How Lovely Shines The Morning Star – Hymn Lyric

Experience the beauty and hope of the Morning Star in the hymn "How Lovely Shines The Morning Star." Find joy in Jesus

How Lovely Shines The Morning Star – Hymn Lyric

“How Lovely Shines The Morning Star: A Message of Hope and Joy” captures the beauty and significance of the morning star as a symbol of hope and promise. This hymn praises Jesus, the Morning Star, as the guiding light in our lives. It reminds us of the joy and peace we find in His presence and the everlasting love He offers us.


How Lovely Shines The Morning Star – Hymn Lyric

How lovely shines the Morning Star!
The nations see and hail afar
The light in Judah shining.
Thou David’s Son of Jacob’s race,
My Bridegroom and my King of Grace,
For Thee my heart is pining.

Lowly, holy, great and glorious,
Thou victorious Prince of graces,
Filling all the heav’nly places.

O highest joy by mortals won,
True Son of God and Mary’s Son,
Thou highborn King of ages!
Thou art my heart’s most beauteous Flower,
And Thy blest Gospel’s saving power
My raptured soul engages.

Thou mine, I Thine; sing hosanna!
Heav’nly manna tasting, eating,
Whilst Thy love in songs repeating.

Now richly to my waiting heart,
O Thou, my God, deign to impart
The grace of love undying.
In Thy blest body let me be,
E’en as the branch is in the tree,
Thy life my life supplying.

Sighing, crying, for the savor
Of Thy favor; resting never
Till I rest in Thee forever.

A pledge of peace from God I see
When Thy pure eyes are turned to me
To show me Thy good pleasure.
Jesus, Thy Spirit and Thy Word,
Thy body and Thy blood afford
My soul its dearest treasure.

Keep me kindly in Thy favor,
O my Savior! Thou wilt cheer me;
Thy Word calls me to draw near Thee.

Thou, mighty Father, in Thy Son
Didst love me ere Thou hadst begun
This ancient world’s foundation.
Thy Son hath made a friend of me,
And when in spirit Him I see,
I joy in tribulation!

What bliss is this! He that liveth
To me giveth life forever;
Nothing me from Him can sever.

Lift up the voice and strike the string,
Let all glad sounds of music ring
In God’s high praises blended.
Christ will be with me all the way,
Today, tomorrow, every day,
Till traveling days be ended.

Sing out, ring out, triumph glorious,
O victorious, chosen nation;
Praise the God of your salvation.

Oh, joy to know that Thou, my Friend,
Art Lord, Beginning without end,
The First and Last, eternal!
And Thou at length —O glorious grace!—
Wilt take me to that holy place,
The home of joys supernal.

Amen, Amen! Come and meet me!
Quickly greet me! With deep yearning
Lord, I look for Thy returning.


Meaning of How Lovely Shines The Morning Star

How Lovely Shines The Morning Star: A Message of Hope and Joy

Have you ever looked up at the sky in the early morning and witnessed the beauty of the morning star? Its radiant light cuts through the darkness, bringing a sense of hope and promise to the world. In the hymn “How Lovely Shines The Morning Star,” the author captures this sense of awe and wonder as they sing praises to Jesus, the Morning Star.

The hymn begins by describing how the nations from afar can see and hail the light shining in Judah. Just like the morning star guides sailors through the night, Jesus, the Son of David, guides us through life’s challenges. He is not only our Bridegroom, but also the King of Grace. Just the thought of His presence fills our hearts with longing and joy.

As the hymn continues, we are reminded of the joy we find in Jesus, who is both the Son of God and Mary’s Son. He is the highest source of joy that mortals can ever attain. Just like a beautiful flower, He captivates our hearts with His love. And His Gospel, the good news of salvation, brings us hope and purpose.

In the hymn, the author expresses their desire to be united with Jesus, just like a branch is connected to a tree. They long to have His life flowing through them, sustaining and nourishing their souls. The yearning to be in His presence is so strong that they cannot help but sing hosannas and praise His name.

The hymn also speaks about the peace that comes from God when Jesus looks upon us. It is a comforting thought to know that Jesus, through His Spirit and Word, offers us His body and blood as a source of comfort and strength. In Him, we find our dearest treasure, a love that is everlasting.

The beautiful words of this hymn remind us of God’s enduring love for us. The author rejoices in the fact that even before the creation of the world, God loved them. Through Jesus, they have become friends with God, and this brings them joy even in the midst of trials and tribulations.

Let us not forget to raise our voices and make joyful music in praise of God. With every note we strike and every sound we make, let it be a testament to His greatness and power. Jesus promises to be with us every step of the way, through all the ups and downs of life, until our journey comes to an end.

As we sing out and ring out in triumph, let us remember that we are a chosen nation, a people who have received God’s salvation. Our hearts are filled with gratitude for the joy and hope found in Jesus, the Morning Star.

How lovely indeed shines the Morning Star! It brings us a message of hope, joy, and everlasting love. With deep yearning, we look forward to the day when Jesus returns to take us to our eternal home. Until then, let us continue to sing praises to Him and share His light with the world.

Amen, Amen! Come and meet us, Lord. We eagerly await Your return.


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Freely Shareable Hymn Inspired Image Experience the beauty and hope of the Morning Star in the hymn How Lovely Shines The Morning Star. Find joy in Jesus, the Son of God, as His love guides and sustains us. Sing praises and await His glorious return.


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