Gods Boundless Love – Hymn Lyric

Discover the limitless love of God that surrounds us

Gods Boundless Love – Hymn Lyric

“God’s Boundless Love: Embracing the Unconditional Love that Surrounds Us” is a heartfelt reflection on the infinite and all-encompassing love of God. From the moment we wake to the moment we sleep, God’s tireless love watches over us, offering comfort and reassurance. This unchanging love knows no limits and embraces us, regardless of our past mistakes or wrongdoings.


Gods Boundless Love – Hymn Lyric

God’s boundless love!
As arching sky above us when we wake and sleep,
Above us when we smile and weep,
Above us when we live and die.

God’s tireless love!
Beside the cot of her sick child the mother sleeps.
Our heavenly Father ever keeps
Unweary watch-and slumbers not.

God’s changeless love!
The wand’ring one forsakes, forgets, dishonors; yet,
Repenting, going home, is met
With no reproach-Welcome, My son!

God’s mighty love!
On Calvary’s height, suff’ring to save us from our sin,
To bring God’s wide dominion in,
And fill our lives with joy and light.

God’s endless love!
What will it be when earthly shadows flee away,
For all eternity’s bright day
Th’unfolding of that love to see!


Meaning of Gods Boundless Love

God’s Boundless Love: Embracing the Unconditional Love that Surrounds Us

Imagine a love that stretches beyond the vast arching sky, enveloping us in its warm embrace as we wake and sleep, smile and weep, and even as we live and die. This love, my friends, is God’s boundless love. It is a love that knows no limits, knows no boundaries, and knows no end.

Just like a mother who tenderly watches over her sick child’s bedside, God’s tireless love never falters. It is a love that keeps a vigilant eye on us, ensuring our safety and well-being at all times. Our heavenly Father’s watchful presence is unwavering, always there to provide comfort and reassurance. He never slumbers nor sleeps, for His love for each and every one of us is immeasurable.

What makes God’s love even more remarkable is its unchanging nature. Even when we stray from His path, forget His teachings, or dishonor His name, His love remains steadfast. Like a forgiving parent, He opens His arms wide when we come back to Him with repentance in our hearts. There is no reproach or judgment, only a welcoming love that says, “Welcome, My son!” or “Welcome, My daughter!” God’s changeless love embraces us with open arms, no matter our past mistakes or wrongdoings.

Perhaps the greatest testament to God’s mighty love can be found on Calvary’s height. It is there, on the cross, where Jesus suffered to save us from our sins. His sacrifice was an act of love so profound, so powerful, that it continues to reverberate through the ages. Through His suffering, God’s wide dominion was made known, filling our lives with joy and light. It is in this act of selflessness that we can truly grasp the magnitude of God’s love for us.

As we look towards the future, we are filled with hope and anticipation. For one day, when earthly shadows fade away, we will witness the full unfolding of God’s endless love. Imagine, my young friends, a world where love reigns supreme, where every heart is filled with compassion, and where joy and light illuminate every corner. This awaits us in eternity, where God’s love will be revealed in all its glory.

So let us hold on to the truth that God’s boundless love surrounds us always. Let it be a guiding light in our lives, filling us with hope and reminding us that we are never alone. May we strive to love others as God loves us, unconditionally and without judgment. In doing so, we will be a beacon of God’s love in this world, spreading warmth and kindness to those around us.

As we sing together the hymn of God’s boundless love, let us allow its words to resonate deep within us. Let us grasp the magnitude of this love that transcends all understanding. And let us remember to share this love with others, so that they too may experience the joy and comfort that comes from knowing God’s boundless love.

In conclusion, my friends, may we always cherish and embrace God’s boundless love. For it is in this love that we find solace, strength, and the truest sense of belonging. Let us keep this hymn of God’s boundless love close to our hearts, allowing its message to guide us in our everyday lives. And may we never forget that we are deeply loved by a God whose love knows no bounds.


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