longing within the human heart for a renewed relationship with God and an adherence to His law. The author’s plea for divine intervention exemplifies the timeless struggle between good and evil and the universal need for God’s love to prevail. May this hymn serve as a reminder of the power of God’s truth, power, and love to transform hearts and bring redemption to all who seek it.


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