God, Renew Us – Hymn Lyric

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God, Renew Us – Hymn Lyric

“God, Renew Us: Finding Joy, Unity, and Purpose in His Spirit” explores the power of God’s renewal in our lives. Through His Spirit, we can experience transformation and impact others around us. By embracing His renewal, we can become catalysts for positive change and spread joy and unity in a world that desperately needs it.


God, Renew Us – Hymn Lyric

God, renew us by your Spirit!
Come in gladness, hearts console!
Grant us joy so we may share it!
Oh, restore us; make us whole!

God, revitalize our mission!
Bless your church from pole to pole!
May we overcome division!
Oh, restore us; make us whole!

God, revive each congregation!
Be our center and our goal!
Help us join in adoration!
Oh, restore us; make us whole!

God, refresh your whole creation!
Timeless is salvation’s role!
Grant us boundless celebration!
Oh, restore us; make us whole!


Meaning of God, Renew Us

God, Renew Us: Finding Joy, Unity, and Purpose in His Spirit

In a world full of challenges and uncertainty, we often find ourselves yearning for renewal. We long for a fresh start, a revitalization that brings hope and joy into our lives. Thankfully, we have a source of renewal that surpasses all understanding – God’s Spirit. Through His Spirit, we can experience a transformation that not only rejuvenates our own hearts but also has the power to impact and heal others around us.

When we think of renewal, we often think of our own personal growth and happiness. But God’s plan for renewal goes beyond just meeting our individual needs. He desires to renew His entire church, from pole to pole, uniting us in His love and purpose. Just as each member of a choir has a unique voice, every congregation within His church has a distinct role to play. When we overcome division and come together in unity, we become a powerful force for change and restoration.

Imagine a church where there are no divisions, where competitiveness and judgments are replaced with love and support. In such a church, everyone’s gifts and talents are celebrated, and each member contributes to the fulfillment of a shared mission. This mission extends far beyond the walls of our church buildings – it is a mission to spread God’s love, grace, and forgiveness to all corners of the earth. With the restoration that comes from God’s Spirit, we can be the catalysts for positive change in our communities, bringing hope to those who are desperate for it.

But renewal doesn’t stop at the boundaries of our congregations or even our communities. God desires to refresh His entire creation. From the smallest blade of grass to the vastness of the universe, He invites us to join Him in adoration and celebration of His wondrous works. In a world that often seems restless and worn out, we have the opportunity to be the bearers of God’s renewal, spreading joy and awe wherever we go.

When we view salvation as a timeless role, we begin to understand the depth of God’s love and the boundless possibilities that come with it. His salvation is not limited by time or place – it is an eternal gift that opens up a world of celebration and gratitude. We can find comfort and solace in the fact that God’s renewal is never-ending, always available to us, and extends far beyond our present circumstances.

So how do we tap into this renewal? How do we experience the joy, unity, and purpose that God’s Spirit offers? It starts with a humble heart and a willingness to surrender our own desires to His perfect plan. Through prayer, meditation on His Word, and seeking His guidance, we can invite His Spirit to work in us and through us. It may not always be easy, and we may face challenges along the way, but the rewards of God’s renewal far surpass any temporary struggles we might encounter.

As we allow God to renew us, let us remember that we are not alone in this journey. We have a loving and compassionate God who walks beside us every step of the way. He is our center, our goal, and our ultimate source of strength. Whether we are a seventh-grader or an adult, God’s renewal is available to us all. Let His Spirit guide us as we seek to make a positive impact on the world around us, bringing restoration and wholeness to all we encounter.

In conclusion, God’s renewal is not only a personal experience but also a call to action. It is an invitation to be part of something greater than ourselves, to be agents of change and healing in a broken world. So let us embrace the hymn’s plea – “God, renew us by your Spirit!” – with open hearts and a willingness to let Him restore us, make us whole, and use us to bring joy and unity to this world that so desperately needs it.


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Freely Shareable Hymn Inspired Image Experience the joy, unity, and purpose of God's renewal. Find restoration and wholeness through His Spirit. Embrace the call to bring positive change to a broken world. God, Renew Us offers hope and inspiration.


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