Hark My Soul How Every Thing – Hymn Lyric

Hark My Soul How Every Thing: Nature's Song of Adoration for Our Bounteous King

Hark My Soul How Every Thing – Hymn Lyric

Hark My Soul How Every Thing: Nature’s Symphony of Praise In the poem “Hark My Soul How Every Thing,” we are reminded of the way nature strives to adore our bounteous King. From the cheerful notes of birds to the constant melody of flowing streams, every living creature and blooming flower sings their part in praising the Creator. As we listen and observe, we are inspired to awaken our own sluggish hearts and employ our noble powers to join in this eternal song of worship.


Hark My Soul How Every Thing – Hymn Lyric

Hark, my dull Soul, how every Thing
Strives to adore our bounteous King!
Each a double Tribute pays,
First sings its part and then obeys.

Here Nature’s sprightliest, sweetest quire,
Their Lord with cheerful Notes admire.
And every Day they chant their Lauds,
The Grove, echoing, applauds their Songs.

Though their Voices be lower,
The Streams too have their Melody.
Day and Night, they warbling run,
Pause they never, but still sing on.

All the gay Flowers that paint the Spring,
Hither, their silent Music bring.
If Heaven bless them, thankful they,
Smell more sweet and look more gay.

Awake from shame, my sluggish Heart,
Awake and gladly sing thy part.
Learn even from Birds, Springs and Flowers,
How to employ thy nobler Powers.

Call whole Nature to thy aid,
For it was by him, all Nature made.
In one Eternal Song, we join,
Who to one God, all belong.

Live thou forever, glorious Lord,
By all thy Works, be thou adored.
Great one in Three and Three in One,
May all Things bow to thee alone.


Meaning of Hark My Soul How Every Thing

Strives to Adore Our Bounteous King: Finding Inspiration in Nature’s Song

Nature has a way of reminding us of the beauty and greatness of our bounteous King. If we listen closely, if we pay attention to every detail, we can hear how every living creature, every blooming flower, and every flowing stream strive to adore our Lord. It is a symphony of praise that resonates in the depths of our souls.

Just like a choir, nature uses its own unique voices to sing praises to our Creator. From the chirping of birds in the morning to the buzzing of insects in the afternoon, the sounds of nature are a joyous celebration of life. Even though their voices may be soft and gentle, they are not to be underestimated. Like a small whisper that carries great meaning, these natural melodies can touch our hearts in profound ways.

The streams that flow continuously, day and night, have their own song to offer. They may not have the power to speak words, but in their constant motion, they express their adoration for the One who created them. They sing with every ripple and every drop, never ceasing in their praise. If we take a moment to truly listen, we can hear the rhythm of their joyous song.

But it is not just the sound of nature’s song that captivates us. The beauty that unfolds before our eyes is another testament to the wonders of our Lord. The vibrant colors of blooming flowers bring delight to our senses. They bring forth their own form of silent music, casting a spell of awe upon anyone who gazes upon them. With each petal and each scent, they offer a fragrant sacrifice of thanksgiving to their Creator.

In awe of the natural world’s celebration, we are called to awaken our sluggish hearts and join in the chorus of adoration. If birds and streams and flowers can find ways to express their gratitude, then surely we, as human beings with noble powers, can do the same. We must learn from these humble creatures, drawing inspiration from their unwavering praise.

Let us, like the birds, use our voices to sing our part in this eternal song of worship. Let our words be filled with genuine appreciation, reflecting the awe we feel for the God who created us. Whether our voices are strong or soft, let them ring out in harmony with nature’s melody, blending together in a symphony that reaches the heavenly realms.

But it is not enough to simply raise our voices in song. Our actions must also align with our words of thanksgiving. We must live in a way that honors and reflects the glory of our Lord. Each day, in every small decision, we have the opportunity to show our gratitude. By treating others with kindness and compassion, by being good stewards of the earth, we can demonstrate our reverence for the One who made us all.

It is a joyous privilege to be part of a creation that sings praises to our King. Let us never take for granted the gift of being surrounded by nature’s song. Instead, let us open our hearts and minds to its beauty and let it inspire us to be better, to be more thankful, and to live in harmony with all that our bounteous King has made.

So let us join nature in its unending chorus of adoration. Let us lift our voices and our lives to the One who deserves all honor and praise. Great is our Lord, the One in Three and Three in One. May all things, both big and small, bow down before Him and acknowledge His greatness. May we, as part of His magnificent creation, forever live to adore Him in all that we say and do.


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Freely Shareable Hymn Inspired Image Hark My Soul How Every Thing: Nature's Song of Adoration for Our Bounteous King

Discover the inspiring symphony of praise in nature's voices, colors, and motion. Join in the eternal song of gratitude and learn from birds, streams, and flowers how to express adoration for our Creator. Let us live in harmony with all that our bounteous King has made.


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