How Great Was That Love – Hymn Lyric

Discover the immense love and sacrifice in "How Great Was That Love"

How Great Was That Love – Hymn Lyric

“How Great Was That Love: A Hymn of Redemption and Divine Grace” is a powerful hymn that speaks to the immense love that brought Christ from above to be nailed to the cross. It reminds us that this love is not only for one person, but for all of humanity, even when we are resistant. The hymn calls us to reflect on this great love and to choose Christ’s grace over the dangers of Satan’s influence.


How Great Was That Love – Hymn Lyric

How great was that love,
That brought Christ from above,
And nailed him to that shameful tree;
What not I alone,
But my species are known
To be all dressed in arms against thee.

How Satan doth rage,
And most fiercely engage;
Out of prison he comes forth to reign;
Will you serve a base slave,
Whose bounty’s the grave,
And whose wages must be endless pain?

Come, friends, don’t delay,
For lo! now is your day,
Let reason all doubtings decide;
Come, let conscience speak,
It is right we should seek,
And should love him who made and provides.

Yea more, vastly more,
I have treasured in store,
Which affection would urge me to speak;
Shall God the Most High,
Become human and die,
And we never his favor once seek.

But if you refuse,
This blessed lover who sues,
And reject all the offers he brings;
Then his wrathful ire,
It will burn you like fire,
For Christ will be known as your king.

Yes, Christ is my king,
‘Twas himself that did bring,
My soul out of darkness to light;
He formed me again,
With himself I shall reign,
And overcome death through his might.

Come, saints, we will sing,
Unto Christ who did bring
Salvation from heaven to earth;
It was published above
In the regions of love,
And was sung at Immanuel’s birth.


Meaning of How Great Was That Love

How Great Was That Love: A Hymn of Redemption and Divine Grace

In the solemn verses of this hymn, we are reminded of the immense love that brought Christ from above and led Him to be nailed to a shameful tree. The depths of this love are beyond comprehension, as it not only applies to me individually, but to all of humanity. We, as a species, have been known to be dressed in arms against this love, yet it still persists.

As we reflect on this incredible love, we also come face to face with the raging presence of Satan, who fiercely engages with us. It is a reminder that evil is always lurking, attempting to sway us from the path of righteousness. However, in light of this, we are posed with a question: Will we serve a base slave whose bounty is the grave, and whose wages will result in endless pain? This powerful imagery reminds us that choosing anything other than the love and grace offered by Christ will only lead to eternal suffering.

But our gracious invitation does not end there. The hymn calls out to us, urging us not to delay, as today is the day of decision. It is an invitation for us to let reason overcome any doubts that may linger in our minds. It is a call for us to let our conscience speak, recognizing that it is right for us to seek and love Him who made us and provides for us.

The hymn dares us to consider something even more astounding – the fact that God, the Most High, would become human and die for our sake. This divine act of love is unparalleled and yet, how often do we take it for granted or fail to seek His favor? This invitation is a reminder to not let this glorious opportunity slip away.

However, the hymn also warns us of the consequences if we choose to refuse this blessed lover who is constantly pursuing us. Should we reject all the offers He brings, His wrathful ire will burn us like fire. Choosing to reject Christ as our King will lead us down a path of eternal separation from Him.

But for those who accept His love, Christ becomes our King. It is through His love and grace that our souls are brought out of darkness and into the light. He has the power to form us anew and in Him, we find the strength to overcome even death itself. This is the truth that we as believers hold onto, knowing that through Him, we shall reign and experience everlasting life.

As believers come together, the hymn encourages us to sing and give honor to Christ, who brought salvation from heaven to earth. The message of His birth was published above in the regions of love and forever changed the course of humanity. It is a reminder of the incredible sacrifice He made and the boundless love He continues to offer us.

In conclusion, “How Great Was That Love” is a hymn that beautifully captures the depth of God’s love for us. It serves as a reminder of the immense sacrifice of Christ on the cross and the invitation we have to accept His love and grace. As we ponder on the words of this hymn, may it inspire us to seek Christ, embrace His love, and share this message of redemption with others.


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