I Lift My Soul To Thee O Lord – Hymn Lyric

Find solace and guidance in the hymn "I Lift My Soul To Thee O Lord." Trust in God's faithfulness

I Lift My Soul To Thee O Lord – Hymn Lyric

In the hymn, “I Lift My Soul To Thee, O Lord,” we are reminded of the importance of turning to God for support and guidance in difficult times. The hymn emphasizes trust in God’s faithfulness and the need for His forgiveness. Through heartfelt words, it encourages us to seek solace and strength from a higher power.


I Lift My Soul To Thee O Lord – Hymn Lyric

I lift my soul to thee, O Lord,
My God I trust in thee,
Let me not be ashamed, nor let
My foes joy over me.

Ye let not them that wait on thee,
Be filled with shamefulness,
But let them all ashamed be,
Who causelessly transgress.

Thy ways, Jehovah to me show,
Thy paths make me discern,
Make thou me in thy truth to go;
And cause thou me to learn.

For of my health thou art the God,
On thee I wait all day,
Thy bowels, Lord, and mercies mind,
For they have been for aye.

My sins of youth and trespasses,
To mind, oh! do not take:
O mind me in thy tenderness
Lord for thy goodness sake.

The Lord’s good and upright, therefore
He’ll sinners teach the way?
The meek he will in judgment guide,
And teach the meek his way.

Jehovah’s paths thy mercy are,
And truths all of them too,
To them that keep his covenant,
And testimonies do.

For thy name’s sake Jehovah I
Do humbly thee entreat
To pardon mine iniquity,
For it is very great.


Who fears the Lord’s him he will teach
The way that he shall choose:
His soul shall dwell at ease; his seed
As heirs the earth shall use.

The secret of the Lord’s with those
That do him reverence,
And of his covenant he to those
Will give intelligence.

Mine eyes continually be
Upon Jehovah set:
For it is he that will set free
My feet out of the net.

O turn thou unto me thy face,
And on me mercy show;
For I am in a lonely case,
Afflicted poor also.

My straits of heart enlarged be;
Bring me from my distress:
My pain and mine affliction see,
And all my sins release.

My foes mark, for they many be,
And cruelly me hate.
My soul keep, free me, nor let me
Be shamed, who on thee wait.

Let soundness and integrity
Keep me who trust in thee
From all his troubles Israel
O God, do thou set free.


Meaning of I Lift My Soul To Thee O Lord

In times of difficulty and uncertainty, we often find ourselves seeking solace and guidance from a higher power. The hymn, “I Lift My Soul To Thee, O Lord,” beautifully captures this sentiment of turning to God for support and strength. Through its heartfelt words, the hymn encourages us to trust in God’s faithfulness and seek His guidance in all aspects of our lives.

The hymn begins with the heartfelt declaration, “I lift my soul to thee, O Lord, my God I trust in thee.” This opening verse immediately sets the tone for the entire hymn, emphasizing the speaker’s unwavering trust in God. It reminds us that in times of doubt or fear, we can rely on God’s unfailing love and provision.

The verse continues with a plea to God, asking Him not to let the speaker be ashamed or allow their enemies to rejoice over them. This request highlights the deep desire for protection and vindication from those who seek to harm or oppress. It also shows the vulnerability and dependence we have on God’s intervention in our lives.

The next verse shifts the focus to those who wait on the Lord, emphasizing the importance of faith and patience. It petitions God not to let those who trust in Him be filled with shame, but instead, let their enemies be ashamed. This verse reminds us that God is our ultimate protector, and He will deliver us from any unjust suffering.

Furthermore, the hymn implores God to reveal His ways and paths to the speaker. It acknowledges the need for God’s guidance and wisdom in navigating life’s challenges and uncertainties. The speaker recognizes their own limitations and asks God to teach them His truth and lead them in righteousness.

The hymn then transitions to a reflection on God’s character and attributes. It acknowledges that God is the source of the speaker’s health and well-being and expresses gratitude for His everlasting mercy and compassion. This verse highlights the goodness and grace of God, reminding us of His steadfast love and care for His children.

The hymn takes a moment to acknowledge past mistakes and sins, asking God not to remember the sins of the speaker’s youth. It pleads for God’s forgiveness and mercy, recognizing the need for His tenderness and compassion. This verse emphasizes the transformative power of God’s forgiveness and redemption in our lives.

Moving forward, the hymn asserts that the Lord is good and upright, and He will teach sinners the way. It highlights God’s desire to instruct and guide those who are meek and seeking righteousness. This verse assures us that even in our weaknesses, God is willing to teach and lead us on His paths of truth and righteousness.

The hymn then proclaims the blessings that come from following God’s covenant and obeying His testimonies. It celebrates the rewards of faithfulness and obedience, emphasizing the importance of keeping our commitment to God. This verse encourages us to hold fast to God’s commandments and promises, knowing that they lead to a blessed and fulfilling life.

The hymn concludes with a humble plea for God’s forgiveness and deliverance. It acknowledges the enormity of the speaker’s iniquities but appeals to God’s name and His mercy for pardon. This final verse expresses a sense of desperation and dependence on God’s grace and mercy, recognizing that only He has the power to set the speaker free.

In summary, “I Lift My Soul To Thee, O Lord” is a deeply personal and heartfelt hymn that encapsulates the themes of trust, guidance, and forgiveness. Through its sincere words, it encourages us to turn to God in times of trouble, seeking His wisdom and protection. The hymn serves as a reminder of God’s unwavering love and faithfulness, reminding us that He is always ready to lift us up and set us free.


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