How Lovely Now The Morning Star – Hymn Lyric

Discover the beauty and hope of the morning star in this hymn of gratitude. Let its radiant glow guide your heart and bring everlasting peace.

How Lovely Now The Morning Star – Hymn Lyric

How Lovely Now The Morning Star: A Hymn of Hope and Gratitude In this hymn, the morning star shines brightly, signaling the end of the night and awakening creation. The lyrics express gratitude to the Lord for His protection, guidance, and never-ending mercy. It is a hymn of hope, reminding us to praise God and find joy in our duties, even in the face of adversity.


How Lovely Now The Morning Star – Hymn Lyric

How lovely shines the morning star!
In twilight sky bright gleams afar;
The reign of night is ended.

Creation stirs to hail the light
Whose glories now with radiance bright
Stream forth in beauty splendid.

Both far
And near
All things living
Thanks are giving,
Praise outpouring,
Earth and sky the Lord adoring.

Then haste, my soul, thy song to raise,
Delay thou not thy Lord to praise,
Bow down in adoration.

For glory, Lord, to Thee belongs,
Thy praise resounds in grateful songs
Thou Lord of all creation.

Let all
Hymns of gladness
Without sadness
For Thy favor
And Thy mercy never waver.

Tho’ evil spirits thro’ the night
With hellish craft and watchful spite
Came round me without number,

Yet Thou, O Jesus, with Thy pow’r
Wast near me in that threat’ning hour,
Didst guard me in my slumber.

Praise be
To Thee,
My Contender
And defender,
I’ll adore Thee
While on earth I walk before Thee.

Pour down Thy grace in cheering streams,
And warm my heart with mercy’s beams
From heav’n, Thy throne of beauty;

Thy Spirit ever lead and guide
That in my calling I abide
And find my joy in duty.

Send light
And might
That each measure,
Plan and pleasure,
Heav’nward tending,
E’er in Thee may find its ending.

Keep grief, if this may be, away;
If not, Thy will be done, I pray,
My choice to thine resigning.

Then, O my heart, cast care aside,
God through the cross His own hath tried;
Bear loss without repining.

Hope still
Through ill;
To God cleaving,
Grace receiving,
We shall wonder
At God’s goodness here and yonder.



Meaning of How Lovely Now The Morning Star

How Lovely Now The Morning Star

When we look up at the sky during the gentle hours of dawn, there’s a special moment that fills us with awe. It’s the time when the stars begin to fade away, and one shines the brightest just before the sun rises. Have you seen it? That star is often called the morning star, and it’s a symbol of hope, a beacon in the night that the darkness is about to end and a new day is on the horizon. This is the essence of the hymn “How Lovely Shines the Morning Star!”

The hymn invites us to observe the beauty of the morning star and consider the remarkable transformation from night to day. It’s a wonderful reminder to appreciate not just the marvels in the sky but also the miraculous nature of the world around us. As the night’s darkness slips away, nature starts to wake up. Birds begin to chirp, flowers slowly open to greet the new day, and a cool breeze carries the promise of what’s to come.

The morning star is more than just a celestial body; for centuries, people have seen it as a symbol of guidance and hope. It’s like a faithful friend that appears in the sky to tell us that no matter how dark the night may seem, light is always on its way.

In this hymn, we’re encouraged to join creation in celebrating this light—a light that represents goodness and the end of darkness. Around us, the earth and the sky seem to come to life, almost as if they’re joining in a grand chorus of joy and adoration. It’s as if all living things recognize the morning star’s sparkle as a sign to give thanks and to pour out praise for the beauty and wonder of life.

But the hymn doesn’t stop at just marveling at the morning star’s beauty or nature’s response to the coming day. It calls us to action. It asks us to not wait, to not delay in expressing our own gratitude and praise. This spiritual song is inviting us to bow down in adoration and give glory where it’s due. Just as the morning star shines brightly, signaling the start of a new day, we’re moved to shine with songs of gratitude and joy for all that is good in our lives.

Even when challenges and troubles seem to overwhelm us, like threatening shadows in the night, this hymn reassures us. It reminds us that we’re not alone in our struggles. Just as the morning star pierces through the darkness, hope and help are always close by—even during our darkest hours.

The hymn also teaches us about grace—the unearned, loving favor that’s like a warm, comforting light shining into our lives. We’re encouraged to let our hearts be warmed and our spirits lifted by this grace that comes from a place of heavenly beauty.

In our daily lives, we have a lot of responsibilities and decisions to make. This hymn inspires us to ask for guidance and strength so that we can stay true to what’s right and find joy in doing our best in everything that comes our way. It encourages us to let every plan and every joyous moment lead us closer to what is pure, good, and true.

Now, life isn’t always easy or happy. Sometimes, we face losses and challenges that we didn’t anticipate. The hymn acknowledges this too. It counsels us to be at peace with what may come, accepting both the joys and the sorrows. When tough times arise, we’re encouraged to let go of our worries and to trust that, just like those who walked the path before us, we can bear our troubles with dignity and hope.

Ultimately, the hymn ends with a note of confidence in grace, love, and the goodness of what lies ahead, both in this life and beyond. It’s like saying that no matter what happens today, or tomorrow, or the day after, we’re part of something larger and more beautiful than we can imagine—and there’s a sense of wonder waiting for us.

So, just like the morning star that never fails to shine, signaling a brand-new day, let’s carry that same light within us. Let it guide us, inspire us, and remind us to look forward to each new opportunity with hope, grace, and a song in our hearts.

How lovely now the morning star—it’s a symbol, a guide, and a reminder of hope. May we all see it, not just with our eyes but with our hearts, as we start each day with inspiration and end each night with peace. Amen.


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Freely Shareable Hymn Inspired Image Discover the beauty and hope of the morning star in this hymn of gratitude. Let its radiant glow guide your heart and bring everlasting peace.


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