I Fall Asleep In Jesus Wounds – Hymn Lyric

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I Fall Asleep In Jesus Wounds – Hymn Lyric

I Fall Asleep In Jesus Wounds Find solace and forgiveness in the comforting embrace of Jesus’ wounds. This hymn reminds us of the grace, love, and sacrifice that leads to eternal life. Let us find peace, rest, and strength in the arms of our Lord Jesus as we navigate life’s challenges.


I Fall Asleep In Jesus Wounds – Hymn Lyric

I fall asleep in Jesus’ wounds,
There pardon for my sins abounds;
Yea, Jesus’ blood and righteousness
My jewels are, my glorious dress.

In these before my God I’ll stand
When I shall reach the heavenly land.
With peace and joy I now depart;
God’s child I am with all my heart.

I thank thee, Death, thou leadest me
To that true life where I would be.
So cleansed by Christ, I fear not death.
Lord Jesus, strengthen Thou my faith.


Meaning of I Fall Asleep In Jesus Wounds

In the comforting embrace of Jesus’ wounds, I find solace and forgiveness for my sins. His blood and righteousness become my treasures, my beautiful garments. When I stand before God in the heavenly land, these precious gifts will be my shield and my source of confidence. As I reflect on this hymn, I am filled with peace and joy, knowing that I am a child of God.

Oh, Death, how grateful I am for your guidance! Your path leads me to the true life I long to have. Because of the cleansing power of Christ, I no longer fear the sting of death. Instead, I call upon my Lord Jesus to strengthen my faith, to be my rock and my protector.

In these words, there is a powerful message that speaks to the depths of our souls. It is a reminder of the incredible love and sacrifice Jesus made for each of us. It gives us hope and reassurance that we are not alone in our journey through life and beyond.

The hymn emphasizes the concept of falling asleep in Jesus’ wounds. This imagery evokes a sense of surrender and trust. Just as a child falls asleep in the arms of a loving parent, we can find comfort and rest in the wounds of Jesus. It is through these wounds that we experience the grace and forgiveness that bring us true peace.

There is a deep connection between Jesus’ wounds and our own struggles and pain. It is through his wounds that we find healing, both physically and spiritually. We are reminded that Jesus himself bore our sins and suffered on our behalf. His wounds became a source of redemption and salvation for all who believe in him.

As we think about falling asleep in Jesus’ wounds, we can imagine a peaceful slumber, free from worry and fear. In his wounds, we find a place of safety and security. It is a place where we can fully rest, knowing that we are in the presence of our loving Savior.

This hymn also reminds us of the power of gratitude. Even though death is often seen as a frightening and sorrowful event, the hymn expresses gratitude towards death. Why? Because death leads us to the true life we desire, a life in eternity with God. It is a reminder that death is not the end, but rather a doorway to something greater.

In these words, we find a beautiful expression of faith. It is a plea to the Lord Jesus to strengthen our faith, to help us navigate the uncertainties and challenges of life. We recognize our dependence on him and ask for his continuous support.

As we reflect on this hymn, let us be reminded of the incredible love and sacrifice of Jesus. Let us find comfort in his wounds, knowing that we are forgiven and loved. Let us face death with gratitude, trusting that it leads to eternal life. And let us call upon our Lord Jesus to strengthen our faith, so that we may walk confidently on our journey towards him.

In conclusion, the hymn “I Fall Asleep in Jesus’ Wounds” serves as a beautiful reminder of the grace, forgiveness, and love that we find in the wounds of Jesus. It encourages us to find peace, rest, and security in his embrace. It reminds us to be grateful for the path that leads us to eternal life. And above all, it encourages us to lean on the strength of our Lord Jesus as we navigate the joys and trials of life. May this hymn bring comfort, hope, and inspiration to our hearts as we embrace the truth of God’s love for us.


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Freely Shareable Hymn Inspired Image Experience solace, forgiveness, and eternal life through falling asleep in Jesus' wounds. Find peace, rest, and faith in His loving embrace. Discover the power of gratitude towards death. Strengthen your faith through this hymn. I Fall Asleep In Jesus Wounds


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