He Waters The Hills With Rains From The Skies – Hymn Lyric

Experience the power and wisdom of God in "He Waters the Hills with Rain from the Skies." Discover His provision for all creatures

He Waters The Hills With Rains From The Skies – Hymn Lyric

In the hymn “He Waters the Hills with Rain from the Skies,” we are reminded of God’s power and wisdom in providing for His creation. From watering the hills with rain to supplying grass and herbs for cattle, this hymn emphasizes the interconnectedness of all living things and God’s care for every creature. Through vivid imagery and thoughtful lyrics, this hymn celebrates God’s abundant provision in our lives.


He Waters The Hills With Rains From The Skies – Hymn Lyric

He waters the hills with rain from the skies,
And plentiful grass and herbs He supplies,
Supplying the cattle, and blessing man’s toil
With bread in abundance with wine and with oil.

The trees which the Lord has planted are fed,
And over the earth their branches are spread;
They keep in their shelter the birds of the air,
The life of each creature the Lord makes His care.

The seasons are fixed by wisdom divine,
The slow changing moon shows fort God’s design;
The sun in his circuit his Maker obeys,
And running his journey hastes not nor delays.

The lord makes the night, when, leaving their lair,
The lions creep forth, God’s bounty to share;
The Lord makes the morning, when beasts steal away
And men are beginning the work of the day.

How many and wise Thy works are, O Lord!
The earth with the wealth of wisdom is stored;
The sea bears in safety the ships to and fro,
And creatures unnumbered it shelters below.

Thy creatures all look to Thee for their food;
Thy hand opens wide, they gather the good;
Thy face Thou concealest, in anguish they yearn;
Their breath Thou withholdest, to dust they return.

The Psalter: with responsive readings,


Meaning of He Waters The Hills With Rains From The Skies

In the beautiful hymn “He Waters the Hills with Rain from the Skies,” we are reminded of the incredible power and wisdom of our Creator. This hymn highlights the many ways in which God provides for His creation, from the lush grass and herbs that supply cattle and bless our toil, to the trees that offer shelter to birds and all creatures.

The first verse of the hymn sets the tone for the entire song, emphasizing God’s ability to water the hills with rain from the skies. This imagery reminds us of the vital importance of water in sustaining life on Earth. Without rainfall, the hills would be barren and lifeless. It is through God’s provision of rain that the hills come alive, adorned with plentiful grass and herbs. These green pastures not only supply nourishment for the cattle but also bless our toil, providing an abundance of bread, wine, and oil.

As we reflect on this verse, we can see the interconnectedness of God’s creation. The rain that waters the hills also sustains the trees that He has planted. It is through His care and nourishment that the branches of the trees spread, creating a shelter for the birds of the air. God’s attention to detail is evident in His consideration for every creature, big and small.

The hymn continues by acknowledging the wisdom that God displays in establishing the seasons. It is through His divine design that the moon changes slowly, signaling the passing of time. Likewise, the sun dutifully follows its circuit, obedient to its Maker’s commands. The constancy and reliability of these celestial bodies serve as a testament to God’s faithfulness and order in the world.

God’s provision extends beyond the skies and celestial bodies. The hymn recognizes His role in creating both day and night. As the lions creep forth in the night, God’s abundant bounty is shared amongst all creatures. In the morning, as the beasts retreat and men begin their work, we are reminded of the fresh start and opportunities that each new day brings.

The hymn marvels at the vastness and wisdom displayed by God in His creation. The earth, filled with the wealth of wisdom, becomes a testament to His infinite knowledge. Even the sea, with its rolling waves, serves as a safe passage for ships and shelters countless creatures beneath its surface. The abundance of life that resides in the depths of the ocean is a reminder of God’s care for all living beings.

The hymn further emphasizes the dependence of all creatures on God for sustenance. From the largest mammals to the tiniest insects, all look to Him for their daily food. His hand is open wide, providing for their needs. Yet, there are times when God’s face is hidden from His creation, and they experience anguish and longing. In those moments, breath is withheld, and all living things return to the dust from which they came.

As we reflect on the beautiful words of this hymn, we are reminded of our place in God’s grand design. We are merely one part of His vast creation, and yet, He cares for us deeply. Just as He waters the hills and supplies the needs of all creatures, He also provides for us in abundance. We can find comfort in knowing that His wisdom and provision extend to every aspect of our lives.

In conclusion, “He Waters the Hills with Rain from the Skies” is a hymn that celebrates God’s incredible power and wisdom in creation. Through vivid imagery and thoughtful lyrics, we are reminded of His provision for all creatures, both great and small. This hymn serves as a reminder to be grateful for the abundance that surrounds us and to trust in God’s care for our daily needs.


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