Holy Jesus In Whose Name – Hymn Lyric

Discover the power of prayer and intercession with "Holy Jesus In Whose Name." Draw near to God's throne and trust in Jesus as your advocate for love

Holy Jesus In Whose Name – Hymn Lyric

Discover the Power of Prayer and Intercession with “Holy Jesus In Whose Name” as it highlights the significance of connecting with God through prayer. This hymn emphasizes Jesus’ role as a mediator, advocate, and Savior, reminding us of His ability to grant love, guidance, and blessings. Through prayer, we can draw near to God’s throne, trusting in Jesus’ name to intercede on our behalf and bring us comfort, guidance, and blessings.


Holy Jesus In Whose Name – Hymn Lyric

Holy Jesus, in whose Name,
Thou hast bid Thy servants claim
Of the Father’s love, to grant
All the good they wish or want.
Trusting in Thy Name alone,
Draw we near Thy Father’s throne.

Son of Man, to whom is given,
With the Majesty of Heaven,
Partner Thou of man’s estate,
For mankind to mediate.
Hear us, when with Thee we plead,
For Thy flock to intercede!

Saviour of the world, to Thee,
Ever bows the Church her knee.
Thee, her only Advocate;
Thee, exalted to Thy state,
With the Holy Ghost, most high,
In the Father’s majesty.


Meaning of Holy Jesus In Whose Name

Holy Jesus In Whose Name: Exploring the Power of Prayer and Intercession

Prayer is a powerful tool that allows individuals to connect with a higher power and seek guidance, support, and blessings. It is a means through which we can communicate with God and express our joys, sorrows, hopes, and fears. One hymn that beautifully encapsulates the significance of prayer is “Holy Jesus, in whose Name.”

In the first verse of the hymn, we are reminded that in Jesus’ name, His servants have been granted the ability to claim and receive the abundance of love that the Father offers. This highlights the belief that Jesus serves as the intermediary between humanity and God, allowing us to approach the Father’s throne with confidence and trust. It teaches us that by putting our faith in Jesus, we can draw near to God and experience His love and provision in our lives.

The hymn continues by acknowledging Jesus as the “Son of Man” who shares in the majesty of heaven while also being intimately connected to our human experience. This realization offers comfort and reassurance, knowing that Jesus truly understands our struggles, challenges, and temptations. As the mediator for mankind, He intercedes on our behalf, pleading for His flock.

As we delve deeper into the hymn, it becomes evident that Jesus is not just our mediator but also our Saviour. The Church bows before Him, recognizing Him as the one and only Advocate who stands on our behalf. It is through His sacrifice and salvation that we find redemption and receive forgiveness for our sins. Jesus’ exalted state, coupled with the Holy Ghost, demonstrates the divine unity and the presence of the Holy Trinity, allowing believers to approach God with reverence and awe.

The four verses of the hymn highlight the different roles that Jesus fulfills in our lives: grantor of the Father’s love, mediator for mankind, advocate for the Church, and the one to whom the Church bows. Each verse expands on the power and magnitude of Jesus’ divine presence and invites us to seek His intercession and guidance through prayer.

Prayer is more than just a ritual or a series of words. It is a sacred conversation that allows us to establish a deep and personal connection with God. It is through prayer that we can express our gratitude, seek forgiveness, request guidance, and pour out our hearts. The hymn urges us to place our trust in Jesus as we approach the Father’s throne, knowing that He will faithfully intercede on behalf of His flock.

Furthermore, prayer is not limited to individual supplication but extends to collective worship. The Church, as a collective body, recognizes Jesus as the ultimate intercessor and advocate. Through the act of bowing before Him, the Church acknowledges His authority and seeks His guidance and blessing. This collective worship reinforces the idea that prayer is a unifying force that brings believers together in their shared reverence and dependence on Jesus.

Additionally, the hymn emphasizes the Holy Trinity, with Jesus being part of the majesty of the Father along with the Holy Ghost. This recognition underscores the interconnectedness and unity of the three divine beings, further solidifying the belief in the power of prayer and intercession. By acknowledging the presence of the Holy Trinity, believers are encouraged to approach prayer with awe and reverence, recognizing the divine nature of their communication with God.

In conclusion, “Holy Jesus, in whose Name” is a powerful hymn that explores the significance of prayer and intercession in the life of a believer. It reminds us of Jesus’ role as the mediator, advocate, and Saviour. Through prayer, we can draw near to the Father’s throne, trusting in Jesus’ name to receive His love, guidance, and provision. As the Church, we collectively bow before Jesus, recognizing His authority and seeking His intercession. This hymn invites us to deepen our understanding of prayer and to rely on Jesus’ intercessory power. Let us, therefore, embrace the beauty and strength of prayer in our personal lives and collective worship, knowing that through Jesus, we can find comfort, guidance, and blessings.


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Freely Shareable Hymn Inspired Image Discover the power of prayer and intercession with Holy Jesus In Whose Name. Draw near to God's throne and trust in Jesus as your advocate for love, guidance, and blessings.


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