God’S Spirit – Hymn Lyric

Experience the transformative power of God's Spirit. Tear down complacency

God’S Spirit – Hymn Lyric



God’S Spirit – Hymn Lyric

God’s Spirit, as a rising gale,
Tears down our false tranquility;
Come surging through our settled minds,
Demolish our complacency!

God’s Spirit, as the breath of life,
Creation’s source and guide and goal,
Breathe life into our souls again;
Restore our faith and make us whole.

God’s Spirit, as an icy blast,
Strike through the scorching enmity
That burns our human love to ash;
Extinguish all hostility.

God’s Spirit, as a healing breeze,
Stream gently through our troubled days,
To set us on our feet again,
With confidence, delight, and praise.

God’s Spirit, fierce and wild,
And yet unfolding like a mother’s womb,
Surprise us: bring us, newly born,
With Jesus leaping from the tomb!


Meaning of God’S Spirit

God’s Spirit: A Force of Transformation and Renewal

In our daily lives, we often find ourselves engulfed in a sense of false tranquility. We become complacent, settling into routines and losing touch with the vibrant spirit that lies within us. But just as a rising gale tears down barriers in its path, so too does God’s spirit have the power to demolish our complacency and ignite a fire within our settled minds.

Like the very breath of life itself, God’s spirit is the source from which all creation flows. It guides us towards our ultimate purpose and goal. It breathes life into our souls, revitalizing our faith and restoring our sense of purpose. When we open ourselves up to the influence of God’s spirit, it has the power to make us whole once more.

But God’s spirit is not always gentle and comforting. Sometimes, it manifests as an icy blast, piercing through the scorching enmity that burns within our hearts. Enmity has the ability to turn our human love to ash, destroying relationships and creating division. However, with the power of God’s spirit, this hostility can be extinguished. It is through the transformative force of God’s spirit that we can overcome our differences and forge a path towards unity and harmony.

As an icy blast can be fierce and harsh, so too can God’s spirit be a healing breeze. It has the power to gently flow through our troubled days, bringing solace and comfort in moments of despair. When we allow God’s spirit to enter our lives, it sets us on our feet again, instilling in us a renewed sense of confidence, delight, and praise. Even in the darkest of times, the presence of God’s spirit can guide us towards a brighter future.

God’s spirit is both fierce and wild, yet also comforting, much like a mother’s womb. It is a force that surprises us, bringing forth new life and inspiring us to embrace change. Just as Jesus leaped from the tomb, God’s spirit has the power to resurrect us from the depths of despair. It calls us to step out of our comfort zones and embrace the unknown, knowing that it is through these leaps of faith that we can experience true transformation.

In conclusion, the hymn “God’s Spirit” reminds us of the incredible power and influence that God’s spirit can have in our lives. Whether it is tearing down our false tranquility, breathing life into our souls, extinguishing hostility, bringing healing and comfort, or surprising us with new beginnings, God’s spirit is a force of transformation and renewal. By inviting God’s spirit into our lives, we open ourselves up to a world of possibilities and allow ourselves to be guided towards a deeper sense of purpose and fulfillment. So let us embrace the power of God’s spirit and allow it to shape us into the best versions of ourselves.


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