God Your Voice Calls Forth Compassion – Hymn Lyric

Experience God's Voice: The Beauty of Creation Unleashed | Embrace Compassion & Discover Divine Harmony - God Your Voice Calls Forth Compassion

God Your Voice Calls Forth Compassion – Hymn Lyric

“God, Your Voice Calls Forth Compassion: Embracing the Beauty of Creation” is a profound exploration of how God's voice brought forth the wonders of the world. Through the artistry of mountains, valleys, and music, God's creativity and compassion shine. As humans, we have a responsibility to reflect this compassion and embrace the beauty of creation, inspiring others to do the same.


God Your Voice Calls Forth Compassion – Hymn Lyric

God, your voice called forth creation,
drawing mountains from the seas,
sculpting valleys, painting deserts,
filling fields with fruit and trees.

You infused the earth with music,
with a symphony of sound:
whistling winds and clapping thunder,
raindrops falling on the ground.

In the rhythm of the seasons,
night and day, year after year,
you brought order out of chaos,
that new life-forms might appear.

With an artist's eye for beauty
and a crafter's steady hand,
you began to fashion creatures
in the sea and air, on land.

Then you made us, man and woman,
in your image, each unique,
to envision and imagine,
to compose and write and speak,

to reflect on all creation
and the wonders that we share,
to relate to all your creatures
that surround us everywhere.

In the art that we envision,
and the songs that we compose,
in each story we imagine,
in ideas we propose,

may our work reflect your image
and our lives your holy ways,
that to you, our God, Creator,
we may offer grateful praise.


Meaning of God Your Voice Calls Forth Compassion

God, Your Voice Calls Forth Compassion: Embracing the Beauty of Creation

In the vast expanse of the universe, God, your voice resonates with power and tenderness, calling forth the creation of the world we inhabit. Like a skilled artist, you shaped majestic mountains, rising from the depths of the seas, reaching towards the heavens. With your divine touch, you meticulously carved valleys and painted deserts, adding vibrant hues to the canvas of our existence. Your creative genius filled fields with an abundance of fruit and trees, providing sustenance for all living beings.

Amidst this spectacle of creation, you infused the earth with music, creating a symphony of sounds that surround us. From the whistling winds that sweep across vast landscapes, to the mighty claps of thunder that reverberate through the skies, your melodies serenade our souls. Even the gentle raindrops that fall upon the ground compose a melodious rhythm, reminding us of your constant presence and grace.

As the seasons dance, transitioning between night and day, year after year, your wisdom shines through. Order emerges from chaos, offering new life-forms the opportunity to flourish. In this tapestry of existence, you reveal your artistic eye for beauty and your steady hand as a master craftsman. With great attention to detail, you fashioned diverse creatures, from the magnificent creatures of the sea to the soaring birds of the air, and placed them upon the richness of the land.

And then, in an act of profound love, you created us, human beings, in your image. Each of us is unique, endowed with the capacity to envision, imagine, compose, write, and speak. We are blessed with the ability to contemplate the wonders of creation and reflect upon the interconnectedness of all living creatures. Through our existence, we have the privilege to relate to every being that surrounds us, fostering a harmonious bond that transcends boundaries.

Just as you have blessed us with creativity and imagination, we strive to honor you through our own artistic endeavors. Whether it be through the art we envision, the songs we compose, the stories we imagine, or the ideas we propose, we yearn for our work to mirror your divine image. Like a reflection in a mirror, let our lives embody your holy ways, radiating compassion, love, and understanding.

In every brushstroke and musical note, in each word and expression, we seek to emulate your boundless compassion for all creation. Let our artistry serve as a vessel, spreading your message of unity and grace to all who encounter it. May the colors we choose, the melodies we craft, and the tales we share, resonate deeply within the hearts of those who witness our creativity.

Through our artistic endeavors, let us stir the dormant embers of compassion in a world often overshadowed by division and injustice. As we immerse ourselves in the beauty around us, may it ignite a flame of empathy, empathy that compels us to care for one another and protect the sacred gift of life. Just as your voice called forth creation from nothingness, may it now call forth compassion from the depths of our souls.

So, let us offer our grateful praise, O God, Creator of all things. With hearts overflowing with gratitude, we acknowledge your in our lives and the wonders of your creation. In our art, in our songs, in our stories, and in our lives, may we remain steadfast in our devotion to you. For it is through our creative expressions that we become agents of change and vessels of your boundless love, spreading compassion and inspiring others to embrace the beauty of your creation.

God, Your Voice Calls Forth Compassion, and we are humbled to answer that call.


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