I Heard Of Jesus The Savior – Hymn Lyric

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I Heard Of Jesus The Savior – Hymn Lyric

“I Heard of Jesus, the Savior: A Message of Hope and Love” brings to light the incredible love and forgiveness of Jesus. No matter how lost or burdened we may feel, Jesus welcomes us with open arms and offers sweet peace to our souls. By placing our trust in Him, we can experience His transformative power and find true wholeness and purpose.


I Heard Of Jesus The Savior – Hymn Lyric

I heard of Jesus, the Savior,
So tender, loving and kind,
That those who seek for His favor
Rich blessings surely may find.

For Christ will welcome the sinner,
Tho’ vile soever he be;
Then come this moment and prove Him,
He offers pardon to thee.

I came to Jesus, my Savior,
And found sweet peace to my soul;
Tho’ sinful, wretched and weary,
He bade me quickly be whole.

And now with Jesus, my Savior,
I walk each day hand in hand,
All needed graces He gives me,
And strength each moment to stand.

Oh, come to Jesus, my Savior,
You’ll find His promises true;
And trusting Him midst temptation,
He’ll safely carry you through.


Meaning of I Heard Of Jesus The Savior

I Heard of Jesus, the Savior: A Message of Hope and Love

Have you ever heard of someone so tender, loving, and kind that just the thought of them fills your heart with joy? Well, let me tell you about Jesus, the Savior. He is like no other, and his love knows no bounds. It is said that those who seek for his favor can find rich blessings. Isn’t that amazing?

You might be wondering, who is this Jesus? What makes him so special? Well, let me share with you the story of how I came to know him. It was a time when I felt lost, sinful, wretched, and weary. I longed for peace in my soul. That’s when I heard about Jesus, the Savior.

I remember the day I came to Jesus, my Savior. I was hesitant at first, not knowing if He would accept someone as sinful as me. But to my surprise, He welcomed me with open arms. His love and forgiveness washed over me, bringing sweet peace to my soul. It was like a burden had been lifted off my shoulders, and I felt lighter than ever before.

You see, Jesus doesn’t care about our past mistakes or how unworthy we may feel. He wants to heal us, to mend our broken hearts and souls. No matter how vile we think we are, He offers us pardon. Isn’t that incredible? So, if you’re feeling lost, burdened, or weighed down by guilt, come to Jesus this very moment. He is ready to receive you with open arms.

Walking with Jesus as my Savior has changed my life in ways I never thought possible. Each day, I hold His hand and feel His presence beside me. He guides me, supports me, and fills me with all the graces I need. I no longer feel alone or overwhelmed because He gives me strength to stand firm in the face of adversity.

Let me tell you a little secret: Jesus keeps His promises. He never lets us down. So, if you place your trust in Him, even in the midst of temptation, He will safely carry you through. Isn’t that reassuring? We all face challenges and temptations in life, but with Jesus by our side, we can conquer anything.

Now, let me share a personal testimony. One day, when I was feeling weak and tempted to give in, I turned to Jesus for help. I trusted Him, and you know what? He came through for me. His love, grace, and strength empowered me to resist the temptation and come out victorious. It was an incredible experience that solidified my faith in Him.

So, my friend, I invite you to come to Jesus, my Savior. You will find that His promises are true. You will discover a love unlike any other, a love that embraces you in your brokenness and leads you towards a life of wholeness and purpose. He is the one who can bring light into your darkness, hope into your despair, and joy into your sorrow.

In conclusion, Jesus, the Savior, is here for you. He welcomes sinners, no matter how vile or unworthy they may feel. His love is boundless, and His grace knows no limits. So, if you’re searching for peace, forgiveness, and a new beginning, come to Him. He is waiting with open arms, ready to offer you pardon and lead you on a transformative journey. Trust me; you won’t regret it.


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Freely Shareable Hymn Inspired Image Discover the love and grace of Jesus, the Savior. Find true peace, forgiveness, and a new beginning in His embrace. Come to Him with open arms and experience a life-transforming journey. Trust in I Heard Of Jesus The Savior.


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