I Rest In The Shadow Of Jesus – Hymn Lyric

Rest in the shadow of Jesus

I Rest In The Shadow Of Jesus – Hymn Lyric

“I Rest In The Shadow Of Jesus: Finding Peace and Protection” explores the concept of seeking solace and security in Jesus amidst life’s storms and challenges. By resting in His shadow, we can find relief from the scorching heat and darkness, knowing that Jesus provides us with love, protection, and abundant blessings. In every season of life, Jesus is our refuge, guiding us and providing eternal rest.


I Rest In The Shadow Of Jesus – Hymn Lyric

I rest in the shadow of Jesus,
my Rock, Secure from the storm
and the tempest’s rude shock;
I dread not at noontide
the sun’s scorching ray, Nor fear in the darkness
when closes the day.

In the shadow of the rock
I am resting, I am resting;
From the storm and tempest’s shock
I am resting, I am resting;
I fear no harm from the
midnight’s dread alarm;
I know I am sheltered
in the shadow of the rock.

My head He’ll anoint,
and my cup He will fill,
His goodness and mercy
will follow me still;
I walk in green pastures,
with Jesus to guide,
No evil I fear,
all my wants are supplied. [Refrain]

The twilight awaits me
that cometh to all,
And soon o’er my pathway
death’s shadow may fall;
The Master will meet me
at setting of sun,
With ample reward
and a blessed “Well done.” [Refrain]    

Meaning of I Rest In The Shadow Of Jesus

I Rest In The Shadow Of Jesus: Finding Peace and Protection

In this life, we often face storms and challenges that shake us to our core. But no matter what we go through, we can find solace in the comforting embrace of Jesus, our Rock. Just as a rock provides stability and protection from the elements, Jesus offers us a place of rest and security amidst the chaos of life.

Imagine standing in the scorching heat of a summer’s day, feeling the sun’s rays beat down upon you. It can be overwhelming and exhausting. But when we rest in the shadow of Jesus, we are shielded from the burn of the sun. We don’t have to fear the heat, for we are enveloped in His love and protection. We can find respite from the harsh realities of life, knowing that Jesus is with us every step of the way.

As the day turns to night, darkness can sometimes bring fear and uncertainty. But when we rest in the shadow of Jesus, we have no reason to be afraid. Just like how the night brings rest and peace after a long day, Jesus offers us a sense of calm and security in the darkest of times. We can trust that He is watching over us, guiding us through the unknown. His presence is a constant source of comfort, even when everything around us feels uncertain.

When we rest in the shadow of Jesus, He not only provides protection but also abundant blessings. Just as a shepherd cares for his sheep, Jesus takes care of our every need. He anoints our heads, signifying His divine favor and blessing upon us. Our cups overflow with His goodness and mercy. With Jesus as our guide, we walk through green pastures, finding nourishment, peace, and fulfillment along the way. We lack nothing because He provides abundantly.

But what about the inevitable end of life? Even then, we need not fear. As twilight approaches and the shadow of death looms, Jesus promises to meet us. He will walk with us through that final journey, comforting us, and granting us eternal rewards. As the sun sets, bathing the world in serenity, Jesus will welcome us home with open arms, saying, “Well done, my faithful servant.” In the shadow of Jesus, there is eternal rest and the assurance of a glorious future.

Resting in the shadow of Jesus isn’t just about finding temporary relief or fleeting comfort. It’s about building a relationship with Him, trusting Him completely, and surrendering our worries and fears to Him. It’s about recognizing that He is our Rock, the foundation upon which we can anchor our lives. His love and grace surround us, protecting us from the storms of life.

So, my dear friends, let us embrace the truth that we can find rest in the shadow of Jesus. Let us seek His presence and allow His peace to permeate every aspect of our lives. No matter what storms we face, whether scorching heat or darkness, let us remember that we are sheltered under His loving care. May we walk confidently in His footsteps, knowing that He is with us always.

In conclusion, the hymn “I Rest In The Shadow Of Jesus” beautifully captures the essence of finding peace and protection in Him. By embracing His presence, we can experience the rest and security that comes from being sheltered by the Rock. In every season of life, in every storm we face, Jesus is our refuge and our guide. So, let us rest in His shadow and find solace in His unfailing love.


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Freely Shareable Hymn Inspired Image Rest in the shadow of Jesus, find peace and protection from life's storms. Embrace His presence and trust in His unfailing love. Find solace in the Rock.


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