Help Us, O Lord – Hymn Lyric

Enter the new year with hope

Help Us, O Lord – Hymn Lyric



Help Us, O Lord – Hymn Lyric

Help us, O Lord!
Behold, we enter Upon another year today;
In Thee our hopes and thoughts now center,
Renew our courage for the way.

New life, new strength, new happiness,
We ask of Theeoh, hear and bless!

May every plan and undertaking
This year be all begun with Thee;
When I am sleeping or am waking,
Still let me know Thou art with me.

Abroad do Thou my footsteps guide,
At home be ever at my side.

Be this a time of grace and pardon.
Thy rod I take with willing mind,
But suffer naught my heart to harden;
Oh, let me then Thy mercy find!

In Thee alone, my God, I live;
Thou only canst my sins forgive.

And may this year to me be holy;
Thy grace so fill my every thought
That all my life be pure and lowly
And truthful, as a Christian's ought.

So make me while yet dwelling here
Pious and blest from year to year.

Jesus, be with me and direct me;
Jesus, my plans and hopes inspire;
Jesus, from tempting thoughts protect me;
Jesus, be all my heart's desire;

Jesus, be in my thoughts all day
Nor suffer me to fall away.

And grant, Lord, when the year is over,
That it for me in peace may close;
In all things care for me and cover
My head in time of fear and woes.

So may I when my years are gone
Appear with joy before Thy throne.


Meaning of Help Us, O Lord

Reveling in the heart and soul of worship, the heart-stirring hymn “Help Us, O Lord” embarks upon , hope, and gratitude that earmarks our commune with the divine. Every verse encapsulates our yearning to be enveloped by divine grace at every juncture of life, speaking volumes of the believer's craving for divine companionship and pledging themselves to a life of devotion and sanctity.

“Help Us, O Lord” initiates a heart-to-heart dialogue, as we stand at the dawn of a new year, hopeful yet vulnerable, placing our dreams and aspirations at the feet of the Divine. This sentiment reverberates through the hymn, transforming it into a metaphorical ark carrying the collective dreams and prayers of humanity.

Rekindling the inner flame of courage within us, the hymn is also an invocation seeking renewed vitality, strength, and happiness, beckoning comfort and blessings from the Lord. “New life, new strength, new happiness, we ask of Thee—oh, hear and bless!” is not just a simple plea; it is a profound testament of one's faith and trust in the divine powers.

The hymn takes us a step further, to reflect upon the significance of God-centered thoughts and actions, acknowledging that every step we take, every task we undertake, is guided by Him. The words “May every plan and undertaking this year be all begun with Thee” are a gentle reminder that the is ever engaging, providing an unwavering beacon of faith and guidance.

“Help Us, O Lord,” articulates an actionable promise to live a pure, humble, and truthful life as one ought to as a Christian. It magnifies our pledge to fill our thoughts with grace, ensuring a pious spiritual journey from year to year. In essence, it prompts us to sanctify both our everyday tasks and major life decisions, integrating a sense of sacred spirituality into our daily lives.

The frequent mention of ‘Jesus' in the hymn seems to be a compassionate plea to the Divine savior to be a guiding light amid the tumults of life. Jesus is perceived as the protector against misery and the aspirational figure for spiritual wisdom. To keep Jesus in our thoughts is equivalent to keeping the purity, righteousness, and love he embraced.

Harboring strong faith in Jesus means believing in his power to shield us from fear and suffering, guiding us through the tribulations of life. The hymn powerfully seeks the savior's intervention in normalizing peace, thus transforming existential anxieties into joyful excitement about what lies ahead.

This hymn is not just an ode to the divine but also a manifesto for leading a righteous and fulfilling life. It promises that surrendering our frailties to the Lord and seeking His wisdom can help us conquer any challenges, making each year a blissful journey.

The enduring lyrical appeal of the hymn “Help Us, O Lord” will never fade. It will keep inspiring the faithful, serving as a testament of their belief in divine protection, guidance, and mercy. In a world that's increasingly uncertain, the hymn resonates with the echo of our collective desires and hopes, making it more than just a hymn. It is a prayer for strength, a beacon of hope, and a monument of faith in the divine.

So, may we all, as we step into another day, another year, continue to be cradled in the divine mercy, echoing the verses of this profound hymn, “Help Us, O Lord,” as a potent testament of our faith, love, and obedience to our celestial guardian.


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Freely Shareable Hymn Inspired Image Enter the new year with hope, strength, and divine guidance. Help Us, O Lord is a heart-stirring hymn that encapsulates our yearning for grace and devotion. Embrace the power of faith and embark on a righteous journey.


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