I Love The Lord Is Still The Strain – Hymn Lyric

Discover the transformative power of divine love in the hymn

I Love The Lord Is Still The Strain – Hymn Lyric

Discovering the Power of Love Divine: “I Love The Lord Is Still The Strain” In this hymn, the author expresses their deep affection for the Lord. They question the authenticity of their love, but ultimately find that the power of love divine transforms their doubts into a true and genuine devotion. Regardless of the challenges they face, love remains at the center of their hearts, providing comfort, courage, and joy.


I Love The Lord Is Still The Strain – Hymn Lyric

“I love the Lord,” is still the strain
This heart delights to sing:
But I reply-your thoughts are vain,
Perhaps ’tis no such thing.

Before the power of love divine
Creation fades away;
Till only God is seen to shine
In all that we survey.

In gulfs of awful night we find
The God of our desires;
‘Tis there he stamps the yielding mind,
And doubles all its fires.

Flames of encircling love invest,
And pierce it sweetly through;
‘Tis filled with sacred joy, yet pressed
With sacred sorrow too.

Ah love! my heart is in the right-
Amidst a thousand woes,
To thee, its ever new delight,
And all its peace it owes.

Fresh causes of distress occur
Where’er I look or move;
The comforts I to all prefer
Are solitude and love.

Nor exile I nor prison fear;
Love makes my courage great;
I find a Saviour every where,
His grace in every state.

Nor castle walls, nor dungeons deep,
Exclude his quickening beams;
There I can sit, and sing, and weep,
And dwell on heavenly themes.

There sorrow, for his sake, is found
A joy beyond compare;
There no presumptuous thoughts abound,
No pride can enter there.

A Saviour doubles all my joys,
And sweetens all my pains,
His strength in my defence employs,
Consoles me and sustains.

I fear no ill, resent no wrong;
Nor feel a passion move,
When malice whets her slanderous tongue;
Such patience is in love.


Meaning of I Love The Lord Is Still The Strain

I Love The Lord Is Still The Strain: Discovering the Power of Love Divine

In the hymn “I love the Lord,” the author beautifully expresses their deep affection for the Lord. The heart delights in singing praises to God, but there is a lingering doubt – are these feelings genuine, or simply empty words?

Sometimes we may question the authenticity of our love for the Lord, wondering if our devotion is truly sincere. However, the hymn reassures us that before the power of love divine, all other desires and creations fade away. It is when we encounter the love of God that we truly see His glory shining in everything around us.

Even in the darkest and most challenging moments of life, we can find the God we long for. It is in those gulfs of awful night that He reveals Himself to us, igniting a fire within our souls and capturing our hearts. The flames of His encircling love envelop us, piercing through our being with both joy and sorrow. In these paradoxical emotions, we find that love is both our source of delight and the cause of our peace.

Amidst a world filled with distress and troubles, love remains at the center of our hearts. Despite the countless woes we face, love continues to bring us new delight. It is the comfort we seek when all else fails. Solitude and love become our preferred companions, providing solace and refuge from the trials of life.

No matter where we find ourselves, love empowers us to face any challenge with courage. Even in the face of exile or imprisonment, the love of God strengthens us, allowing us to sing and weep, and encouraging our minds to dwell on heavenly thoughts. In these moments, sorrow transforms into a joy incomparable to anything else we have ever experienced. Pride and presumptuous thoughts fade away, replaced by a humble reverence for the divine.

The hymn reminds us that a Savior doubles our joys and sweetens our pains. His constant presence consoles and sustains us, serving as our defense in times of trouble. With God at our side, we need not fear any evil or wrongdoings. Love instills within us a spirit of patience that shields us from the sting of malice and slanderous tongues. Such is the power of love – it fills our hearts with compassion, replacing anger and bitterness with understanding and forgiveness.

“I love The Lord Is Still The Strain” serves as a powerful testament to the transformative power of love divine. In its melody and lyrics, we discover the depth of our affection for God, recognizing the ways in which His love shapes and molds our lives. It reminds us that even amidst the hardships and challenges we face, love remains the guiding force that leads us towards peace and joy.

So let us join together in singing this hymn, allowing its words to resonate in our hearts. May we always be reminded of the power of love divine and the unshakable bond we share with our Lord. May our love for Him continue to be the strain that unites us in worship and strengthens our faith.


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