Holy Ghost My Comforter – Hymn Lyric

Experience the comforting presence and transformative power of the Holy Spirit with the hymn "Holy Ghost

Holy Ghost My Comforter – Hymn Lyric



Holy Ghost My Comforter – Hymn Lyric

Holy Ghost, my Comforter,
Now from highest heaven appear,
Shed Thy gracious radiance here.

Blessed Sun of grace, o’er all
Faithful hearts who on Thee call
Let Thy light and solace fall.

What without Thy aid is wrought,
Skilful deed or wisest thought,
God will count but vain and nought.

Cleanse us, Lord from sinful stain,
On the parched spirit rain,
Heal the wounded of its pain.

Bend the stubborn will to Thine,
Melt the cold with fire divine,
Erring hearts to right incline.

Grant us, Lord, who cry to Thee,
Steadfast in the faith to be,
Give Thy gift of charity.

May we live in holiness,
And in death find happiness,
And abide with Thee in bliss!


Meaning of Holy Ghost My Comforter

The hymn “Holy Ghost, My Comforter” expresses a deep longing for the presence and guidance of the Holy Spirit in our lives. It captures the essence of our dependence on the Holy Spirit’s power to cleanse, heal, and transform us. Through the lyrics, we are reminded of the significance of the Holy Spirit’s role in our faith journey.

The first verse begins by addressing the Holy Spirit as our Comforter, acknowledging that it is through the Spirit’s presence and work that we find true comfort and solace. It is a plea for the Holy Spirit to manifest Himself in our lives, to shine His gracious radiance upon us. This imagery of light is significant because it symbolizes the revelation of truth, guidance, and warmth that the Holy Spirit brings.

The second verse highlights the Holy Spirit as the “Blessed Sun of grace.” This beautiful metaphor portrays the Spirit as the source of divine grace – a grace that shines on all faithful hearts who call upon Him. It is this grace that enables us to carry out any meaningful endeavor or exercise wisdom in our thoughts. It emphasizes the futility and insignificance of our actions and thoughts without the aid of the Holy Spirit. It is only through the Holy Spirit’s power that our actions and thoughts can have true value and purpose.

The third verse focuses on the transformative work of the Holy Spirit in our lives. It acknowledges our need to be cleansed from sinful stain and have the parched spirit refreshed by His rain of mercy and forgiveness. The language used here emphasizes the Holy Spirit’s ability to heal the woundedness of our hearts and bring restoration. It calls for the intervention of the Holy Spirit to soften stubborn wills and ignite divine fire within us, allowing us to turn away from our erring ways and follow God’s path.

The fourth verse emphasizes the importance of steadfastness in faith and the gift of charity. It is a prayer for the Holy Spirit to empower us to remain firm in our beliefs and to cultivate a heart overflowing with love. The Holy Spirit enables us to love others selflessly, mirroring the love of Christ.

The final verse expresses the desire to live a holy life and find everlasting happiness in death, ultimately dwelling with God in eternal bliss. It is a reflection of our longing for a deep and intimate relationship with God, made possible through the presence and work of the Holy Spirit in our lives.

Overall, the hymn “Holy Ghost, My Comforter” encapsulates the essential role of the Holy Spirit in our spiritual journey. It reminds us of our dependence on the Holy Spirit’s presence, guidance, and transformative power. Through its poetic and reflective verses, it encourages us to seek the Holy Spirit’s work in our lives, ensuring that we live in holiness, happiness, and intimacy with God. The hymn inspires us to recognize the deep and abiding comfort that only the Holy Spirit can provide, filling our hearts with joy, peace, and love.


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