Hark Upon The Morning Breezes – Hymn Lyric

"Hark Upon The Morning Breezes: A Melodic Hymn of Hope

Hark Upon The Morning Breezes – Hymn Lyric



Hark Upon The Morning Breezes – Hymn Lyric

Hark! upon the morning breezes,
In the darkness, ere the waking,
Music sweet the senses pleases,
Soft upon the stillness breaking;
“Glory, Glory!” this the singing,
Welcome to Immanuel bringing.

Shepherds at their watch beholding
Angels clad in glistening whiteness,
Heard the wondrous news unfolding
‘Mid that dazzling scene of brightness:
“Glory, Glory!” peace, and kindness,
Light is breaking on our blindness.

Glorious morn! The sun, uprising,
Shone upon a world rejoicing;
God is with us–truth surprising!
List to song the message voicing:
“Glory, Glory!” ages told it,
Heavenly voices now unfold it.

God adored, our nature wearing!
Ah, such condescending meekness!
Stooping to a world despairing,
Full of pity for our weakness:
“Glory, Glory!” praises swelling,
God hath made with man His dwelling.


Meaning of Hark Upon The Morning Breezes

Hark Upon The Morning Breezes: A Hymn that Inspires Hope and Delivers a Powerful Message

In the early hours before dawn, as the world embraced the stillness of the night, a melody carried on the gentle morning breezes. It was a song so pure and beautiful that it awakened the senses and filled the hearts with joy. The hymn was a proclamation of glory and triumph, a welcoming anthem for Immanuel, the heavenly presence among us.

Imagine the scene as shepherds diligently watched over their flocks, surrounded by the quiet darkness of the night. Suddenly, a radiant light enveloped them, and they were greeted by angels adorned in glistening whiteness. And it was amidst this awe-inspiring spectacle that the shepherds received the incredible news – a news that would forever change their lives and the course of human history.

The angels, their voices ringing out in perfect harmony, proclaimed the message of peace, kindness, and glory. It was a message that pierced through the fog of our blindness and illuminated the path to truth. This glorious morn marked the dawn of a new era, a moment when the sun rose upon a world rejoicing in the presence of God.

Can you fathom the enormity of such a truth? The Almighty, the Creator of all things, chose to dwell among us. In an act of profound meekness and compassion, God took on our human form and descended to a world in despair. It is a truth that fills the heart with gratitude and wonder. “Glory, Glory!” we sing in response, overwhelmed by the infinite love and grace that God has bestowed upon us.

Just picture it – God, clothed in our nature, walking amongst us. This act of divine condescension is a testament to God’s unfathomable love for humanity. In a world filled with despair and weakness, God extends a hand of mercy, offering hope and redemption to all. “Glory, Glory!” echoes our praise, as we celebrate the magnitude of this incredible gift.

Through this hymn, we join the chorus of voices throughout the ages who have proclaimed this truth. From the shepherds who first heard the good tidings to the heavenly beings who now unfold the message, the proclamation of God’s presence among us resounds. It transcends time and place, reaching the depths of our souls and inspiring us to continue spreading the message of love and hope.

The power of this hymn lies not only in its melodic beauty but also in the profound message it conveys. It reminds us of the infinite possibilities that exist when we open our hearts to the presence of God. In a world often clouded by darkness and confusion, this hymn shines a light, guiding us towards a path of peace, love, and unity.

Let us not forget the significance of these words, for they hold the key to our salvation. Through the hymn, we are reminded to listen to the morning breezes, to hear the soft whispers of hope and promise that fill the air. It is in these moments of quiet introspection that we can truly embrace the profound message of this hymn and let it transform our lives.

As we join our voices in singing “Glory, Glory!”, let us also join hands in unity, spreading the news of God’s presence among us. Let this hymn reverberate through the halls of our schools and echo in the streets of our communities. Let it be a beacon of light that leads others towards the path of truth and grace.

In conclusion, “Hark Upon The Morning Breezes” is a hymn that encompasses the power of music to inspire, uplift, and deliver a powerful message. Its melodic beauty and profound words remind us of God’s unwavering love and presence in our lives. Let us hold onto this hymn and let its glorious message guide us towards a future filled with hope, peace, and unity.


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