How He Loved Me – Hymn Lyric

Discover the depth of Jesus' love in the hymn "How He Loved Me." Unconditional and immeasurable

How He Loved Me – Hymn Lyric

How He Loved Me – Understanding the Depths of Jesus’ Love “How He Loved Me” is a hymn that beautifully depicts the incredible love of Jesus. Through His sacrificial act on Calvary, Jesus demonstrated His boundless love, bearing our sins and showing us the depth of His kindness. This hymn reminds us that Jesus’ love is incomprehensible, perfect, and unchanging, saving us from sin, sustaining us daily, and giving us the ability to achieve victories in our lives.


How He Loved Me – Hymn Lyric

How He loved me, how Jesus loved me
When He gave Himself to die on Calvary,
Tho’ unworthy of His kindness,
All my sins He bore upon the cruel tree.

How He loves me, how Jesus loves me,
And His love doeth all things well;
How He loves me, how Jesus loves me,
How much He loves me no tongue can tell.

How He loves me, how Jesus loves me
And because He loves me saves me from all sin,
Bu His power daily keeps me,
And He helps me glorious victories to win.


How He loves me, how Jesus loves me
And His love for me will never, never die;
He’s preparing blessed mansions
In His everlasting kingdom in the sky.


Meaning of How He Loved Me

How He Loved Me

Have you ever felt the warm embrace of love that fills your heart and takes away all your fears? Imagine a love so deep and so pure that it could change your whole world. This is the story of that kind of love, a love that came from the most unexpected place. It’s the story of how Jesus loved me and you and everyone, with a love so profound that it echoes through the ages.

“How He Loved Me” tells us about the incredible love that Jesus has for all of us. It’s like a warm, gentle whisper that reaches into the deepest parts of our hearts. This love isn’t just any ordinary feeling. It’s a love that is willing to do the ultimate sacrifice for the sake of others. When Jesus gave Himself to die on Calvary, He showed the world what true love really looks like.

Now, you might be thinking, “Why would Jesus do such a thing?” The hymn touches on this by saying that we are unworthy, which means we often make mistakes and aren’t perfect. Despite that, Jesus took every one of those mistakes, which we call sins, and bore them upon a ‘cruel tree,’ which refers to the cross. He did it all out of love for us, even though we could never earn it or repay Him.

Moving through the song, the chorus highlights just how amazing Jesus’s love is. It’s as though every note of the chorus is trying to express a love that’s truly beyond words. The love of Jesus does all things well – there’s a sense of completeness there, a suggestion that in His love, there’s nothing more we could ever need.

And the love doesn’t stop at the cross. The next verse talks about how this love continues every single day. Jesus saves us from sin and, in turn, empowers us to overcome challenges. It’s like having a best friend who’s always cheering you on to victory, no matter how big the hurdle in front of you.

The hymn also mentions ‘His power daily keeps me.’ That’s like saying that every day Jesus gives us the strength to keep going, to face the world, and to be the best versions of ourselves. It’s comforting, isn’t it? Knowing that such mighty love is available to us every single day, helping us win our battles and celebrate our victories.

But wait, there’s even more! The hymn goes on to tell us that the love of Jesus for us will never die. Isn’t that the most comforting thing to hear? In our lives, things change all the time; friends come and go, seasons change, but the love Jesus has for us is rock solid – it doesn’t change, no matter what.

And there’s a promise of something wonderful to come. We get a glimpse of a future filled with hope. Jesus is preparing a place for us, described as ‘blessed mansions’ in a ‘kingdom in the sky.’ This isn’t just any home; it’s an everlasting place where love reigns supreme. No more pain or sadness, just the joy of being with Jesus forever. It’s the ultimate happy ending we all dream of.

Singing “How He loves me” over and over in the chorus, it’s kind of like a song you can’t get out of your head – but in the best way possible. It’s a reminder of the sheer magnitude of Jesus’ love. Just imagine that whenever you feel alone or scared, you can remember this chorus. It’s like a warm hug for your heart, reassuring you that no matter what’s going on, Jesus’s love is always there.

It’s not easy to understand why Jesus loves us so much, especially when we might not feel that loveable. But that’s the point – His love doesn’t depend on what we do or don’t do. It’s just there, a free gift, no strings attached. As the hymn says, ‘no tongue can tell’ just how much He loves us. It’s bigger than any words we could ever find to describe.

In a world where things can sometimes seem pretty messed up, where we often feel like we’re not enough, this hymn speaks a truth that’s incredibly powerful. It tells us about a love that not only accepts us as we are but also believes in who we can become. How He loved me, how Jesus loved me, is a reminder that we’re never alone, never forgotten, and forever loved.

So, whenever you hear or sing this hymn, hold onto the message it carries. Whether you’re feeling on top of the world or down in the dumps, know that you are loved beyond measure. Let that love inspire you, lift you, and guide you as you journey through life. How He loved me is more than just a hymn; it’s a connection to the heart of Jesus and His never-ending love for each one of us, a melody that leads us home.


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Freely Shareable Hymn Inspired Image Discover the depth of Jesus' love in the hymn How He Loved Me. Unconditional and immeasurable, His love saves, sustains, and brings glorious victories. Prepare to be moved by His eternal love.


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