Great Source Of Being And Of Love – Hymn Lyric

Discover the Power of Water: A Great Source of Being and Love. Dive into the wonders of water

Great Source Of Being And Of Love – Hymn Lyric

Water, the great source of being and love, holds immense power and significance. From its life-giving and purifying nature to its ability to heal and bring blessings, water teaches us valuable lessons about resilience, adaptability, and interconnectedness. Similarly, love, like water, has the power to nourish, heal, and transform lives. Let us cherish these gifts and strive to spread their virtues in the world.


Great Source Of Being And Of Love – Hymn Lyric

Great source of being and of love,
Thou waterest all the worlds above,
And all the joys we mortals know
From Thine exhaustless fountain flow.

A sacred spring at Thy command
From Zion’s mount, in Canaan’s land,
Beside Thy temple, cleaves the ground,
And pours its limpid stream around.

The limpid stream with sudden force
Swells to a river in its course;
Through desert realms its windings play,
And scatter blessings all the way.

Close by its banks in order fair
The blooming trees of life appear;
Their blossoms fragrant odors give,
And on their fruit the nations live.

To the dead sea the waters flow,
And carry healing as they go;
Its poisonous dregs their power confess,
And all its shores the fountain bless.

Flow, wondrous stream with glory crowned,
Flow on to earth’s remotest bound;
And bear us on thy gentle wave
To Him, who all thy virtues gave.


Meaning of Great Source Of Being And Of Love

Great Source of Being and of Love: The Power of Water

Water, oh water! How amazing and essential you are. You are the great source of life and love that nourishes all the worlds above. Your existence brings us mortals countless joys, flowing endlessly from your never-ending fountain.

In the holy land of Canaan, at the command of the divine, a sacred spring emerges from the ground near Zion’s mount. It gushes forth and forms a crystal-clear stream that encircles the majestic temple. This stream holds a special significance, for it represents the life-giving and purifying powers that water possesses.

As this limpid stream flows, it gains strength, transforming into a mighty river. It winds its way through desert realms, bringing blessings to all in its path. Just imagine the beauty that unfolds alongside its banks! There, you can find an orderly display of blooming trees of life. Their blossoms emit fragrant aromas, and their fruits sustain nations, providing nourishment and strength.

But the journey of this remarkable stream does not end there. It continues its path towards the dead sea, carrying with it the power to heal. Even the poisonous dregs of the sea are humbled by its presence and are compelled to show reverence. The entire shoreline of the dead sea is transformed by the touch of this miraculous fountain, blessing all who encounter its waters.

Oh, wondrous stream! You are adorned with glory and deserve to be celebrated. Your flow extends to the farthest corners of our vast earth, carrying with it the essence of your virtues. As we ride on your gentle waves, may you lead us to the ultimate source of all your incredible qualities, the one who bestowed them upon you.

Water, in all its forms, holds immense power. Just like this awe-inspiring stream, rivers and oceans also impact our lives in profound ways. The interplay between water and the human experience is undeniable. From the birth of civilizations along river banks to the calming effect of a beach vacation, we find solace and rejuvenation in the presence of water.

Think about the last time you stood by a flowing river or visited a serene lake. Can you recall the feeling of peace and tranquility that washed over you? Water has a unique ability to soothe our souls and wash away our worries. It invites us to reflect upon our place in nature and reminds us of the interconnectedness of all living things.

Water is not just essential for our physical sustenance; it also symbolizes rebirth and renewal. Just as it replenishes the earth and all life forms, it can invigorate and rejuvenate our spirits as well. Its purity and fluidity inspire us to let go of the past and embrace the possibilities of the future. Water teaches us the valuable lesson of resilience and adaptability, as it effortlessly molds itself to fit any container or terrain.

The hymn speaks of the powerful connection between water and love. Love, like water, has the ability to nourish and sustain us. It flows freely and selflessly, bringing joy and fulfillment to all it touches. Love has the power to heal wounds, bridge divides, and transform lives. Just as the river carries healing properties, love has the power to mend broken hearts and bring reconciliation in times of conflict.

As we ponder the remarkable qualities of water and love, let us appreciate the profound impact they have on each of our lives. Water, the great source of being and love, reminds us to cherish the blessings that flow freely into our lives. It encourages us to spread the love and healing that we receive, just as the river spreads its blessings to all it encounters.

So, let us honor the power of water and love in our actions and words. Let us strive to be like the clear stream, carrying virtues and blessings to others. And, just as the stream leads us to its source, let us remember the one who bestowed upon us these wonderful gifts.

Water, oh water! You are indeed a source of being and love. Let us embrace your lessons and reflect your qualities as we journey through life, making the world a better place one droplet at a time.


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