Holy Ghost My Soul Inspire – Hymn Lyric

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Holy Ghost My Soul Inspire – Hymn Lyric

Holy Ghost My Soul Inspire: Encountering the Divine Spirit The hymn “Holy Ghost, My Soul Inspire” captures the longing for the Holy Spirit to dwell within us, guiding and transforming our lives. Through its profound verses, the hymn explores the significance of faith, hope, and love that the Holy Spirit inspires within us. This hymn serves as a powerful reminder of the transformative power of the Holy Spirit and the importance of inviting its presence into our lives.


Holy Ghost My Soul Inspire – Hymn Lyric

Holy Ghost, inspire my soul!
Spirit of the Almighty Sire,
Spirit of the Son divine,
Comforter, grant me Thy gifts fine!
Holy Spirit, in my breast
Grant that lively FAITH may rest,
And subdue each rebel thought
To believe what Thou hast taught.

When sorrow’s waves around me roll,
Spirit blest, calm the tempest’s toll,
And with HOPE fill my longing heart,
To guide me through life’s every part.

Holy Spirit, cleanse my mind
From all thoughts unkind and blind,
Remove unkind deeds and words,
And fill my bosom with pure LOVE.

Faith, hope, and charity divine,
Comforter, these gifts are Thine,
Thou anointing Spirit art,
Bestow them upon my humble heart!

Till faith is lost in glorious sight,
Hope consumed in joy’s sweet light,
Love residing in the Three,
In the Divine Trinity.


Meaning of Holy Ghost My Soul Inspire

Hello there! Let’s explore the beautiful hymn titled “Holy Ghost My Soul Inspire” and delve into the heartfelt plea for guidance, comfort, and the holy virtues of faith, hope, and love that it embodies. The hymn is a personal conversation, a prayer really, where the soul reaches out to the Holy Ghost – also known as the Holy Spirit in many Christian beliefs – asking for inspiration and support in life’s journey.

When we read the words, “Holy Ghost, inspire my soul!” it’s like an invitation we’re sending out to a very special guest. The Holy Ghost is described as the Spirit of the Almighty Sire and the Son divine. That’s a pretty big deal because it means the hymn is talking about the power and presence that comes from God the Father and God the Son, which in Christian beliefs, are two parts of what’s known as the Holy Trinity.

Now why would someone ask for inspiration from the Holy Ghost? Well, inspiration is a bit like a lightbulb that pops up over your head when you get a great idea. But the inspiration from the Holy Ghost is even cooler because it’s the kind that can help you figure out right from wrong and encourages you to make wise and kind decisions.

The hymn then moves on to ask the Holy Ghost for “lively FAITH.” Faith is about believing in things that we might not see but feel deep down are true. Having faith can be like having an invisible shield; it can give you strength when you’re feeling doubtful or scared.

But it’s not just about believing; it’s also about calming our doubts and questions. That’s why it says, “And subdue each rebel thought / To believe what Thou hast taught.” It’s asking the Holy Ghost to help keep all the unsure thoughts in check so that a person’s faith can grow without getting tangled up in too many what-ifs.

The verse then talks about sorrow’s waves, which is a poetic way of saying the tough times or the sadness that can sometimes wash over us and make us feel overwhelmed, like we’re caught in a stormy sea. The plea here is for the “Spirit blest” to calm things down, to bring peace when life gets all topsy-turvy. And not just peace – the hymn asks for HOPE too, which is like a life vest that helps keep us afloat, looking forward to better times even when the waves are crashing around us.

Next, there is a request for the Holy Spirit to cleanse the mind from anything that’s not kind or good – basically, to help a person be the best version of themselves. And there’s a wish for LOVE, not just any love, but the purest kind that fills your heart and spills out into your actions and words, so that everything you do is filled with genuine care and kindness.

The last part of the hymn sums up these three big ideas – faith, hope, and charity (which is another word for love) – and acknowledges that they are gifts from the Holy Ghost. By calling the Holy Spirit ‘Thou anointing Spirit art,’ it’s saying that the Spirit has the power to bless and fill a person with these virtues.

Finally, there’s a forward-looking hope expressed – that someday faith will be replaced with seeing the amazing things believed in, hope will turn into joy, and love will find its perfect place within the Divine Trinity. It’s a beautiful way of saying that ultimately, the person praying hopes to be in perfect harmony with God.

In summary, the hymn “Holy Ghost My Soul Inspire” is a powerful and touching request for divine support in life. It asks for guidance to build up faith, to have hope even in hard times, and to be filled with pure, caring love. This universal message can appeal to anyone looking for a bit of inspiration and a reminder that we’re never alone in our journey through life. The Holy Ghost, according to the hymn, is like a supportive friend, a wise mentor, and a beacon of light all at once, ready to help us grow and find peace within ourselves and with others.


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