Good News Come Over The Sea – Hymn Lyric

Experience the power of spreading light in darkness with "Good News Come Over The Sea" hymn. Join the mission to share the transformative message of the gospel

Good News Come Over The Sea – Hymn Lyric

“Good News Come Over The Sea”: In this powerful hymn, we learn about the triumph of the gospel over darkness and the transformation it brings to those in need. Christians bravely answer the call to spread the good news, leaving behind comfort and familiarity. The hymn urges us to rejoice in this message and to actively share it, reminding us of the immense impact the gospel can have on our lives and the lives of others.


Good News Come Over The Sea – Hymn Lyric

Good news comes o’er the sea,
And tells of vict’ry there;
The heathens bow the knee,
In humble, fervent pray’r.

Long waited we to hear,
The glorious tidings come,
Proclaiming vict’ry there,
Where darkness reign’d alone.

Rejoice, rejoice
Good news comes o’er the sea;
Rejoice, rejoice
Good news comes o’er the sea.

The glorious gospel light,
In splendor shines to day.
Where naught but darkest night
Fall on the heathen’s way.

Brave Christians heard the cry
That came across the sea,
“Come help us, ere we die,
Come help us to be free.”


They bade adieu to home,
To friends and loved ones dear;
They crossed the ocean’s foam,
They landed safely there.

They raised the banner bright
On Africa’s hostile shore,
The heathen saw a light,
Where darkness reigned before.


Oh, see them coming home!
The poor, degraded race!
The master bids them come
To seek his saving grace.

At Jesus’ feet they fall;
To heavens they lift their cry;
He hears their simple call, –
He saves them ere they die.


Awake! the sun is high;
the Master’s calling you!
Why stand ye idly by?
There’s work for you to do!

Your treasures, prayers, and tears,
Go lay at Jesus’ feet;
And soon we’ll sing the song
Of victory complete.


Meaning of Good News Come Over The Sea

Good News Come Over The Sea: Spreading Light in Darkness

In the hymn “Good News Come Over The Sea,” we find a message of hope and triumph that resonates not only across the ocean but throughout our own lives. Within the verses and the heartfelt chorus, we discover the power of the gospel to bring light to the darkest corners of the world, touching the hearts of those who were once lost. This hymn reminds us of the bravery and sacrifice of Christians who answered the plea for help, and it urges us to join the mission of spreading the good news. Let us delve into the beautiful imagery and profound message within this hymn, and explore the meaning it holds for us today.

The opening verse sets the stage for the glorious tidings that come from across the sea. It speaks of victory over darkness and the transformative power of prayer. The heathens, previously lost and not knowing the light, bow their knees in fervent prayer as they embrace the message of hope. This imagery showcases the universal human need for redemption and the immense power of the gospel to bring about transformative change. In a world where darkness seems to reign, this hymn reminds us that the light of the gospel can pierce through even the thickest shadows.

As we move into the chorus, we are invited to rejoice in this good news that travels across the sea. The repetition of the phrase “Rejoice, rejoice” emphasizes the contagious nature of this joyous message. It is meant to be celebrated and shared, spreading like a wave across the lands. The power of the gospel to bring joy and salvation is not limited to a select few but is accessible to all who open their hearts to it. The chorus reminds us that the good news is not meant to be kept to ourselves but should be shared with others, to uplift and inspire.

The second verse takes us deeper into the impact of the gospel’s light. It portrays the contrast between the darkness that once covered the heathen’s way and the splendor of the gospel’s illumination. It speaks of a deep yearning for deliverance, where the cry for help could no longer be ignored. It is a call for Christians to step forward, to leave behind familiarity and comfort and respond to the plea to be instruments of positive change. The contrast between the darkest night and the radiant light of the gospel illustrates the transformative power that lies within us all.

Brave Christians, answering this plea, bid farewell to their homes, families, and loved ones. They set sail across the unforgiving ocean to reach the far-off shores where help was needed. This verse not only highlights their courageous act but also reminds us of the sacrifices made in the pursuit of spreading the gospel. It instills within us a sense of admiration for those who carry the banner of faith to distant lands, facing challenges and working tirelessly to bring light in the midst of darkness.

As they land safely on the hostile shores of Africa, the banner of faith is proudly raised, and the heathen see a glimpse of hope. Just as the light of the gospel shines brightly, it touches the hearts of those who were once lost. This image signifies the power of collective action, as Christians band together to make a difference. It offers inspiration for us to join hands and unite in spreading the light of the gospel in our own communities and beyond.

In the next verse, we witness the transformation that occurs when the poor and degraded race, referred to here as “the master bids them come,” embark on a journey towards seeking salvation. The image of falling at Jesus’ feet and lifting their cry to the heavens showcases the humility and desperation of those who have received the message of hope. It reminds us that salvation is available to all, regardless of our background or worldly status. We, too, are invited to approach Jesus with sincerity and humility, knowing that he will hear our cries and save us from the darkness.

With the awakening of a new day, the hymn urges us not to stand idly by but to heed the Master’s call. It reminds us that our faith requires action. The light of the gospel is not meant to be passively received but actively shared. It encourages us to offer up our treasures, prayers, and tears, and lay them at Jesus’ feet. This act of surrendering our all to God signifies our dedication and willingness to play a part in the mission of bringing the good news to others.

As we do our part, we look forward to the day when victory will be complete. The hymn ends with the anticipation of singing a song of victory. It calls us to fix our eyes on the ultimate triumph that awaits us and all those touched by the gospel. This powerful imagery inspires us to persevere in our faith and continue working towards spreading the good news, knowing that one day, we will celebrate the fulfillment of God’s promises.

In conclusion, “Good News Come Over The Sea” is a hymn that stirs our hearts and encourages us to take an active role in sharing the life-changing message of the gospel. It reminds us of the transformative power of prayer, courage, sacrifice, and hope. Through the vivid imagery and uplifting chorus, we are reminded that the good news is not only meant for us but is to be shared joyously with others. As we embrace the call to action, may we join the millions who have gone before us, shining the light of the gospel in the darkest corners of the world.


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