Hallelujah! Jesus Lives! – Hymn Lyric

Experience the joyous proclamation of "Hallelujah! Jesus Lives!" This hymn reminds us of Jesus' resurrection and His eternal presence in our lives. Rejoice in His victory and explore the profound meaning behind this powerful declaration.

Hallelujah! Jesus Lives! – Hymn Lyric

Hallelujah! Jesus Lives! The hymn celebrates the resurrection of Jesus and the eternal life He offers. It reminds us to find joy and hope in His presence, praising Him for His victory over sin and death. Let us embrace the truth that Jesus is alive and reigns in glory, and let our hearts be filled with gratitude and love for our Savior. Hallelujah!


Hallelujah! Jesus Lives! – Hymn Lyric

Hallelujah! Jesus lives!
He is now the Living One;
From the gloomy halls of death
Christ, the conqueror, has gone,
Bright forerunner to the skies
Of His people, yet to rise.

Jesus lives! Why do you weep?
Why that sad and mournful sigh?
He who died our Brother here
Lives our Brother still on high.
Lives forever to bestow
Blessings on His church below.

Jesus lives! And thus, my soul,
Life eternal waits for you;
Joined to Him, your living head,
Where He is, you shall be, too;
With the Lord, at His right hand,
As a victor you shall stand.

Jesus lives! Let all rejoice.
Praise Him, ransomed of the earth.
Praise Him in a nobler song,
Cherubim of heavenly birth.
Praise the victor King, Whose sway
Sin and death and hell obey.

Jesus lives! To Him my heart
Draws with ever new delight.
Earthly vanities, depart,
Hinder not my heavenward flight.
Let this spirit ever rise
To its Magnet in the skies.

Hallelujah! Angels, sing!
Join with us in hymns of praise.
Let your chorus swell the strain
Which our feebler voices raise;
Glory to our God above
And on earth His peace and love!


Meaning of Hallelujah! Jesus Lives!

Hallelujah! What a joyous proclamation! The hymn “Hallelujah! Jesus Lives!” reminds us of the incredible truth that Jesus, our Savior, is alive and reigning in glory. This triumphant declaration fills our hearts with hope and reassurance. Let us delve deeper into the verses of this hymn and explore the profound meaning behind the words.

The hymn begins with the powerful line, “Hallelujah! Jesus lives! He is now the Living One.” These words resound with the good news of Jesus’ resurrection. In the gloomy halls of death, Jesus emerged as the conqueror, breaking the chains of sin and death. His victory has paved the way for all believers to also rise victoriously. What a remarkable assurance it is to know that Christ has gone before us, as a bright forerunner to the skies, preparing a place for His people.

As we continue singing, the hymn asks a poignant question, “Jesus lives! Why do you weep?” It reminds us that there is no reason for sorrow or despair as long as Jesus lives. He who once walked among us as our Brother here on earth, has ascended to heaven and continues to live as our Brother still. This truth should bring us great comfort, knowing that Jesus is forever with us, bestowing blessings on His church below.

The chorus echoes the central message of the hymn, “Jesus lives! And thus, my soul, life eternal waits for you.” To be joined to Christ, our living head, is to share in His eternal life. The hymn speaks of the glorious promise that where Jesus is, we shall be too. Imagine the joy of standing with the Lord at His right hand, as a victorious conqueror. This image should inspire us and give us hope to press on in our daily lives, knowing that our ultimate destination is to be united with our Savior.

The hymn also encourages us to rejoice and praise the name of Jesus. It reminds us that we, the ransomed of the earth, have a duty to lift our voices in praise. We are called to offer a nobler song, joining the heavenly choirs of cherubim in worship. Jesus should be praised as the victor King, whose power extends over sin, death, and hell. He has overcome all obstacles and has triumphed over the forces of darkness.

Furthermore, the verses urge us to draw closer to Jesus with ever new delight. We are reminded to cast aside earthly vanities that hinder our heavenward flight. Our spirits should continually rise to our heavenly Magnet in the skies – Jesus. As we fix our gaze on Him, our hearts will be filled with joy and our perspective on worldly matters will be transformed. Jesus becomes our focus, our guide, and our ultimate source of delight.

The final verse of the hymn calls upon the angels to join us in praising God. It invites the heavenly chorus to swell the strain of our feeble voices. Together, we give glory to our God above and celebrate His peace and love that extends to all of creation. What a beautiful image it is to imagine the harmonious worship of angels and humans, united in declaring the greatness of our God.

In summary, “Hallelujah! Jesus Lives!” is a hymn that stirs our souls to rejoice in the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It reminds us of His victory over death, His continuous presence in our lives, and the promise of eternal life in His presence. This hymn encourages us to let go of earthly distractions and fix our eyes on Jesus, who holds the power to transform our lives. Let us join together in praising His name, offering a song of gratitude and love to our living Savior. Hallelujah, indeed!


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Freely Shareable Hymn Inspired Image Experience the joyous proclamation of Hallelujah! Jesus Lives! This hymn reminds us of Jesus' resurrection and His eternal presence in our lives. Rejoice in His victory and explore the profound meaning behind this powerful declaration.


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