I Love My Jesus Quite Alone – Hymn Lyric

Experience the pure and profound love for Jesus in "I Love My Jesus Quite Alone: A Hymn of Devotion." Find solace

I Love My Jesus Quite Alone – Hymn Lyric

This hymn of devotion expresses a deep and pure love reserved solely for Jesus, the Bridegroom of the speaker’s spirit. It explores the idea that no other person or distraction can occupy the heart, as true love and inheritance can only be found in a dedicated, undivided devotion to Jesus. The hymn emphasizes the immense power and grace of Jesus’ love, which guides and sustains the speaker, providing solace, purpose, and eternal joy.


I Love My Jesus Quite Alone – Hymn Lyric

I love my Jesus quite alone,
The Bride, the Bridegroom of my spirit;
No others shall my heart, no, none,
Through love, through loving more inherit.

No man can do at once for two.
For one’s, for one’s will and for t’others:
Therefore I’ll leave all others.

The magnet needle erring goes,
When from, when from the pole distracted.
And take before quite no repose,
Till he, till he has her attracted.

And since my heart with Thy love dart
Is touched, is touched by its flaming ether,
Therefore, they haste together.

And though Thou art like the north star
In Heav’n altified,
And I on earth so distant far
I’ll follow undenied.

Still Thee my Light, and my eyesight.
Shall still, shall still be turned to Thee,
From every place, and woo Thee.


Meaning of I Love My Jesus Quite Alone

I Love My Jesus Quite Alone: A Hymn of Devotion

In the depths of my soul, there exists a love so pure, a love so profound that it can only be reserved for Jesus, the Bridegroom of my spirit. This love is unique and unlike any other. It fills my heart to the brim, leaving no room for any other. Through this divine love, I find my true inheritance, my purpose, and my joy.

You see, my dear friends, no man can divide his heart and offer it to two masters simultaneously. It is a matter of will, of devotion, and of undivided attention. For one’s will and affections can only be given wholly to one, to my beloved Jesus. With deep conviction, I choose to leave all others and dedicate myself solely to Him.

Just as a magnet needle loses its way when it is distracted from its pole, my heart cannot find true rest until it is fully attracted to the love of Jesus. His love, like a flaming dart, has touched my heart and ignited a flame within me. It is an ethereal fire that consumes every part of my being. And so, my heart and His love hasten to unite, for they are destined to be together.

Despite the vast distance that separates us, I find solace in the knowledge that Jesus is like the guiding North Star, ever shining brightly in the heavens above. I, on the other hand, may be grounded on this earthly plane, but that does not deter me. I will follow His light, undenied. His light guides me, illuminates my path, and fills my eyes with hope and purpose. Wherever I may be, my gaze will always be fixed upon Him, for He alone is worthy of my adoration.

Oh, the depths of my love for Jesus! It transcends human understanding and defies the limitations of this mortal existence. It is a love that surpasses all earthly desires and attachments. It pierces through the darkness, illuminating my soul with a divine radiance. No earthly pleasures, riches, or distractions can compare to the overwhelming joy that Jesus brings to my life.

In a world full of noise, chaos, and fleeting pleasures, I have chosen to retreat into the solitude of my love for Jesus. In this space, I find solace, peace, and a sense of belonging. It is here that I can truly be myself, stripped of all pretenses and distractions. My love for Jesus provides me with the strength to navigate the trials and tribulations of life, for His love sustains me and fills me with boundless grace.

So, my dear friends, let this hymn be a testament to the power of devotion, the beauty of surrendering oneself to a love so pure and unwavering. May we all strive to love Jesus quite alone, with a love that knows no bounds and overflows with divine grace. Let us turn our hearts towards Him, seeking His guidance and finding solace in His everlasting love.

In the end, it is through our love for Jesus that we find our true purpose and inherit eternal joy. No earthly treasures can compare to the riches bestowed upon us by our beloved Savior. So, let our hearts sing with unwavering devotion, for we have found true love in Jesus, and in Him alone.

I love my Jesus quite alone, and it is in this love that I find my truest self, my greatest joy, and my eternal salvation. May His love guide us all, now and forevermore.


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